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Wife to Joshua|Momma to Lydia & Betsy|Follower of Jesus|Eater of donuts|Sometimes I update the blog with VERY interesting information. Keep up here:

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Let Me Tell You What My Roommates Just Did-
New blog post! You can read all about it through the link in my profile.
We made it. We were late, there are Fruit Loops on the floor, tears were shed over brushing our tangled hair, and I’m pretty sure I forgot deodorant. BUT, WE ARE HERE. 
And, that bass player- tho. You cute, @joshuawhelms 😘
I wrote a little tiny something about our sweet Betsy Lou on the blog. Link in my profile!
This is the picture you get when you make your family take a photo quickly before church in 30° weather. I COULD NOT LOVE IT MORE. Thanks guys for not 🙄 when I come up with these genius ideas. #helmshuddle
My Roommates are equally as excited about Wednesday nights as I am. They get- a chicken pot pie. I get- to hang out with my youth group at church. That’s what we call a win win, y’all.
The girls want to know why we cannot have a pet. I have two reasons why the  Helms Family will not be adding a pet to our mix:
1. I am not potty training two things at a time. Once Betsy can go to the bathroom on her own, it’s a MAYBE. 
2. We do not need a pet because WE HAVE ACTUAL LIVE DEER outside at all times. The next time Lydia asks me for a dog- I’m sending her outside to befriend a deer. IF she can potty train a deer, then I will for sure get her a dog.
I think she is yelling “ball” in this picture. Her attitude lately, though, has me wondering if she is yelling “I will do what I want!”
Lydia: Mom, you are my best friend forever. No matter what. 
Me: Can you remember that when you are 16 and think I’m not so great?
Lydia: No, that’s too far away.
Adios 2017. Hola 2018. 
We are as ready as we can be for a new year.
Tomorrow is my favorite day. CHRISTMAS. It’s like my Super Bowl (unless the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl- then the Super Bowl is The Super Bowl. If you know what I mean..)
Here’s where things get tricky for me, though. I love this time of year. LOVE IT SO DANG MUCH. But, my mind starts getting panicky about it being over. I’m sorry, but what is good about New Year’s? Change? Diets? Resolutions? Pre Tax Season?? Just no. 
Tomorrow we celebrate Jesus’s Birthday. And I am pretty sure He would want us to celebrate with chocolate pie.
Recently I was shopping around online looking for some new tops I can wear to work, and I just had to SHUT IT DOWN AND WALK AWAY. I am so tired of seeing people’s shoulders cut out through their shirts. We did this trend, America, now let’s MOVE ONWARD. (Do not even get me started on the velvet that is creeping its way back into stores. It could be because I live in Texas where it is only chilly 3 days out of the year, but you tell me when and where I could wear a velvet crop top with the shoulders cut out and I might consider buying it.)
Ladies, just no. Also, we can see your bra. The ONLY woman that can pull off “the bra strap poking out” look is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Do better, women of America.
When it snows in Texas, you pause life and throw a snowball.