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Less than a month until I get to see this beautiful gazebo again! It’s been so long, bb, I miss you
📸 by the incredible @colfoxphoto (lookit that backlighting😱)
🌊 Katara design by the ever-talented @hannah_alexander_artwork!
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Today I discovered how easy it is to make ruffles on a basic sewing machine?! Just set your stitch length as long as it can go and your tension as high as it can go, and vwa-lah! Frills, quick and easy, without a ruffling foot!
Learning so much even with small, simple costumes is why I cosplay. 
#sewing #cosplaywip #ruffles #craftyourfandom
#flashbackFriday to when I was making Cinder two years ago?! This is still one of my favorite cosplays to this day, and I’m still upgrading her! I really need to finish the Grimm claw I’m working on... 📸 by my incredible friend @aleestudios ❤️
#cinderfallcosplay #moodmadevelvet18 #rwbycosplay #rwby #cindercosplay #cinderfall #rwbyvolume6 #sewcialist #craftyourfandom
RIP my long hair 😭 It’s okay, I got a clip on ponytail so I can still be best chemistry girl!! . 
#momoyaoyorozu #momocosplay #bnhacosplay #myheroacademia #bnha #myheroacademiacosplay
I’m making a quick NyanCat cosplay for MAGFest because OF COURSE I AM. Space, cats, and sweet things is the pinnacle of all I am and could ever hope to be.
Here’s some progress so far thanks to @sweet.potato.cosplay inviting me over for a crafting weekend! I still have to make a ton of ruffles, a shrug, and some cute lil ears. I’m so glad to have a fun, quick project to work on 🌟
#nyancat #cosplay #memecosplay #catsofinstagram #sewing #craftyourfandom #sewcialist
What’s this?! I’m streaming?! That’s right, I’m spending this weekend diving headfirst into my fun MAGFest costume: Nyancat! I love this stupid rainbow space cat ❤️ I’ll be live in about 5 minutes, so come say hi - link is in my bio, or you can find me on Twitch as GinnyLiz!
OH BOY am I happy that Katsu is cracking down on lobbyconning. I was beginning to dread cosplaying at that convention because of the overcrowding, especially at places like the gazebo.
As long as the badge pickup lines are managed well, this is overall a really good change imo. I’m actually really looking forward to Katsu again now!
📸 by the amazing @colfoxphoto ❤️
Katara redesign by @hannah_alexander_artwork!
#hannahalexanderartwork #hannahalexandercosplay #katsucon #katsuconcosplay #sewcialist
Ok good have some Momo ⚗️
📸 @sweet.potato.cosplay
#momoyaoyorozu #momoyaoyorozucosplay #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #bnha #bnhacosplay
I made a Grimm arm for my Cinder and it was really easy! I bought some cheap 3D skeleton gloves from Amazon, removed the raised bone bits from the cheap gloves, re-painted the bone to black and red. Then I glued it onto a better-fitting glove and added claws made out of @instamorph_team thermoplastic!
I still have a bit of sculpting and painting to do, but this is off to a GREAT start. It looks so creepy!
#cosmaker #cosplaywip #rwbycosplay #cindercosplay #rwbyvolume6
I feel like I’m working on 3 million things at once right now but I’m just SO INSPIRED! Here’s a mock-up of a dress pattern I made the other day that shows the crazy difference that just one fitting can make. The top is straight out of the envelope, the bottom is after one round of taking in some seams. I’m much happier with the fit, and it’s far more flattering!
#cosmaker #cosplaywip #sewcialist #sewingproject #mockup
Believe it or not, I’m still not quite done with Momo. I have a few more tiny alterations/additions to make. This is one of my most professionally fit and finished costumes to date and I’m really proud of that! I learned a TON doing a costume so outside my usual realm of experience ✨
📸: @sweet.potato.cosplay, edit by me!
#myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #momoyaoyorozu #momoyaoyorozucosplay #creati #craftyourfandom #cosmaker
• “I know that sometimes it hurts more to hope and it hurts more to care, but you have to promise me that you won’t stop caring.” •
The ColossalCon East Waterfall is a heck of a place 💙 A bit of a hike, but worth every step for the photos we got! The photos turned out so artistic and I feel selfish for wanting a poster of this on my wall...
📸 @wild_goose_cosplay, edit by me
💙 Katara design by @hannah_alexander_artwork 
#hannahalexandercosplay #hannahalexanderartwork #waterbender #atlacosplay #avatarcosplay #kataracosplay #katara #craftyourfandom