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@jxnindiemusic week 2018 is January 7-14th. 7 days. Over 60 acts. 20 venues. Great opportunity to put your brand on display. Hit us up.
I had a pretty crappy day today. For more reasons than I care to explain. But THIS...this right here...salvaged the day. The Lil One made a “Lil Snowman” and she was so excited to play in the snow how could I stay mad.
#TBT This was the 'Fro/Pre-Braids, Pre-2 Broke 2 Ball phase. That gold Malibu station wagon and me and @sippiearthqueen living right off Prentiss on First Avenue...It was a house at the top of First Avenue that I would pass everyday on my way home. It was always 4-5 cats hanging out outside and when I'd drive by theyd yell out "Whassup Kamikaze...Witcho Broke Ass" then they'd clockwork...Even still I never elected to choose an alternate route home. I used it as motivation. It was in that apt. #C-2 1515 First Avenue that I wrote "U Ain't Hard"....and I got my revenge. I shot the video in the pkg lot of that Apt complex even though I had moved. Those cats who heckled me almost everyday...came to the shoot and stood around looking stupid. I got a pretty good laugh out of it. Quick moral to this story: A mofo "talking" ain't never stopped a damn thing. Use your detractors as motivation.
#Florida & #Louisiana @dearsilas  touches down this weekend for 2 shows on the Gulf Coast. December 9th Pensacola @chizukopensacola and December 10th Baton Rouge @theparlor #PullUp & #rejectregularrap
There are none colder. 
#FirstofAll #ServantsofAll #weshalltranscendall #Alphasshutthecitydown
Since Dec 4th, 1906
You're Welcome! was at this moment....when you are fully prepared to tear up an entire venue to defend the honor of your city.
#dontdisrespectmycity #idontplayaboutJXN #youwillNOTdisrespectourartists #OnMyMama
When you’ve just left @prep601’s chair and you’re thinking to yourself...What do the lonely do at Christmas.....when they don’t have someone that looks like THIS to love?
Have you seen the new video? @dearsilas and the Lil Ju's of Sunshine? It's out now ya know? On YouTube. Link in Silas' Bio. Check it out & #RejectRegularRap
Teamwork makes the dream work. Rehearsing for Thursday, planning the new album rollout, and getting iPhone tutorials at the same damn time. #IMMORTALS go harder than you.
REpost from @dollablackbde 
QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! #Plan #Focus #workONEplan
It’s Thanksgiving Eve.
And what do #Immortals Do?
WORK. In Mobile,AL at @the_merrywidow in pre-show pondering mode. @dearsilas hits the stage shortly. #KingMaker #TDID #YouWillNOToutworkus