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Digitally drawing for fun 🖊. Main account @mrtimli.


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Long weekend = creative doodling for the 2019 physical challenge, climbing the Roof of Africa. 🏔🇹🇿
Back at illustration again this weekend continuing a never-ending series 😅. Here’s one of a gem of a city and hopefully I’ll get to visit in the near future! 🤞🇵🇹
A city with the trifecta of amazing food, unique history/culture, and some amazing architecture. New Orleans is number 35 of 52 on my bucket list.
Growing up playing violin in school, any place with musical significance will have a place in my heart. Mozart’s birthplace is number 34 of 52 on my bucket list.
A highlight of one of the happiest countries in the world, and 33 of 52 on my bucket list.
Testing out drawing contours (still got a ways to go) - bucket list 32 of 52 featuring the blue hole in Belize.
Back at illustration after months and it was super satisfying to continue the (ongoing) bucket list - 31 of 52. Look for more in the near future! Here’s Lake Bled for now.
Bucket list number 30 of 52 and testing out some new details/patterns - just the right amount or overkill? Also, this temple is incredibly difficult to illustrate but finishing it is super rewarding.
Whipped up a quick little piece for a place & country that’s oh so close, but I never seem to plan to visit.
Bucket list 28 of 52 - need to find a month free to travel all over the two islands!
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Bucket List 27 of 52 - The lighthouse at “the end of the world” in Ushuaia.
Bucket List 26 of 52 - Colonial architecture, classic cars, cigars, and rum.