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The Illiterates successfully solved the mystery this afternoon!
Just some of the prizes you might win if you come to our prize drawing during lunch on Mon, Nov 19! And there’s still time to participate before Monday!
Our Science Department solved our escape room with 7 mins to spare...that’s the fastest time so far! There’s still time to try and beat the teachers. Sign up for a time this week!
Gotta love new books!!
The Pure Bloods were purely awesome and finished with 4 mins to spare!
Team 48 Secs had only 48 seconds to spare but they made it!
Sinister Bubbles and Frank solves the mystery with 3 minutes to spare!
Team Seasons celebrated a Happy Halloween with an Escape Room victory!
Team Jazz made it in the knick of time!
Yay for the Fantastic Four! They were pretty fantastic today in the escape room!
The Phoenixes flew high today and finished with 3 mins to spare and no hints!
Congrats to the Dusk Twins and Other for being the first to succeed in our Fantastic Beasts themed escape room!