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WAYNE COUNTY: Last night MSMS and Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan hosted the first in a series of MOC roundtable discussions. Add your voice to the MOC fight, visit MDPAC.org/donate.
Hey @oaklandu students, don’t forget to visit our booth at the medical student fair today! Hear more about why it’s so great to be an MSMS member, like our social media pages, share a post, and get a free MSMS branded pop socket!
Watching the MSMS Speaker of the House Theodore Jones, MD, sing the National Anthem in a video before a @tigers game at Comerica Park had all of us standing in honor during the MSMS Board of Directors meeting.
MSMS President Betty S. Chu, MD, MBA, in her first report to the MSMS Board of Directors.
The MSMS summer board meeting has been called to order. #MOC #AdministrativeEfficiencies #Opioids #PopulationHealth are all topics of discussion.
Today, MSMS President Betty Chu, MD, MBA, testified before the House Health Policy Committee, along with MSMS member Eden Wells, MD, MPH, FACPM, Michigan's Chief Medical Executive, in support of the state’s efforts to modernize outdated HIV laws.
It's National #NursesWeek: Give thanks to a nurse who is an invaluable member of the health care team.
The second meeting of the 153rd MSMS House of Delegates has been called to order with quorum. #HOD2018
It’s official, Betty S. Chu, MD, MBA, has been installed as MSMS’s 153rd President. #HOD2018.
MSMS President-elect Betty S. Chu, MD, MBA, is now making her inaugural speech. #HOD2018
MSMS President Cheryl Gibson Fountain, MD, is current giving her exaugural address at #HOD2018.
The 153rd meeting of the MSMS House of Delegates has been called to order. #HOD2018