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Do you believe in destiny? 🍂🔥👠
📸 @dancingsquirrel
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That feel when you have to babysit the stellar nurseries 😬
Last photo (for now) of the @neopetsofficialaccount Space Faerie in actual space photos! The background of this photo features a Hubble image of the young star cluster Westerlund 2, which contains some of the hottest, brightest, and biggest stars we know of! 🌟
Some of these stars are 230,000 times more luminous than our Sun. But in one of the greatest ironies of astronomy, the brighter a star is, the faster it burns out. 🔥 Stars this big usually only last for a couple million years. That means some of the brightest stars in this nebula are younger than the dinosaurs!
Costume, photography, and editing all done by me ❤️
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No filters on this ya’ll. You don’t need sparkle video apps when sequins are THIS reflective. 🌟
This isn’t the final skirt by any means! The pieces aren’t even sewn together yet, much less lined or hemmed or wearable, but DANg is it a pretty sight 👀
Sparkle magic from @bigzfabric
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I love this photo comparison because it‘s almost like a mini photoshoot experiment! The controls: 🔥Same costume 💃🏻Same cosplayer
📸Same photographer
🕙 One year time difference.
@bradbehlesphoto and I shot Cinder together in 2017 when it was my first time wearing the costume, and when he was just getting started with cosplay photography. It’s amazing how different the same pose and angle looks with the improvements we’ve both made! ❤️
You’re a work in progress. You’re always getting better as you practice, even on the days you feel like you want to throw your camera or sewing machine out the window. 💪🏻 💪🏻 In a year you’ll look back and see how much you’ve changed and be so proud of yourself!! 🌟
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Awwww yissss obnoxious lens flare ACTIVATE. I had far too much fun posing and editing these c:
The background of this photo features a #Hubble image of NGC 7635, the Bubble Nebula. The “bubble” is a phenomenon called a HII region, which forms when a young, hot star pushes out the gas around it and makes it glow a beautiful blue! ❄️ The star forming the bubble is thought to be 44 times the mass of the Sun!!🌟
Cosplay, modeling, and photography/editing all done by me c:
#astronomy #neopets #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayforscience #nostalgia #scicomm
Now that I’ve finished my Space Faerie, it’s time for me to start some new projects! First up is the Water Sprite Barbie from the Signature Faraway Forest collection. 🌊🌊🌊
This costume has SO many different types of sparkle. I’m going to be blinding in the sunlight! ✨✨✨
It also required a significant amount of math for the underskirt poofs, which are the first part that I started on! I have one rectangular layer, one circular layer with rectangular ruffles, and a lining and sequin layer made up of...5/8 of a 3/4 circle skirt. 🔵 The math was extra fun — you can see some of my calculations in the top right!
I’m also trying to make a custom corset which is... an adventure. 😂 It’s my first time trying to sew something with a significant waist reduction!!
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“It’s nothing personal, dear. You’re just not worthy of such power.”
Y’know, it actually makes physical sense that Cinder defeats Pyrrha. Magnets are sensitive to heat!
Normally a magnet gets its magnetic field because all the little atoms inside it point their magnetic fields in the same direction.
All the atoms’ fields line up to create the magnetic field we see!
But if you heat up the magnet, you jostle the atoms around, making them point in different directions.
They’re scattered every which way and so the overall big magnetic field gets #REKT.
Fire beats polarity, deal with it 🔥🔥🔥 SCIENCE
📸 by the wonderful @bradbehlesphoto!
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Leave it to me to take an ancient online game and do a way-too-serious photoshoot 😭 I used Hubble Space Telescope photos for every photo I edited because SPACE IS NEAT DANG IT
This particular photo is of the Crab Nebula, the relatively new cloud of interstellar gas that was created just under 1,000 years ago when a large star died with passion, leaving a dying star more dense than the nucleus of an atom in the middle of it.
It’s a big universe, ya’ll.
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I’m so excited to start working on drapey and sparkly things again! Space Faerie was awesome and a dream come true for me, but I’m just more comfortable with organzas and chiffons than stretch fabric.⠀
This next build is a DOOZY and I’m going to learn so many new things!⠀
🦅 Black Canary Aphrodite designed by @sharonrosecosplay⠀
📸 by @notsopro_photography⠀
#cosplay #greekgoddess #dccosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram
I’m so proud of these wings! I’ve never seen anyone use a similar method to what I came up with, and I’m not sure I’d recommend it because it’s long, tedious, and results in some really heavy wings. But at least they turned out cute, ye? 🌌
#fairy #neopets #cosmaker #wings #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaygirl
Hey, you. Yes, you! Your Neopets are dying of hunger and have been for YEARS. Go stuff them in Cockroach Towers, at least!
📸; @camekocosplay
#Neopets #nostalgia #cosplayersofinstagram #fairywings #scififantasy
Time to go toy with some mortals 😉
🦅 Black Canary Aphrodite designed by @sharonrosecosplay
📸 by @s1price_lightworks
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