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⌘ Just a medico, and everywhere I go, people know the part I'm playing / researcher & medical doc at u of r

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Nazis May Desecrate the Stones, But They Will Never Win
Because #iamstreetart
Bottoms up!

#vodkatour #krakow
Touring the many Vodkas of Poland
Just back from the salt mine, with Martin, our most excellent driver — and gastronomic raconteur! #CLT
Under the Fountain, Looking Skyward, in Old Kraków / Cracow / Cracovia
One of the brilliant things about Polish is that it has a word for what you become after you drink too much
That’s a good deal of lunch
Ah, the many joys of teaching!
Night Falls / Dusk of the Rosy Fingers (w/ @dougp66 )
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo 
A.k.a. Things we talk about at an eCapacity SRI
Old School