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You may shake us but you will never break us. A special thanks to @robingarnerphoto for taking these photos for us on our last day open to the public. We will cherish these forever.
Today was a hard day, as expected. The air may have been freezing, but our hearts have been warmed by the support shown to our family. Please know that you are the reason we hold our heads high, and walk into the unknown without fear. You’re more than a “customer”, you are our family and we couldn’t do it without each of you. In the midst of all the chaos we have hugged each other a little tighter and loved each other a little harder; And realized that sometimes God takes you out of your comfort zone to show you what He really has in store for you. -And we believe that is just what He is doing in our life right now. We have learned there are only two things in life that are constant: change and God. Can’t wait to see you all in our next chapter. See ya later! #vivalamotovated #longlivemotovated #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater
We do it for the weekend warriors. (Full video is posted on our Facebook Page) Please Re-Post.  #savemotovated
The last couple months have been nothing short of a whirlwind. We have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We aren’t sure what God’s plan for us is...but we do take comfort in knowing He does has a grander plan. Prayers are what we ask for first and foremost. If there is any donation amount you are able to give, please know that there is nothing too little. Every prayer and every dollar will help us get back on our feet and we can guarantee you this...we aren’t going down without a fight. WE are Moto-Vated Sports ...YOU are Moto-Vated Sports. Moto-Vated Sport’s isn’t for sale and never will be. Please stick by us, just like you have all along.
Please check out our Facebook Page tonight at 6:30pm EST.
Re-cap of 2017... “Cry when it hurts, laugh when it's funny
Chase after the dream, don't chase after the money
And know we got each other, that's what's up”

Happy New Years! 
Donnie, Amanda & Xoey
With temperatures in the mid 50’s tomorrow, it’s officially going to be a GREAT weekend! We will be riding into the New Year with Prepped Practice 3 days in a row! Saturday 10a-10p, Sunday 10a-Dark and Monday January 1st 10a-Dark! -And to THANK YOU for 2017 and bring in 2018 the right way, we will be having a FREE BBQ on Monday! Load up and come to the best facility in the south to bring in the New Year ✊🏻 #motovatedsportscomplex #newyearsweekend #winterbreak #motocross #offroad #harescramble #southcarolina #motocrossvacationdestination
ALL tracks and trails are open today and EVERYDAY! It’s Wednesday, so that means Night Practice, too! 💡🌙Today’s hours are 10a-10p! Come on out and spend the rest of your Winter Break with us! Only $25 per day to ride EVERYTHING! ✊🏻 #motovatedsportscomplex #offroad #motocross #harescramble #motocrossvacationdestination #southcarolina
Open Prepped Practice TOMORROW 10a-Dark! ✊🏻🎄🤘🏻 All tracks and trails will be open, only $25 to ride! #merrymotovatedchristmas #letsseethosenewtoys