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It was the last proper day of the Easter holidays although only one goes back to school tomorrow and we have had a wonderfully warm weekend with lots of family time including a trip to the circus today! I think Cora is quite looking forward to the calm on Wednesday when all three are back!

Are you ready for peace of ready for the summer holidays?

Cora's dress is @dunssweden from @strawberry_meerkat_boutique
At the risk of terribly British, isn't this weather glorious! My sandals are out (my legs not quite) and it feels like summer is on the way. I hope it lasts for the rest of the Easter weekend! Are you all ready for tomorrow?

Outfits were #gifted from one of our favourite brands - @officialalbababy
Ad /  I have been trying to think of easy activities to keep little fingers occupied over the Easter holidays and lots of them have been inspired by Kinder Surprise toys.  I set up a pretend bakery and hidden inside the playdough ‘cakes’ were some toys! The children loved digging them out and surprising each other with a buried toy in a fake ice cream cornet! They were using all their fine motor and they found it absolutely hilarious! Check out the Kinder website for lots more tips on encouraging imaginative play! #ad #kindersurprise #kindercollective #sparkimagination
I treated myself to a Fitbit this week thinking it would be great for tracking my runs and heart rate but I have fallen into a competitive cycle where I want to do all the steps! It means by bedtime I am totally ready for this sight! I know I don't post many non-child pictures on here but my bedroom is finally coming together and I love how light and calm it is.
How on earth did Baby Finn get this big? Today we got the news that he will be starting at the same infant school that his brother goes to in September and he is so ready! I am just not sure that school is ready for him 🤣. Who else got school places today?

Finn is wearing a #gifted top from @nolu_nordic_kidswear
Ad / With over two weeks to keep the boys entertained, I have been looking for different ways to encourage their imaginative play. This week, we decided to make a woodland home using things we could find in the garden for the lizards and insects they got in their Kinder Surprise eggs. It got them running around outside looking for little twigs and flowers and they loved creating characters for their toys and making up their voices. We have been using our imaginations with our Kinder Surprise toys to create a small world of play. Kinder Surprise have lots more tips for parents on how to encourage play over on their website! #ad #KinderSurprise #KinderCollective #SparkImagination #treatfortheimagination
A bit of a different picture on the grid but today I completed my first run, after deciding at the beginning of March to put on some trainers and try running. It felt amazing and utterly exhausting to compete and I am so proud of myself. I ran a 10k around Hyde Park and won a big medal for taking part. I am never going to be the kind of person who can turn down a creme egg but I love balancing that with running.
ETA I was only a few seconds over an hour which I am super happy with!
It wasn't t-shirts weather but Finn wanted to wear his new @dunssweden  T-shirt that I bought from @nolu_nordic_kidswear for our dinner time trip to the park. The big two have gone off to a sleepover and Daddy is out so it was just the three of us and we made a quick packed tea and took it to the park for an evening treat today. I love doing this in the summer and the sun was so bright and warm today that it made sense to start early! I was hoping it would be a nice quiet bedtime but no such luck!
Is anyone else amazed at how many times a day their children ask for snacks? Clearly they eat every 20 minutes at school, there is no other explanation! All four of them are always hungry! 
Dress - @maxomorra_official from @rainbowkidsboutique 
Boots -@bogsfootwear
They children are settling into holiday mode now, playing better together, choosing to eat their dinner on a blanket in the garden rather than with us and bickering a whole lot less (but still plenty!) Bedtime is already an hour later but I am yet to see an improvement in waking times. I am all caught up on Line of Duty and desperate for the next episode (I am so used to netflix that having to wait a week is killing me!). How are you all?
It has been a really slow start to the Easter holidays but I think that is what we all needed. All of us are tired and wanting some time at home. There is plenty of time for days out and little adventures but sometimes just staying close to home is what we all need. There have been hundreds of stories read, too much time staring at screens and  the fruit bowl which was full two days ago has been completely emptied. I want to get out with them all tomorrow but we are going to take it day by day. Have you jumped right in or started quietly?

Cora wears a #gifted @maxomorra_official dress from @nolu_nordic_kidswear  which is her new favourite as she is obsessed with miaow cats at the moment!
First day of the school holidays and I am changing my job role from mother to referee. I am hoping it is just tiredness that will get easier after a few days off school otherwise it is going to be a long 2 weeks! 
Finn wears - @maxomorra_official top #gifted from @nolu_nordic_kidswear , joggers from @nextofficial and @bobuxshoes (gifted). Cora wears-

@littlegreenradicals dress (previously gifted) and @littlebirdbyjools wellies