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I feel like there’s been a lot of my face on this grid lately, but... I really like this picture and you all have already seen the edit. 😂😅 Plus, these new glasses seriously make me feel pretty (not sponsored, just for real, y’all 😳) ⠀⠀
So anyway... Being completely outnumbered is something else. But I’m glad there’s such a big gap between the boys. I don’t know how you mamas of 3+ do it when they’re so close in age. 🤔 Really, though, how do any of us mamas do it? I don’t know about you, but my routine includes a lot of caffeine and spontaneous naps. 😉 Hope you get some rest this week, mamas and daddies and everyone else! ❤️ #0818mamas
We’ve been up to all sorts of shenanigans this week. 😆 We’re enjoying these last two weeks of family time before the craziness of the school year sets in! ⠀⠀
On that note, I’ve been thinking about how I can be consistent on here when the school year starts. My stories generally get shorter because I’m at work all day and I can’t share videos of the kids (even though they’re awesome and super interesting and you’d all love them 😊 - privacy, ya know?) but I want to make sure I’m still on here with y’all. (All 5,000 of you 😮 Thank you!!) So anyway, I am planning on two things. (1) Bringing you a simple activity to try with your family (whether it’s kiddos, babies, or significant others) each Wednesday and (2) an Editing 101 video each Saturday. I hope ya’ll will like that, and if you think of anything else you’d like to see/hear from me, definitely let me know! Seriously love you guys and gals and this community we’ve created. ❤️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! #0817mamas
Editing out an ugly “no parking” sign two different ways. I demonstrate following straight lines and the importance of changing the way you swipe the screen with the healing brush.
I love you, I love you, I love you. ❤️ Happy weekend, friends! >>> Swipe for the biggest grin. 😊
Two of my gorgeous guys. 😊 I just can’t with their eyes. Arrow is the least enthusiastic about being in pictures (next to my poor Instagram husband of course 🙈) so when he asks me to take pictures of him, I usually oblige. 😆 Anyone else have a kid that doesn’t like having their pictures taken? 🙋‍♀️ I feel like I have a special bond with little Arrowman. He was my first boy and now he’s a middle child just like me. They say all sorts of things about birth order, and, all joking aside, I was never forgotten or left out because I was the middle child. I was kind of a pseudo-oldest child as my older brother didn’t hang out with us much. We get along great now, but my younger brother and I used to be just obnoxious younger siblings.I’ve read about the attributes and effects of birth order, and definitely identify more as a take-charge, organize everything sort of oldest child. 
In the end, I got to be the only sister. I got to be a little sister and a big sister. And Arrow gets to be a little brother AND a big brother, which I think is pretty dang special. 😊 And we’re an “Ohana” kind of family where no one is left behind or forgotten. 
Which child are you in birth order? Do you feel like it really affected who you are? #0815mamas
Brandon said I might as well change Uriah’s clothes and the letterboard and take his seven month pictures because he’ll be seven months in 4 days. 😳😂🙈 Ladies, if you have a hubby that calls you out on your Instagram issues, keep him around. 😅 But seriously, I didn’t bring my letterboard to the States and I still wanted to do a 6 month picture, so here it is. 😂

Lisanna also wanted to do some loving on little brother, and I can’t handle that. 😍 Her and Arrow have been having a lot of fun with him as he grows. Lisanna said, “Mom, I just love that he’s growing and learning everyday!” The sibling love really just melts my heart. ❤️ If you have kids with siblings, what is something they’ve said about each other lately that has made you “Awh?”
Because this photo has all the summer vibes that make me so happy. Summer sun, a grumpy baby face, shades, and a cool pool to jump in.☀️ ...And that’s what I need today when I’m just not in a good mood. I woke up too early in the wrong side of the bed and the kids are too needy and I just need a perfect summer day to remember. 🙈 Does anyone else know what I’m talking about here?? 😭 
So I’m gonna get some caffeine and let’s get those happy vibes going! Tell me, what does a perfect summer day look like to you? ☀️
These little faces are my everything. ❤️ They are really missing Grandma’s pool, so they played in the tub in their swimsuits today. How are you spending your day today?
This guy did sooo much better on the way back. He cried for 8 of the 10 hour flight on the way there, and didn’t cry at all on the 12 hour flight back. The biggest problem was actually him babbling super loudly as he’s recently found his voice. 😂 ⠀⠀
Today I am still feeling a little sleepy. We are all still recovering and Arrow even has a little cold. So we are cuddling up, watching tv, and trying to get on the right schedule. It seems like this jet lag is worse than I remember, but that may just be a result of throwing a baby back into the mix. 🤷‍♀️
Swipe to see Uriah next to Arrow in the oversized sunglasses. 😎
To infinity and beyond! Because Toy Story was a huge part of my childhood and I’m glad they’re experiencing it, too. 😊
What was one of your favorite movies as a kid? ⠀⠀
P.S. y’all, thank you for all your prayers! we are almost there. We left at 8am CST for the airport and we have about 3.5 hours left until we get home. The kids have done amazing, but we’re all ready to curl up in our own beds and sleep for 12+ hours 😆
The A/C was out earlier this week, so that means shirtless boys. I wish I would’ve thrown Arrow in the bed, too, but these two are still super cute. 😍 
We head back to Japan in the morning! We are ready to get home but not ready to leave family. ❤️💔#expatlife It’s only three airplanes with no long layovers this time, so I’m thankful that we’ll be home in less than the 36 hours it took to get here. 🙌 We appreciate all prayers for safe travels!
Me and my girl had the greatest spa night last night with my hubby’s sisters. It was the first time for both of us to get face masks. We also soaked our feet and did our nails and Lisanna said it was the best day ever. ⠀⠀
Do you do “spa nights” regularly? I’m wondering if doing a mask regularly would actually make a difference for my suddenly appearing crow’s feet. 🧐😂😅