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Southern girl who loves monograms, my furbabies and all pretty things! DM me for PR team opportunities. I wanna be a cheerleader for your shop!


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Lost 11 lbs in one month and this is what my husband brings home to me. I think he is trying to tell me that he likes me chubby! #kissesforme #chubbygirlsneedkissestoo #chubbylife #tasty
#brightside #shine
My new Kate Spade agenda/wallet. I am in love. I mean, polka dots. Oh, and I got it from a buy/sell/trade group because I am not buying this sucker new. I got it for $40 shipped! It doesn't even look like it was ever used! #katespadeplanner #katespade  #frugalshopper #planneraddict #plannergirl
I am the one who said, " I am a grown woman... I will NOT wear a back pack on vacation"... has now bought a back pack and decked it out because I am going to a Planner event in Nashville and I know I will have too many things to carry which will be awkward to carry and hurt my arms and back... soooo.. if I have to get a back pack, it might as well be obnoxious! Lol! Do you see that "lip flare/pin"? $1 at Target. I plan on getting more and adding them to my back pack because "why not"? I am old enough to know you only live once! Have fun while you can! Wear fun things! #backpack #plannergirl #youonlyliveonce #wearfunthings #flare #frenchbulldog #bostonterrier #southernplannerssoiree #plannernerd
He is risen. I hope everyone has a great Easter! #eastersunday #heisrisen
I pray that everyone has a great Easter weekend and remember what It's really about. Christ died for sinners... All of us. So beyond the eggs filled with candy , and the Easter Sunday dinner... I hope that you have peace and know that God loves each and every one of us sinners. Let's celebrate that love!!! #goodfriday #happyeasterweekend
Dilema-- Picture one... my current wallet. So pretty. So bulky tho... and I am scared things will fall out. And I don't want to abuse this planner like I do my wallets.. Picture 2 - the Filoax Malden. It's much more practical. It has rings .. So not much can fall out. It's sturdy and meant to hold up. This kind of leather looks better worn. I could sell the first planner to buy the second planner... but I don't want to. I love my pocket huckleberry. BAH! Adult decisions. I am currently destashing some items like Mommey Lhey TNs (with extras from the kit included) and a Planner Society B6 with matching washi and pen..(and extras from kit). Is this something any of you would be interested in me posting for sale on my instagram? I don't want to spam.
March weekly setup. #theplannersociety #b6inserts #b6tn #1407plannerinserts #planneraddict
March B6 TN setup. #theplannersociety #b6travelersnotebook #marchsetup
Sorry.. not sorry. #frenchbulldosgofinstragram
She's not ashamed. #frenchie #frenchbulldog