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I write for Playboy (+ other mags). 4 books w HarperCollins under a pseudo, 5th book in progress. I love drag, the outdoors, & asking questions. 🌈✌🏻🏕


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I was very sick for 6 long years. This past June marked 10 years of recovery for me. Getting this published by my dream pub makes it even more special. #eatingdisorderrecovery #bulimiarecovery #dontgiveup
What we do when it's 5am and about to catch a flight and haven't slept
Vacation Mom™ is the best Mom 😘❤🌈
Haven't been on apps in 1 1/2 yrs, am currently on OKCupid just for 1 week for a story I'm writing (I am notttttt dating rn), and GODDAMN I forgot how fun it is to choose dating profile pictures.
Brutally honest, super engaging, REALLY fucking funny--Gabourey, I hope you write another book...asap. #thisisjustmyface #gaboureysidibe #greatread
I'm at the beach with Mama and she just asked if I could take a picture of her so she could send it to my father 😭❤ #mylittlefirecrackershrimp
When you completely forget that the antibiotic you were on for Lyme's disease over the last month causes EXTREME sun sensitivity that even slathering in spf 50 can't prevent. I feel like I'm being pricked by a thousand hot needles. My body seriously hates me! #mono #thenLymes #thenhopefullydeath
On vacation. My belly's so pale I've been hired to guide ships in the night 🚢👻 #bellylove #bikinibody #sunburnseasily (PS my body's a "bikini body" simply because it's a body in a bikini 😉)
Me every single time Tr*mp opens his mouth.
Day hike, hot tub, fire pit, FLAT MARSHMALLOWS FOR S'MORES with my Seattle-based love. "Technology IS advancing!" - @zoeybologne
👩🏻‍🎓💊🤷🏻‍♀️ (new book tonight)
Ok listen I know I post a lot of pictures of Dolly on here because she is the weirdest little thing and today SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT I WALKED BY AND FOUND HER LIKE THIS NO ONE TUCKED HER IN SHE DID THIS ALL BY HERSELF 🤣 #catsofinstagram #Dolly #boogerbutt