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radio. stage. jokes. books. music. Im a real treat .

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Having dinner with @webgirlmorgan . We are taking a break from our delightful conversation to pose for this picture !
#Tbt with @dariusrucker singing “Hold My Hand” at the @theryman Jan 2018 ... (stop hating on my spray tan )
Bop bop bop. Check out some music from @tenilletownes , @allenstone , and @brothersosborne . Bop bop bop
Talking with Carrie this morning ...
Shoutout @carrieunderwood for stopping by this morning . 🙌🏻🙌🏻👍👍🚨🚨
I ain’t gonna beat anybody up. But I’m still putting in the work. #workersWork
Only 500 of these going up tomorrow ... 
#Repost @radioamy
well’s my floating head on a tee! 😬 the show will be rolling these out to raise $ for causes we each care about. 🙌🏼 FIRST UP: my shirt...with all proceeds benefiting #Haiti!!! ❤️ to be specific...some funds will cover nanny salaries at the orphanage where my kids lived in Port-Au-Prince and the rest will go to a special needs orphanage that is doing amazing things in a little village called Neply. shout out @mylifespeaks!! 👊🏼 *i think they go on sale, Dad, get ready to shop* cc: @theshopforward
After the show. It’s the after show!
Some clips from my show on Friday night at Kiva Auditorium In Albuquerque! Check it out. Come see me in Wichita Falls, TX.