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DAY 30. And that guys  concludes my 30-day style challenge! #ankarastyle. Who would've thought that grey could look this good. 😼
Dress by: @naballahchi
Head Jewel: @islamicjewels
"Africa" Ring: @africanarkjewellery
Photographer: @curlysoowoo #teamgrey #eidoutfit
DAY 29. "AfrocenCHIc" 
My love for Ankara, imprecisely referred to as African prints, is no secret. I adore the colour combinations, the patterns, the art and the stories they tell. These prints are so interwoven into the fabrics of West African culture yet the wax print finds its roots in Indonesia. It's much more than just tribal prints! We all as designers have our own story to tell and I love the different ways in which African designers are choosing to narrate theirs. Major inspiration! People often think chic means wearing international brands from the USA and Europe but that's not true. I think one of the biggest challenges facing the fashion industry these days is the disappearance of traditional craftsmanship.
DAY 28. Super relaxed in this cute, striped shirt dress with slit detailing. Whoever said the shirt dress wasn’t glamorous was absolutely wrong!
DAY 27. My 30 day style challenge continues on... 3 more outfits to go! EID MUBRAK to the Muslim community worldwide! Hope everyone has an enjoyable day. 🌙💋
DAY 26. Al Kaftan 🌙
DAY 25. People constantly ask me how they can get into modeling and fashion. Sadly, no one has ever asked me what sacrifices I have made along my journey. There is a flipside to the business of fashion, like when you explain to others that part of the way you pay your bills is by sewing garments and posting images of it on the Internet. I can assure you that this impresses no one at a family reunion full of doctors and attorneys. I have to remind people who look down on fashion as a shallow or exploitive endeavor that the apparel industry provides more jobs and a better quality of life for people in developing countries than protests or finance lawyers ever could. 
Photgrapher: @curlysoowoo @tangerine.galerie
Lighting: @silva.creations
"You inspire me.”
Perhaps the greatest compliment we can pay someone is letting them know that their determination and strength has inspired the same in us. The happiest, brightest version of ourselves will always be the versions that benefit others the most. Sometimes we might feel like salmon swimming upstream. It can be discouraging, but to give up is to be swept away by the current. .
This beautiful illustration done by someone who was inspired by me. She illustrated me wearing an @eliesaabworld couture dress. Thank you.❤
DAY 24. EID Outfit Inspiration.💥 We're one day away! *squeals* 😄 #eid2017
Day 23. It feels so good to be back to my 30 day style challenge. Now that I’m back I really want to enjoy the last couple of days I have here before Eid. So I'm  shaking up the usual go-tos (no-brainer neutrals😌) and daring to stand out in bolder shades. I'll be honest: Yellow is a hard color to pull off. It's bright, loud, in-your-face and it’s not something you wear if you’re trying to play it safe. But like I said I'm shaking things up ...going head-to-toe in the same color. What color would you wear from head-to-toe?(Black is just cheating. 😒)#fridayslay #ankarastyles
MOZAC Apparel presents: Modest Minds Fashion Show.
So honored to be a Special Guest at this exclusive LADIES ONLY event celebrating awareness of women's intellectual beauty to live modestly yet contribute to society, leaving a legacy as a woman.
.  Fauzia Mohamed, the President of MOZAC Apparel, has produced several fashion shows in Miami, Florida with international designers of modest women's wear over the last 4 years.
 Activities will include: Fashion Show, Fitness Session with @makeuphijabs Brand Ambassador of the @UFC gym in Mississauga, Canada, Health and Nutrition Cooking Show with Chef @jennagthehijabitt, Beauty & Makeup Tips, Inspiring Talks, Bazaar & Networking. Hosted by TV Host @sofiyya1201
Currently I am recruiting  DESIGNERS with WOMENSWEAR and FEMALE MODELS  for this event. ( You don't have to be Muslim or wear hijab 😊). If interested kindly send me a DM.
👭 #wcw😍
DAY 22. UTT FASHION Show 2017: A Caribbean Fashion Eclectic.
Dress by :@naballahchi
Photographer: @cc.photographyx