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We are in Devon for the weekend at @beautiful_days_festival and we are so excited although having four small children is already proving exhausting! They are in a wild mood after the long car journey!
We are going away at the end of the month which means I have had to get organised with the back to school stuff really early! Deichmann have a great offer on their school shoes at the moment where you can buy one pair and get another for half price (perfect if you have a whole tribe of kids like me) and their shoes are really reasonably priced too! I still have a few last bits to get organised with and the dreaded labelling of everything but I am feeling pretty smug right now! 
How ready are you for the new term? @Deichmann_UK #Deichmannloves #backtoschool #ad
If you watched my stories you probably saw that I fell over yesterday whilst I was out. My knees now look almost identical to cora's with cuts and scrapes all over them and I really hurt my elbow and bruised my arm so I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself.  It meant we spent a second day at home doing not a lot but to be honest, I think it is what we all needed.

I get so caught up doing all the fun stuff in the holidays that I sometimes forget that we all just need a break sometimes with far too much screen time and nobody really getting dressed all day. Tomorrow will be back to normal hopefully!

Do you take plenty of quiet days during the holidays?
These two are just wild at the beach. There is so much space to run and jump and breakdance (if you are Finn) and their new
 shoes are brilliant for inspiring their play, there is even a fin on the back of them! I am currently stuck on the blanket so that the sharks can't get me! There is a completion running at the moment too so  show Emu your child’s wild side for the chance to win a family holiday to Sydney, Australia! Are they a cheeky monkey, playful puppy or cuddly koala? To enter: 1. Follow @emuaustralia 2. Post a photo of your kid/s in anything from EMU Australia's kids range, telling us about your child’s wild side (e.g. “My son is a cheeky monkey because _____”). Go crazy with face paint, wings, sound effects, animal print and create your own animal kingdom! 3. Tag @emuaustralia and #EMUWildThings in your post.  They can’t wait to see your entries. 
We have spent the day at my Aunty and Uncle's house for birthday celebrations and it was lovely having family from all over the country coming down for the event. We are a close family and there were so many of my cousin's children there all playing together with ours.

The children have of course eaten too much cake so wish us luck with bedtime!
We are half way through the school holidays and I am a bit gutted to be honest. I love having time off with them, even if the squabbling has reached new levels! I popped into Tesco last week and ended up buying all their school uniform ready for September and they look so durable as well as being great value! (I got everything we needed for both boys for £60). I am hoping the next three weeks go much slower (although I am sure by September 1st I will be desperate for them to go back to school!) How are your holidays going?

#fandfclothing @fandfclothing
A photo of these four, just because.
We decided to make a scrapbook of our summer to help us record the exciting (and not so exciting) things we have been doing.  It is a mixture of photos, tickets and some brilliant illustrations from the boys.  Crayola sent us some of their pens, pencils and crayons which have been perfect for their drawings (Archie is doing grass in case you wondered). Are you doing any crafty summer projects with the kids?

Upload a photo of your kids Crayola creations and you'll get a chance to win a Crayola Back To School Kit! Just use #crayolagocreate on your post! Follow @Crayola_UK for inspiration and you can check their website for more information #CrayolaUK #CrayolaBackToSchool #ad #art #drawings #colouring
We had Cora's 2 year check today. The lady at reception asked her name and she answered 'the favourite'

It totally isn't true (three quarters of the time anyway) and I have no idea where it came from but it has been making me laugh all day
In between the busy days out, we are trying to fit in some quiet days at home and these two love a project. We have been doing lots of mini craft projects around the house over the holidays and making this shop was one of our favourites.  We cut one flap off of a cardboard box to use as a sign and decorated it with our @Crayola_uk paints.  Today they were trying to sell me crafty supplies back including our favourite twistable Crayola crayons and the wonderfully washable super tips.

What crafts have you been doing this summer to keep the children busy? We would love some ideas for the coming weeks! 
We are going to be stocking up on Crayola ready for school projects next year!

Also, if you share a photo with your kids Crayola creations, you'll get a chance to win a #CrayolaBackToSchool Kit! Just use #crayolagocreate on your post. You can check their web site for more information on the competition at #CrayolaUK #ad #art
After dinner beach trips are probably my most favourite thing at the moment. It is the perfect end to a quiet lazy day and we all come back tired, smiling and stocked up on vitamin Sea. What are you enjoying the most so far this summer?
The garden camping went pretty successfully bar a 2. 30 wake up from all 4 boys who proceeded to plan a snack attack on the kitchen - I don't think they realised quite how thin tent walls are! I am glad to be back in my own bed tonight though and we have added a few more seaside touches to Cora's bedroom including this super cute seahorse print from @paperstepsart (#gifted). Her room is still my favourite place in the house, I love the mermaid vibe and it is usually the tidiest room too! Where is your favourite place in your house?