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Space is the place 笨ィ(shoutout to my group for being the best group)
Headed to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama!
Throwback to the most stressful day of honors physics when we tested toothpick bridges in one of the many Hinckle vs. Uhrain class completions
WINTER SCIENCE FACT: In the United States Congress (housed in the capital building behind me) a number of committees have jurisdiction over legislation on science policy, most notably the House Committee on Science and Technology and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. These committees oversee the federal research agencies that work towards getting funding for scientific research. Getting funding for scientific research is super important if we ever want to cure cancer, slow climate change, etc. I'm going to see if they'll let me join.
I have a Christmas tree in my classroom, so today we broadened our horizons by lighting a menorah for the second day of Hanukkah! David even said the prayer in Hebrew while lighting it. Thanks David and Sahar for sharing your culture with us!
1st and 2nd place physics tug boat champions! 沁
Supporting girl power on twin day!  Did you know that:
Female students' achievement in mathematics and science is on par with their male peers and female students participate in high level mathematics and science courses at similar rates as their male peers AND YET
Women make up only 29% of the science and engineering workforce. Things need to (and will) change. #GirlPower汳ェ沛サ #GirlsCanScienceToo
Went on a boat, saw some dolphins, not a bad Wednesday with the freshmen 汾ャ
(This is long overdue) But it's one of my favorite labs! We stacked colored liquids on top of each other using our knowledge of density. 沍
Neptune is my favorite planet, by far. It was discovered on September 23, 1846. Since the 23rd is on a Saturday this year, our Astronomy class will be celebrating Neptune tomorrow with these expertly crafted Neptune cookies. The methane in the upper layers of Neptune's atmosphere absorbs red light and reflects blue light, which is why it appears blue. The "Great Dark Spot" (which I included in the cookies) on Neptune is a crazy wind storm (Neptune is know for its supersonic wind speeds). The other cookie has sparkly diamond sprinkles, in honor of the DIAMONDS THAT RAIN FROM THE SKY ON NEPTUNE. That's right, it rains solid diamonds on Neptune.  It has cloud layers where seas of hot methane form and separate in the high pressure environment causing the resulting carbon to squeeze into diamond. Since there's gravity pulling it towards the core, the diamonds RAIN DOWN. 沍ァ汳 #AASTastronomy
The Saturn group took their planet presentation very seriously. (Hula hoops as rings and everything) #AASTastronomy #shouldaputaringonit
The Astronomy class has been hard at work creating beautiful timelines depicting the history of astronomy! #AASTastronomy