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The Adventures of Scout, Pippin, Indiana (Indy), and Salem in Portland. 3 Cats, 1 Dog. Guest appearances by our doodle cousins 🐾

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#TBT This is one of my childhood cats, Winnie. This was her favorite spot.
I wasn’t able to post or interact on Instagram this year as much as I did last year but I love my top 9. We have one repeat (πŸŽƒ), two of our online furry friends are featured, and one of our real life pals made the list. I hope everyone finishes out this year and moves into the next surrounded by love, compassion and friendship πŸ’•
Pet me dammit.
Hiding from Monday like...
What do you mean this tray isn’t for me? #mybestfriendsdog
Throwback to teenage Scout πŸ“¦
The humans in our household have been sick, so here’s another meme that is just too funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Salem is excited it’s the first day of December ❄️
Pippins a tad...tubby. πŸ˜‚