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Wife to Joshua|Momma to Lydia & Betsy|Follower of Jesus|Eater of donuts|Sometimes I update the blog with VERY interesting information. Keep up here:

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Lydia, what do you want to watch on tv?
New Blog Post:
we are called to be paRENTs 
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Safety first, people.
The sun peeked out from behind some heavy, dark clouds today. I looked up and had to squint my eyes from its brightness. 
We are called to help one another. 
Pray for Texas, y'all.
All the plants are indoors because WIND. Please don't die.
New Blog post: Just Breathe (link in profile)
It's the weekend! Bedtimes are ignored and vegetables are forgotten. It's about to get wild, people.
Playing Headbandz.
When you are helping your grandparents clean out their spice cabinet and you see this on the ground ginger. 😬
Betsy Lou is our sweet, little best buddy.
One day a week I venture out of the home to work. It's on this day, that mom is away, THERE ARE NO RULES. Did hair get brushed (or teeth, for that matter)? No. Did they eat three meals that included vegetables? Nope. 
BUT, they played. They used their imagination. They had a whole day with their Daddy. I know they miss me when I am away. But let's be honest, he is their favorite. @joshuawhelms