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Loving this lippie #elizabetharden
My sister and I hoarded a bunch of Korean products last Christmas with a promise of not buying new stuffs till April this year.
Guess who failed to keep her promise? 😅
I have obsession in makeup brushes, I don’t wear makeup much though #artis
Harajuku — you’ll find almost everything here, from cheap finds to high end.
April 2016 / Japan 🇯🇵
I was lucky, I bumped into Naruto cosplayers at J World. 
April 2016 / Japan 🇯🇵
2 Years ago

1st trip abroad(except my second home —Qatar)

1st solo trip

JAPAN 🇯🇵 — my dream destination. Home of anime and sushi. Have the latest technology yet keeping their rich culture. And the best thing I love about Japan is their people — most respectful people I’ve met. 
Where’s your dream destination?
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