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this violence is not, and never was my country.

to the families of those that were taken:

we mourn with you.

this is truly the darkest day.
happy valentine’s day.
speak softly and carry a big stick
‘ball so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me...’
we like to play.
hemsworth and hamm.
HIT THE LINK IN MY BIO and sign the petition to express your outrage with me —— people are starving needlessly in yemen. tens of millions. this is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world right now.

it costs nothing, it takes 20 seconds and every person counts. join me in telling congress to stop fueling the fucking war in yemen. this has to stop.

thank you again,
(sorry I look like a bum...)
love —
look at these stunning images.

my obscenely talented friend (rg) collaborated with fidel bafilemba and john prendergast to document a collection of incredible stories drawn from the democratic republic of congo; profiling activists crusading against overwhelming violence and corruption. 
100 percent of proceeds will provide support for the congolese heroes profiled in the book.

please help me support this noble project and purchase this beautiful book. Go get yourself a copy on Amazon. Immediately. (I just did...)
joseph morgan’s vision-board/mini-bar.
charlotte (5) hours of operation.
thank you @coolamericamag 
photography: señor garriga @danielgarriga_nyc