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Ultimate self care subscription box! Mindfully curated by therapists to boost joy☀️Life, enhanced.
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We are SO excited to be shipping out our April boxes in 3 days!! We have VERY limited quantities left so be sure to reserve your box before we are sold out 🎉🎉 Pictured are spoilers for our April Anniversary box 💖 
@deliaorganics - dose of C eye magnify organic Eye serum retails $29.99

@oilivinglife - organic meditation mind + spirit spray retails $18.99

@yourtea - creatures of the night gift box tea set retails $15.00

Plus many more surprise goodies awaiting you in our box! April box is valued at over $150 and as you know... our TheraBox’s retails for $34.99!

Give the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day, or simply treat yourself to some well deserved self love and self care 💕 #mytherabox #treatyoself
Happy Earth Day tribe 💖 May we live a gentle life on this earth & show it the same love & care it’s shown us! The Earth is one thing we all have in common 🙏🏻 #earthday
As told by @cherylstrayed 💖 the power of time, wisdom of age & the grace of years will tell 🙏🏻 happy weekend tribe!
There are plenty of ways to boost joy - here’s two of them! If you’re stuck in a situation that you can’t change (for now), the next best thing is to change your perception of the situation. it can mean acceptance, reality checking, challenging negative beliefs, looking for the silver lining in the bad, or letting go. At worst, remind yourself that all things pass in time 💖 Happy #Friday Tribe! Enjoy yourselves this weekend ⭐️
Loveee this video of our “Self Love” box by @icreatelife_ 💕 thanks for showing us love! Send us your fun videos of Therabox and win a free box! #mytherabox #selfcarebox #loveyourself
In case you’ve forgotten just how #powerful you are today... here’s a little reminder 💕⭐️
Adore this beautiful yet simple drawing @bymariandrew representing the purpose of our struggles 💖
Be as bright as the stars ✨& as grounded as the earth 🌎
Another April Anniversary box spoiler! Our April box is valued at over $150+ 💖 link in bio to reserve yours! Limited quantity left 🎉 
@OilivingLife - Organic All Natural Meditation Mind + Spirit Spray
Retails: $18.99+
OilivingLife Skincare & LifeStyle products are made with 100% clean, organic,  ethically sourced, vegan & cruelty-free  certified ingredients ONLY and selected with nothing but the best essential oils blends. The Meditation Spray is formulated to promote relaxation & creating a balanced & mindful environment perfect for your meditation time. During meditation, aromatherapy inhalation can help stimulate the senses, creating a perfect ambient space setting your body, mind & soul. Also doubles as a room/linen spray! 
Each ingredient included in this spray is for a therapeutic reason... Frankincense essential oil is the most powerful essential oil for the spirit.  It promotes grounding, balancing, and openness. Frankincense can help you connect with your spiritual self.

Sandalwood essential oil is one of the best essential oil for meditation.  It is extremely cleansing and can clear negative thoughts and stress that cloud your mind.  If you are experiencing inner noise and a busy mind that is taking away from your ability to focus, relax, and meditate, sandalwood can help clear the chatter.

Sage essential oil is used for cleansing negative energy, and welcoming positivity into your home. Sage essence attaches to negative energy and folds it back in itself to transform the negative energy into positive energy.

Cedarwood essential oil has long been used to give the heart courage, and enhance connection to the spirit, insight and good judgement. Cedarwood essential oil helps the mind focus on meditation while helping to reduce anxiety and stress. This oil will help to create balance.

Directions: Shake gently, no fillers or emulsifiers added. Use as body, room, linen or yoga mat spray. 
There are no fillers in this spray, all-natural, organic ingredients.  All Essential Oils used in our products are organic, cold-pressed or steam distilled! #mytherabox
Footstepping day by day to more peace. 💖
Some of the most essential words to our existence in one sentence❤️💜💙💚💛
Even if your dreams seem impossible at this very moment, make tiny little steps towards it. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step🌻