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Balanced living for busy ladies. Our soul care products deliver daily, bite-size lessons that help you live with ease, happiness and abundance.


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Look no further, lady - you've already got everything you need to live your best life!
Sending out swag to our @pinnersconf raffle winners. Congrats @shannonoliviaruiz and @nrchapin . 🙌 Enjoy your workbook, cards and lip balms. ✨
Feeling overwhelmed by life and obligations? Go for a run, meditate, journal - do something just for you. Allowing yourself a little "me" time to recharge can make all the difference for your sanity.
Your hopes, dreams and goals have no limits sister! Go after them!
Do you know your own worth? As women, it is easy to be hard on ourselves and see only the negatives but we are here to tell you: you are worthy, you are enough, you are love. Head over to the blog to read our founder Tanya's thoughts on learning to see your own value - link in bio.
YOU are in control. YOU have the power. YOU control where you are going.
It's Treat Yo'Self Day so show yourself a little extra love! Our workbooks and Bliss Balms are the perfect soul-nurturing pick me up. So go ahead and treat yo'self lady, you deserve it - link in bio!
It is YOU, not luck, that makes things happen in your life! Keep workin' towards your dreams, lady! Go out there and create your own luck.
Sometimes words of encouragement pop up just when you need them! Loved finding this little gem in my makeup bag this morning!
Sit back and enjoy your journey!
(Shhh, baby is sleeping) Snuggling up with a cup of tea and some soul-care tonight!
Our founder @tanyawheeless is taking her own medicine and giving her spirit what it needs. Repost @tanyawheeless (@get_repost)
Adventuring. Getting my mojo back. 🙌✨#hikingadventures #wanderlust #travel #selfcare