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STEM 9 explored Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion today by using force sensors
Physics tested the coefficient of friction of their shoes today!
STEM 9 walked through the school today to learn about two dimensional vectors!
STEM BioMed 11 genetic research posters
Honors 9 began their roller coaster design challenge this afternoon!
STEM BioMed 11 was learning how to measure and read EKGs this morning! @pltworg
STEM BioMed 11 learned how to measure blood pressure today! It’s so great seeing our students learning and applying clinical skills! #myohioclassroom @oheducation @pltworg #pltwclassroom
STEM BioMed 11 and STEM BioMed 12 joined AP Biology in attending this year’s Genetics Update Conferece in Columbus.  We learned a lot and can’t wait to dig deeper into the research next week!
STEM 9 has been busy exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion in lab this week #MyOhioClassroom
Physics has been hard at work studying the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration this week #myohioclassroom
STEM BioMed 11 studied heart rate the past few days by designing and running their own experiments testing the effects of different stimuli on subjects’ heart rates #stem @pltworg #myohioclassroom
Seeing how science, technology, engineering, and math intersect with history! What an awesome day at @afmuseum for Lancaster High’s STEM 9 class! #myohioclassroom @oheducation