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Sometimes I wonder whether we should move up north where we could possibly afford to buy a house, or should we live abroad somewhere warmer and more exciting, but I know that really, I want to live here, where my friends and family are, with the beach on our doorstep. It is my happy place and it is hers too.  Why do you love where you live? *Cora is wearing a towel we were gifted by @cuddledry and we love how super soft it is and that it protects her skin from UV rays - it is perfect for beach days! *
We had so much fun glamping last weekend with @readycampuk that is has made me really inpatient for the summer. We currently have zero plans and I am desperate to get something booked in. Inspire me! What are you planning?
First thing in the morning is my favourite time to be at the beach as it is just deserted and the children can run in all directions whilst I sit still with a coffee in my hands and watch them! They love chasing the digger that flattens the sand and playing a pretty ridiculous game of hide and seek (The beach is rather devoid of hiding places!). Cora and I wore out gorgeous new clothing from Heidi Klum's range for @LidlUK.  These shorts are my new favourite (and only £6.99) and I love the boho vibes.  The collections are only in store for one week so get down to your local Lidl now to check them out! #LETSLOVESUMMER #LidlFashionWeek #AD
How many times a day can four small children possibly use the word snack??? I
think these four would live off them if possible and avoid all actual meals. Alongside our
favourite fresh produce (and the odd biscuit) we have been giving them @Bearnibbles
Yoyos as they are 100% fruit and slowly baked to ensure they keep their natural goodness.
This picture was them at the brilliant event we went to recently trying to convince me to fill
my bag with them, even though we had made our very own! What is your go-to snack?
#BEARyoyos #Ad
Their favourite game at the moment is hide and seek and all four of them will play it together for hours (this was cora counting '4,5,6, ready not, come!'). We have come away for the weekend to stay with @readycampuk (#gifted) and they are loving the woodland area behind our tent as it is perfect for finding hiding spots! (Cora is wearing a reversible dress from @lillyandsid which I had to buy as soon as I saw it, there are flamingos on the other side!)
One of my favourite things about the summer is letting the routine go and enjoying the weather. This photo is from an after dinner stroll down to the beach in one of those perfect evenings and I am hoping we can do it lots more. The beaches were deserted and the children ran off the last of their energy.

This weekend we have come glamping, not far from home really but far enough for it to feel like something special. The kids are running arond the playground and Ed and I have a beer. Let the weekend begin!
I have just finished decorating Cora's bedroom and I love it! It has a mermaid/coastal theme with lots of coral and gold and I have a bit (a lot) of bedroom envy as our room has been put to the bottom of the list again. There are loads of pictures on the blog today if you want to check it out!
Dylan's topic at school this term is "environmental superheros" and I love it. Tomorrow they are off to a beach to do a big beach clean and he is asking if we can make posters to put around the town reminding people of the dangers of littering to marine wildlife and encouraging them not to use single use plastic. We often do a little litter pick when we go to the beach and I think it is great that the school is teaching them about these things.

This photo was of Cora's favourite beach hut at the weekend - how would you paint one if you owned one?
We have managed to convince the boys the BEAR Yoyos are actually sweets which is pretty smart considering they are one of their five a day and actually contain nothing but pure fruit! We were up in London last week having a go at making them ourselves and it was reassuring to see that what is on the label is exactly what is in the pack! If you struggle to get fruit into your little people then check them out! @Bearnibbles #BEARyoyos #Ad
Apparently it is grandma's prerogative to buy the boys swords and shields - there have been far fewer related tears than I expected as well!

Ed came back from his long weekend away today so it is back to normality here. Is it OK to admit I quite enjoyed it without him? Bedtime was smoother and I got to sleep like a starfish - well a wonky starfish thanks to the mini bed invader.
There are so many beaches in our corner of the world and Ramsgate is our favourite as even on beautiful sunny days it never gets busy. Soft sand,  cold ice cream and the best fish and chips. It takes less than 1 hour 20 to get to Ramsgate from  St Pancras International on Southeastern railway too! Ice cream on me for anyone who comes to visit! £20, Summer Off-Peak Day Return. London to Ramsgate. Offer is valid until 24th August 2018, so book your tickets today! T&C apply. @se_railway
Everywhere we go, I get comments about how cute Cora is, how small and blonde and lovely. What they don't see is how completely full of sass she is. This girl is cheeky and always up to mischief. She is determined, opinionated and has no problem starting a fight with a child three times her size. She is loving and fierce and knows exactly how to get what she wants and the sweet and cute thing doesn't even come close to summing up her fierce personality! I think she is going to be payback for my teenage years.