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“I can’t believe my heart would be so wise.” 💕⠀
I had so much fun wearing my Hannah Alexander Meg yesterday! It’s been a while, but this is still one of my favorite costumes and I should definitely wear her more often 👌🏻
💃🏻 Design by @hannah_alexander_artwork⠀
#hannahalexandercosplay #megaracosplay #greekgoddess #herculescosplay #artnouveau
Only one more day until super fun cosplay photoshoot times! Canary is coming to bask in the vaguely Grecian architecture 😬⠀
I’ll also be at Zenkaikon this weekend, but I’ll just be a muggle taking photos and hanging with friendos. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a casual con!⠀
📸 @bradbehlesphoto⠀
💃🏻 Design by @sharonrosecosplay⠀
#ellicottcity #goddess #dccomics #dccosplay #justiceleague #pantheonofjustice
“You turned yourself into a monster just for power.”⠀
“Look who’s talking.”⠀
How perfect is the Gaylord Hotel lobby for Cinder though? It’s all rich reds and golds and made the most perfect backdrop.
📸 @bradbehlesphoto⠀
#rwbycosplay #rtanimation #roosterteeth #cosmaker #cinderfall #cindercosplay
Have ya’ll heard the deleted Meg song “I Can’t Believe My Heart?” I found it when @itsginnydi covered it with @geekiarchy a few years ago.⠀
I think it’s the perfect song to go with @Hannah_alexander_artwork’s re-design; it’s much softer and less sassy than “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” but is still very true to Meg’s character and backstory.⠀
Also go listen to other Ginny’s cover because it’s darn beautiful and still makes me cry. 😭⠀
📸; @journeyerphotography⠀
#hannahalexandercosplay #cosmaker #cosplayersofinstagram #megara #disneycosplay
As annoying as chiffon is to sew with, it certainly makes for some amazing fabric tosses ❤️⠀
Have you seen the costume page for Black Canary on my website yet? There’s construction notes and photos that never get posted to social media! I worked hard on it 😊⠀
Link is in my bio!⠀
📸 by @bradbehlesphoto⠀
💃🏻 Original design by @sharonrosecosplay⠀
#cosplayersofinstagram #cosmaker #blackcanary #dccosplay #cosplaygoddess #capetoss
“It’s nothing personal, dear. You’re just not worthy of such power.... But I am.” 🔥🔥⠀
Thinking about putting a WTCH location shoot together! I already have a Hazel... anyone have suggestions for Tyrian, Salem, or Watts? I’d also love to get an Em and Mercury! TELL ME AWESOME PEOPLE TO COLLAB WITH ❤️⠀
📸; @bradbehlesphoto⠀
#rwbycosplay #cinderfall #cindercosplay #roosterteeth #craftyourfandom
I’m so excited to pull my old @hannah_alexander_artwork Meg out of the closet next weekend for a photoshoot event! 💖 I can’t believe I finished this costume over two years ago; it seems like a much shorter time than that.
📸; @journeyerphotography⠀
#hannahalexandercosplay #megcosplay #herculescosplay #disneycosplay #cosmaker #craftyourfandom
Black Canary Aphrodite may not be the most recognizable cosplay, but she makes me feel so beautiful! 💙 It was a real challenge to bring @sharonrosecosplay’s design to life over the course of a few weeks, but it was such an invigorating and satisfying task!⠀
I’m bringing this costume to a big shoot event next weekend, and I’m so excited to collaborate with all the amazing cosplayers and photographers there!⠀
📸; @bradbehlesphoto⠀
#blackcanary #greekgoddess #ellicottcity #katsucon #cosmaker #foamsmith #cosplayarmor
“What is wrong with you? To be so broken inside, to take so many lives... then come rub it in our faces like it’s something to be proud of?“ 🔥🔥⠀
📸; @bradbehlesphoto⠀
#rwbycosplay #cindercosplay #cinderfall #rwbyvol5 #rwby #craftyourfandom
“What do you mean you won't teach me? I didn't travel across the entire world so you could tell me no!”
The scene where Katara gets all up in Master Pakku’s face and literally fights the patriarchy is one of my favorite scenes in Avatar: The Last Airbender. 🌊 I take so much inspiration from Katara’s determination and compassion. She’s such an inspiring character in so many ways and I feel honored to cosplay her. 💙
📸Amazing photo from @solaris.studios
🎨 Katara redesign by @hannah_alexander_artwork
#katara #avatar #cosplayersofinstagram  #hannahalexandercosplay #sewcialists
@hannah_alexander_artwork  Katara skirt details appreciation post! ☺️☺️
Top left: pinning ombré teal lace to the skirt hem to make it a little less plain! I eventually want to cover it in small clear rhinestones so it looks like a creating wave. 🌊
Top middle: close up of pearls and rhinestones! 💎💎
Top right: painting appreciation 💙
Bottom: wrong side of skirt - the ombré lace folds around the hem and fades to a deep blue!
I put so many tiny little details into this costume that may not read on camera or far away, but they add a subtle touch of elegance up close!
#katara #atla #kataracosplay #hannahalexandercosplay #craftyourfandom #cosmaker
My two favorite things about my @hannah_alexander_artwork Katara are how the chiffon moves like water and the range of motion of the dress! I can do beautiful twirls AND terrible faux tai chi 😬
Being onstage was such a cool experience, and I definitely want to compete again in the future!
📸 thanks to @c2e2 and @aleestudios for the videos!
#cosplay #kataracosplay #cosplaycontest #cosmaker #craftyourfandom #waterbender