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Southern Momma who loves Planners and monograms.. and monogramming my planners!
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Gasp.. My sampler from @planningandchaos . You get this free sampler anytime you use my code "MICHELLE15" or just mention my name in the note section while you are checking out! Y'all.... My very own sampler! #ohmergerd #freesampler #planningandchaos #plannergirl #plannernerd
So, I did this today. My lap desk was looking terrible... I use it all day for planning and crafting. I wanted to paint it, but I didn't know how well that would hold up. So... I painted it with chalk paint, let it dry for a couple days then painted on polka dots with white chalk paint. I rubbed and scrubbed until it looked really distressed. Now that it's dry, I can rub or scrub it and no chalk comes off. Good thing is... the more wear it gets, the better it will look. #diy #polkadots #chalkpaint #crafty #farmhousestyle  I think I love it.
Mini kit Friday @planningandchaos ! 3 kits only $5 each! There's Crisp in the fall, Pearl and Serenity. #minikitfriday #planneraddict - Mention my name in the comments and get my sampler!
$2 Tues @planningandchaos ! Ellie bundle! Remember to mention "Michelle" in the note to seller section to get my free sampler!!!
Just made a cover for my sticker binder and I am loving it. These graphics from @thecheekydarling were so fun to work with!! #plannergirl #planneraddict #plannerstickers #stickerbinder
It's here! My Happy Planner! It's Gorgeous! I can't wait to start planning in this beauty. I am not sure what to plan in it. Social media stuff to hold me accountable for what I need to do? Health? I don't know. #plannerproblems #happyplanner #discboundplanner #planneraddict #farmhousestyle
This week's before the pen. #tps #personalrings #wo4p #personalcrocrings #planneraddict
I thought these index card holders would be perfect for holding diecuts... then I opened them up and realized the clear dividers will fit in my pocket rings! I got them from Wal-Mart. The dividers aren't thick, but they are thicker than vellum and are clear. They are perfect dividers if you don't want to add bulk. AND they were only .97 each!!! #runandgetyousome #walmart #pocketringdividers #pocketrings #planneraddict #plannerfinds
Road trip to test drive cars for our son. All ready to take notes.. I can't get over how much I love the color combo of the notebook and sticky notes. Then I can't help but think that I should have a prettier clipboard. I mean... you get me, right? #plannernerd #stationaryaddict #alltheprettythings #carshopping #takenote
The rest of the week before the pen. I love looking at a cheerful setup just waiting to be filled in! Normally, most of this would have been filled in by now, but my body decided to fight against me.. and the only thing that's been in my plans is healing and getting better... and that's ok. If sometimes the only thing you have in your plans is to recover, you are important enough to make it your top priority. I need to find a sticker for that. Lol
Love how bright and layered this month's setup turned out to be! So in Love! #personalrings #personalcroc #tps #theplannersociety #julysetup #planneraddict
Happy 4th everyone!!! @planningandchaos  is having a 30% off sale! Don't miss out on the exclusive sampler and dashboard!! #planningandchaos #plannerstickersale #fourthofjulysale