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Half term is so close I can almost reach it, just three drop offs tomorrow morning and three pick ups tomorrow afternoon and then we are free! All three boys have different amounts of time off due to teacher trainer days though so it is going to be an interesting balance!  What is your favourite autumn activity?
She might look sweet but she is a sassy little girl who knows exactly how to get what she wants! I have had both boys' parents evenings this week and they are both so happy in their new classes and doing well. I think I might need to start preparing them now for when Finn and Cora start!

Do your little ones like school?
Only one more week until half term and we are so ready! The kids are all getting more tired and the morning alarm is getting harder to wake up for! We have got very little planned at the moment which is really odd for us too but it will be lovely having a little break from the routine. What are your plans?
We had such a busy day yesterday that it felt nice to have a day at home today. Ed and I bought a new bed frame last week and hadn't got rid of the boxes yet so they became the entertainment, with car races, people races and felt pens. It was lovely to watch them just play. 
I think children grow up so much faster these days, they play with toys for fewer years and I am hoping I can keep mine little as long as I can.
I found myself being roped in to join the PTFA this evening. I insisted on only coming if there were biscuits and I got the good ones with chocolate. I am going to be spending years involved in this school as I still have two that haven't started yet so it feels good to get a bit involved. 
How was your Thursday?
How is your week going? This was my fearless foursome at the  weekend. All four are unable to go anywhere without their scooters at the moment!
Out of all the children, Archie likes his photo being taken the least, however when he is in the right mood he loves it. He is a funny boy, the most cuddly of them all and completely unable to sit still. I don't think he stops moving even in his sleep. He sings random songs to himself as he plays and has the worst selective hearing out of every male I have ever heard. He is unapologetically himself and I love him for that.

Top and hat are gifted from @nununuworld
It has been one of the days where the children used my best make up to draw on their beds, they have climbed on every piece of furniture, spilt rice all over the floor, twice and generally been little terrors. I am off to the cinema tonight with some friends though which pretty much gets me out of bedtime so it isn't all bad (Cora's awesome dress was gifted from @lillyandsid )
Next thing on the list of baby bits to leave the house is the sippy cups. Cora has been drinking from an open cup at home for months now but I hadn't got round to passing on her beakers yet. Every time I look at her I see less of the baby she was and more of the little girl she is becoming. Do you cling on to any baby bits still or are you still in that stage?
We have had a huge toy sort out and rearranged things so there are a few toys low down that are on show and it has made such a difference to how the children play. Whilst the boxes made it all look tidy, they stopped them looking for toys. 
They have been playing so much better this week ( and rocking their new trousers and jumper that they were gifted  from @_milly_o_ ) and I am going to keep rotating things to keep them inspired.

What is your child's favourite toy?
I can't believe October starts tomorrow! September has flown by and I have had no choice but to accept it is well and truly Autumn.  What are you looking forward to most about October?
I managed to break my phone on Thursday by dropping it a few too many times and I have lost some of the photos I wanted to use for Instagram. I still have this one of Finn's happy face though thanks goodness. I have a shiny new one now which I am trying my hardest not to drop!

Finn is wearing clothes from @minoti_uk that we were sent for review and he accessorised them with his favourite teddy 'yellow trown eecorn' (still confused by the name!). Have your little ones given their toys very unique names? Cora calls every toy or doll baby still.