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Who misses sleeping here? 😂
Did you know we are currently reading Tom Sawyer? Ask your child to describe one of Tom's character traits and provide evidence and examples to support it!
Most students have finished their Civil War maps. They look great! Ask your child to tell you about the Union blockade or Sherman's march to the sea!
Continuing to build our understanding of volume in math!
Wow! I'm already filling out a certificate for someone who finished the "Guess the Number" math challenge!
Here are some pi-scapes from last week when we celebrated Pi Day (3/14)
A group of students have been assembling the periodic table. They are now grouping and color coding the elements! Stay tuned for the final product...
Who can solve this math challenge? It's tough!
Creating and assembling nets to measure 3D figures in cubic centimeters. How many cubic centimeters do you think are in this figure?
We have been learning how to draw 3D shapes in Math using dot paper. This student created bridges and boats along a river!