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Wife to Joshua|Momma to Lydia & Betsy|Follower of Jesus|Eater of donuts|Sometimes I update the blog with VERY interesting information. Keep up here:

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Get on my level. #hohoho
Let’s talk about this picture real quick. While professionals would argue that it is not a great looking photograph, I would strongly disagree. What we see here is a mom that thought she had birthday candles, but turns out....nope. I do not. A mom who wanted to make a homemade cake resembling something she saw on that British Baking show but.....did not have the time (nor the energy, let’s be honest) to make it happen and settled for an ice cream pie/cake thing from the freezer section at our local H-E-B. What we also see here is a happy 6-year-old that the only thing she asked for on her birthday was chicken noodle soup for dinner. I love this baby something fierce. I need to remember that as big and grand and huge as I want to make things sometimes...sometimes it’s good to just make a pot of chicken noodle soup and eat a frozen pie. 
Happy Birthday, my best friend.
Lydia, it is your birthday. 6!
Because we are basically killing it at communicating with one another, you can expect our book out soon. We are still workshopping titles. Do you have any suggestions? So far the winner is:
Happy Anniversary, Felicia. I love you.
Here’s the real I tell @joshuawhelms that I love him but he is doing it wrong? 
He has other gifts.
Hello y’all!
So maybe we watched ‘Room On The Broom’ 47 times while sister was in school today.
Maybe Betsy made Josh and I quote along (in our best English accents) all of her favorite parts. 
Maybe when she wants to watch it she  says, “How bout lil bit witch”?
Maybe we think it is adorable and turn it on for her every. stinking. time.
Lydia Belle & Betsy Lou
Lydia is headed to Kindergarten this week.
It’s fine. It’s all fine. IM FINE.
My kid would be all in a tizzy about the playhouse door being left open. INDOORS.
We pretty much think you are the bees knees. Happy Fathers Day, JoshuaWadeTunes! @joshuawhelms