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Look. Into. My. Eyes.
Eid Mubarak! 🌟🌙
Happy Tuesday 🌻
Gal yuh know seh yuh pretty from yuh bornnnn. Pretty pon di gram and pretty inna real life. An yuh skin jus ah glow like peppa light.
🏆 #Walkingtrophy
Sometimes to become successful and get closer to the life we want to live we don’t need to add things we need to remove some of them. #livethelifeyouwant
We don’t truly appreciate what we have until it’s gone. It often takes something to happen for us realize how fortunate we are. We realize how much we rely on our possessions when they're no longer there. We recognize the gift of a secure paycheck after we lose our job. And when we tragically lose a friend or family member we wish we had told them every day how much we loved them. We are fortunate for many things that often slip from our conscious: to have a bed to sleep in every night, a job (no matter how boring it is), a bank account with at least a few dollars in it, food to eat, parents who love us, and friends who keep us sane. Of course, we often take all of those for granted because they are so routine and familiar that we have no concept of what a day would be like without them. We never imagine not having them because we just assume they will always be there. Seeing the casualties around the world is enough for me to remind myself every single day how fortunate I am for all the things and people that are still in my life. People, places and things can cease to exist quickly. We should always be thankful  because sadly it doesn’t take long for something, or someone, to vanish. Appreciate all the wonderful things you have now before they’re gone. And may we find strength within the tragedies of life. Happy Tuesday 🌻 #thankfultuesday What are you thankful for today?
You're not doing enough with your life if you are holding your breath to find out what others are doing with theirs. Use others' success as your inspiration. Focus on yourself and watch your life change. #mondaymotivation
Big things ah gwan! Happy Friday. Just wanted to share this dope video by @officialdeensquad. Love and respect to @jae_deen and @karterzaher for always encouraging and representing the sisters man! Thanks for including me and kudos to all the fearless and talented sisters out here doing their thing! 1. @neelam_ 
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#DeenSquad #Muslimgirls #niceforwhat
"An African Affair" 
Magazine: Fashion Focus @ffconvention Creative Director: @naballahchi 
Model: @shakellah
MUA: @afeisha_makeup
Designers: Kaftan:@naballahchi 
Skirt: @afrikahousett 
Stylist: @naballahchi 
Photographer: @nicolas_rinaldo
Happy Friday | Jummah Mubarak 🌻 Strutting into the weekend with this bad @$$ top from @afrikahousett. Photographed by @nicolas_rinaldo Wishing everyone a fab weekend!