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Keep calm and play your recorder!  These kids have worked hard (and many more so close!) to finish their recorder levels!  Congrats! #recorderkarateblackbelt @sb_room5 @sb_sabres @mslongsclass @mrs.hautasclass
Wood. Sticks. Music. Team. #kinderdiscovery #stompsounds @mrsgrantsclass
This makes the coolest sound!  #kinderdiscovery @mrsgrantsclass
How can you make music with paper bags?  Ask the experts #kindermusik @mrsgrantsclass
Making air drums with plastic bags #recyclingmusic @room8.missg #stompsounds
Exploring sounds and objects to create our own music @room8.missg
Making music with trash.  #recylingmusic  #creativeideas #summerfun @missgriffith_room12
Amazing picture presented to Mr. T by his students @sb_sabres #thankingteachers
Beautiful pictures and memories for our teachers.
We got the dancers and drummers and DJs!!! @roomninesmarties #outdoormusic
Dance party 🎉 #outdoormusic One week left and we just wanna have fun!  @missgriffith_room12
This class was so fun to hang out with today with music listening.  They danced and played their hearts out @roomninesmarties #dancelikenooneswatching #outdoormusic