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⌘ Just a medico, and everywhere I go, people know the part I'm playing / researcher & medical doc at u of r

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“But I thought I was *supposed* to chew on this thing you hid from me, high up on top of the rack...”
I voted... uphold common decency remain on the side of logic and reason support science preserve the Republic ...and the list goes on
Valet of the Dolls
A Well-Constructed Airport Is A, Well, Different Airport Than This One
DC Sites on DC Nights in DC Low Lights
“...And the third dog was named Clear-da-Remains”
Happy Halloween 🎃
The air traffic was a little heavier than usual on my morning commute to the office today, but I made it in. 🧙‍♂️🧹 #ministryofmedicine #happyhalloween
Three Logicians Walk Into A Bar... #logic
“Are my eyes really green/gray/hazel?” —‘Monsieur Rick’ Blaine
Magical Moments at Saskia’s Bat Mitzvah Celebrations. Saskia, may you *continue* to add the bright colors to your family’s life in all the years ahead!
I can’t decide if that long, flowing gown makes her look like Olivia De Havilland in an old film, or like someone straight from Central Casting for The Handmaid’s Tale.

Our little pup is recovering nicely, albeit with a somewhat dramatic flair, from today’s surgery.