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I’m not as talented as most. I fail a lot. But i work. Really Hard. Radio guy. Stand up comic. NY Times best selling author .

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Backstage squad strong ...
Come to a comedy show next year. New tour probably in the spring. I play funny songs . This is a little tune I wrote about the years I worked at Hobby Lobby. Listen to that crowd sing it back!! Just working some new material before my Raging Idiots show tonight ...
My dude @jarrod_houston putting me through the work before the Raging Idiots show tonight in Kansas ..
Shoutout to Hemphill Brothers coach company for being awesome to Dusty. Awesome bus. Awesome basket for the dog!
Soup and salad at Olive Garden. For the win ... 🍲 🥗
I salute you too
Lets listen in to two of musics finest singers ...
Thanks to you guys... we crushed this goal. And now a lot of kids don’t have to worry about having to afford decent shoes for winter. Great work to Bethany Martin the teacher for organizing this. And to the #BTeam for coming together in less than an hour to help out. #appreciateYou
Find someone that looks at you ... like I look at @bobbybonesray
I’d appeal this ....
With Tim and Faith ... their new record comes out tomorrow .. they are awesome ...
Jeep club at the show. @producereddie . @m_huels