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#Kingmaker, OurGlass Media Group founder, Mgr of SilaS, 1/2 of the Mighty Crooked Lettaz, Renaissance Man, Entrepreneur, Im a Business....MAN!

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The shirt says it all. #JacksonAF. I don't come out. But when I's because some real ones came thru my hood. Posted at the @flamingojxn checking out @valleyst_vegas
I come from a city that's 85% Black yet Black folk only own approximately 10% of the wealth. Those elected to vote our best interests have failed us. My contribution to #JxnStands: I stand for Black Economic Empowerment. Buying Black and supporting Quality Black-owned businesses and helping ensure our dollars circulate within our own community at least 7 times before it leaves it. Let's cultivate independence and entrepreneurship. #KingMaker #PeaceandPower
Whole lotta gvng s**t! Breaking bread wit our peoples @ingodweruff @ahagazelle @welchinc making schmoney moves
Goin up right now with the homie @ahagazelle at MS College. #Trilliam3 Don't be late to the party...I been trying to tell y'all....
Hey Kaz, as a white person, what should my takeaway from Black Panther be?
For my people.
For Jackson.
Without Question.
You. Do. What. Is. Right. 
2 Kings and a #KingMaker on sum King S**t! @5thchildmusic & @flywlkr touched down at the @kundicompound  to shoot promo pics for The #StPaddysSUPERshow March 16th. Gonna be a helluva show! We drop the first vid very soon!
Excited about my Company's first collaborative exhibit/project with @museumcape and @msmuseumart #JXNStands. We're live at the Museum right now. @ourglassmedia is #JacksonAF
We simple folk. My bride said she wanted Pearl's for Valentine's Day and her wish was my command. Damn. Good. Eating. This was of course after I gave her the biggest V-Day Card I could find and some roses! #kazandqueen #Queen #KingMaker #BlackLove #weliketoeat
...When you've just left @litrickdabarber shop...wit ya beard on 10...and you're thinking to yourself: "How do women who's Valentines DONT look like this cope?"
Cats will pull up to the same pond you do...Walk past all the rods, reels, and bait...and sit on the bank waiting for someone to bring the fish to them...And then complain that the fish weren't already scaled, filleted, and seasoned.... Translation: Cats don't want real advice. They want cheat codes and fast tracks. The want co-signs and handouts. They want folks to "show love" and do favors. Real counsel looks too much like work to most people.... In other words. In 2018, Im out of fish. I've got nothing but rods & reels and a bucket of worms. I'm not just trying to TEACH you to fish. I want you to own your own pond! #KingMaker #IMMORTALS
...about last night. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty. But we clean up well too. My date was the 2018 Kommunity Builders "Women's Empowerment" Award Winner! A Queen and a #KingMaker.....Not a "Power Couple" but a #BLACKPowerCouple #JacksonAF #Weallwegot