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When it comes to muscle-building nutrition, it’s hard to beat grilled chicken or beef, brown rice, and assorted vegetables. But hell if it isn’t boring. Try these 17 power swaps. They'll add more protein, nutrients, and flavor to your muscle-building meal plan. Link in bio. (📸: Lauri Patterson/Getty) #musclefoods #foodswaps #bulking
For a broader, fuller, more three-dimensional chest, you need to step away from the compound moves you know (and overuse), and step up with advanced isolation training—moves that target your deep chest muscles. This workout hits all the right marks. Give it a shot at the link in bio. (📸: Per Bernal) #muscledetailing #chestworkout #musclepump
For all those who entered the Rock Hard Challenge, the time to upload your “AFTER” photo is now.💪 Go to for details. We look forward to seeing your transformations! @teamallmax @phamflexx #RockHardChallenge2018 (📸: @artigaphoto)
Want to take the first steps toward sculpting a better, stronger physique? Use this beginner's upper-lower split. It's part of our aesthetic workout, and it'll put you on the right track. (📸: Edgar Artiga) #aestheticstraining #beginnersworkout #upperlowersplit #gymideas
Guinness World Records are on site at the 2018 Death Race. Racers are attempting to set the record for farthest distance crawled under barbed wire in 12 hours. They must reach at least 10 kilometers to qualify. #peakdr #guinnessworldrecord @spartanrace (📸 Erica Schultz)
Sweet potatoes are the ultimate healthy carb due to their rare combination of flavor, versatility, and nutrition. In honor of #NationalFrenchFryDay, bake up a batch of fries—seasoned liberally, of course—for a healthy, satisfying snack. Recipe at the link in bio! (📸: Westend61/Getty) #sweetpotatofries #healthyfries #goodcarbs #healthysnacks
“Roll on” Sunday morning! @zraz is now 24 hours into the 2018 Death Race. ☠️ #peakdr #saltylanguage #challengeaccepted @spartanrace
Kettlebells are mainstays in most gyms, and for good reason: They’re efficient, effective, and save space. If you want to improve your proficiency with this trendy workout tool, try one of these routines. Whether you’re a total beginner or a kettlebell connoisseur, we’ve got one for you—link in bio. #kettlebellworkouts #fitness (📸: Per Bernal)
Tonight, stock up on some essential ingredients to prep a breakfast that'll actually fuel your day—whether you like to train first-thing in the morning or not. We've got 10 protein-packed morning meals that take 10 minutes or less to whip up. Link in bio. (📸: Arx0nt/Getty) #powerbreakfast #morningmeal #musclebreakfast
It’s kind of a funny paradox: We think that to build a body that looks good on the beach, we have to do it inside a dark, musty gym. You don't. Try this bodyweight beach workout and see for yourself. Link in bio. (📸: Per Bernal) #beachworkoutsession #beachworkouts #bodyweightmuscle #shredded #beachbodyready
If you’re going to cheat on your diet, it might as well be with a chocolate donut hand-delivered by Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal on World Chocolate Day! @krispykreme #cheatmeal #worldchocolateday #nyc 
#shaqattack (📸: Diane Bondareff/AP Images)
Wishing a happy birthday to this legend: @officialslystallone! Want to get forearms like Sly in #Rambo? Here's the routine that helped him get absolutely jacked. (Fun fact: He was inspired to keep up with @schwarzenegger‘s incredible physique in #Commando.) Link in bio! (📸: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty) #ramboworkout #stallone #forearmsworkout #biggerarms