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Happy Tuesday!!! Thanks for another sold out month ❀️❀️ we are on a roll (4 months and counting!) 🌱🌻 excited to ship out your August #REST boxes on the 26th :) all new orders placed starting now will be for our September box! Reserve those boxes before they sell out by visiting the link in our bio #soldout #grateful #therabox #mytherabox
Yes you can! Happy #Monday 🌱🌻 kids are back to school, the beginning of another work week, and a to do list filled with tasks! It will all get done, but be sure to take care of yourself too in the process!
Happy #Sunday! Be that gardener 🌱🌻 grow your own happiness!
August TheraBox Spoilers Are Here!

@yourtea - sleep tea
This is our favorite tea, ever! Sleep #tea uses traditional Chinese medicine and herbs to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and calms the mind through reducing heat in the body. Best of all, the ingredients are gluten free and the tea tastes delicious! Steep a bag nightly for your best sleep yet!

Peace of Mind - "Love + #Peace Meditation/Body Mist"
This body mist is made of 100% all natural organic essential oils and organic witch hazel. Not only is this spray great for the skin, but it also helps balance hormones and emotions. One spray can put you in the perfect mindset to attract love and remind us of the love that we have within ourselves. A wonderful mist to spray before bed to end the day with love and intention, or to use during your mindfulness practice to set the tone for a loving kindness meditation!

@thehappyshoppeco - "Cooling & Heating #Sleep Mask"
This adorable sleeping cat eye mask comes with a cooling/heating gel pad that is easily inserted into the mask. When used heated, the heating sensation relaxes tired eyes to promote a restful Simply soak the gel pad in 90 degrees hot water, dry it, and insert back into the eye patch! For cooling use, place the gel pad within the refrigerator/freezer until cool. The cooling sensation will assist with reducing dark circles and puffiness!

August's happiness boosting activity will center around rest & relaxation through mindfulness meditation, and we're excited to share it with you! We believe deeply in the transformative powers of meditation and are excited to share this month's box with you! Our happiness boosting activity aims to incorporate new practices to your bedtime routine to help improve sleep quality and reduce stress! ONLY 19 BOXES LEFT! Reserve yours today before it's gone! We ship in 7 days! Link in bio to get yours or visit
The universe has your back! When one door closes, another opens ❀️🌱
Life in a nutshell! The journey is Brutiful, but we'll get there ❀️🌱
Happy Tuesday! Perfection is a myth, beauty is flaws and all ❀️ Sending much light and love your way πŸ’«πŸ’‘
So much yes to this! We can easily be swayed into thinking how our lives "should be", but there is beauty in whichever unique path you take that is only right for you ❀️🌱 from the skies to the earth, there is room for all #happysunday
Stay close to anything that feels like sunlight & warmthβ˜€οΈ
Our next box is all about #rest & we are so excited to share it with you! Link in bio to reserve your August #TheraBox shipping August 26!
Filled with accidents, coincidences, beauty, and strokes of all different shades & sizes. Your beautiful masterpiece 🌱🌻
Still absorbing all the amazing feedback and raving reviews from our subscribers for our July "affirmations" box! It's barely August, but we are expected to sell out in the next week! Be sure to reserve your August box themed "rest" soon! Plenty of goodies to help with sleep, and rejuvenation ❀️🌱🌻 link in bio to get yours! #mytherabox #therabox #affirmations #rest #unboxhappiness