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Mohammed at a hammam furnace in #marrakesh. Like I said earlier, his job is no joke and he’s expected to fire up this place throughout the day. The moment we stepped into this place, we joked about how we had to do everything possible to make heaven cos hell fire was not our portion 😂🤣. We also let him know we respected his grind and hustle!
If you look closely, you’ll see a pot of tanjia (not tangine) sitting in the corner. Tanjia, popularly known as a bachelors dish, is common in Marrakesh and the hammam furnace doubles as an oven for it.
Snaps by @nguher_zaki
We absolutely LOVE this reaction from #Kenyan twitter following the unfortunate hotel attack a couple of days ago. Their anger stems from the @nytimes report on the story which showed wounded people and dead bodies. We thought dead bodies were unethical in journalism but we guess African dead bodies don’t get the same treatment as others. “It is important to give our readers a clear picture of the horror of an attack like this. This includes showing pictures that are not sensationalised but that give a real sense of the situation." was their response.
We read a good comeback from Marionne Ryan - “Presumably we will be seeing photos of children in the next mass shootout in the US so we can "get a real sense of the situation" right?”
Well done #kenyantwitter, well done!
We met Jafar (not his real name but he looks like a Jafar 😂🤣) at one of the hammam furnaces in the old Medina. He was in charge of putting coal into the furnace that provides heat to one the hammam spas in the Medina. It’s a very manual process I must say. Not an easy task ‘cos that furnace was like HELL FIRE and he has to be there for hours unending!
He was gracious enough to take us to his resting place where he played this guitar-like instrument captured in the photo. We bumped to the melodious tune he created which we learnt was called Gnaoua (pronounced Ga-no-wa) music. We spent a maximum of 20 minutes with “Jafar” but there was something about his soul and I’m glad it was beautifully captured in this photo 😍. If you are looking for an off the beaten path experience in Marrakesh, this one is definitely for you!
Who knew stripes and Moroccan tiles matched so beautifully?
@beccahng was surely my soul sister on this trip. We unintentionally matched, 3 of 5 days during #nomadsinmorocco. It was always so hilarious and everyone thought we shared some sort of color scheme prior to the trip.
A Berber Nomad in deep thought beautiful captured by  @nguher_zaki. The desert boys, as we fondly call them, hosted us to the best tasting Tagine dish in the entire #Morocco. Okay maybe the best we had but we’ve read a bunch of travel stories that say the Tagine in the desert is the absolute best. So take our word for it, it’s the best in Morocco 😜.
They were such amazing hosts, they welcomed us into their homes, told us fun stories about the Berber tribe, taught us how wrap their traditional head tie properly (this one on his head is probably 12 yards of material, no jokes!)made a nice bonfire to keep us warm, permitted our 2+ hours photo taking session, and allowed us sing Nigerian songs so loudly 😱😱😱! It was an unforgettable night and I doubt they’ll ever forget “those 14 Nigerian girls that spent the night in the desert” 😂😩
Ever heard of Moroccan Jazz? Well this video shows Moroccan Jazz is REAL 😂🤣!
So a little background, we left our gorgeous villa at the Palmeraie area in Marrakesh and set out for our tour for the day. Our guide, Camal (who we now call scamal) took us to this herbalist shop somewhere in the souks where they did a little demonstration for us. The herbalists had a variety of products from eucalyptus (which is what we are sniffing in the video) to black seed, indigo dye mint tea and Berber tea. Their sales person was really GOOOD. I remember after the demonstration she’ll scream out a product and we’ll raise our hands telling her how many we wanted 😂🤣. Thinking about it, we were definitely under some sort of spell 😩. By time she was done with us, we left the shop with brown paper bags filled with herbs and tea!
Fast forward to a few days later, Nkoyo and Funmi went to the souks on their own for some last minute shopping and tried to locate the herbalist shop but they couldn’t. They wanted to restock on their eucalyptus crystals. They found a similar shop and asked them for their prices. Guys their asking price was a HUGEEEEE fraction of what we paid 😩. When they got back from shopping, they let us know and we all concluded we were jazzed! We had to be jazzed 🤣😂.
So what do you guys think? Jazz or just a very good salesperson?
We are strong proponents of ditch your friends if they don’t want to travel with you 🤣😂 but we understand why people find it difficult to travel or room with total strangers. It’s quite bold and adventurous and in this part of the world, some people might even think you are crazy(FYI we are all crazy 😜). We’ve had people ask us the strangest questions/requests before they book our experiences. “Ah I hope my roommate is not a serial killer.” “Can you pair me with a nice person “ and so on. We’ve been lucky enough to have sane people on all our trips and honestly no one has ever complained about their roommate.
On our morocco trip, we had friends in sets of 4’s and sets of 2’s and awesome nomads who signed up on their own. So Nomad fam, what’s it for you? Group trip with friends or without friends? Go on, let’s read from you 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
I have a love-hate relationship with camels 🐪😩. I mean they make your photos look so amazing; a photo on a camel in the desert is always a WINNER. But they are super uncomfortable to ride, they are constantly sniffing your butt and they drool too 🤤. I got down from this 1 hour ride into the Merzouga with my backside dripped in saliva. Extremely disgusting 😂🤣. 🐪
Been on a camel ride before? What were your expectations Vs the reality?
As a Nigerian or African, do you think it’s important to share travel stories or experiences from your own perspective? We think YES! Our time at the souks in Marrakech made me realize the importance of sharing these experiences. Perspective is everything.
If you surf the Internet, words like “chaotic” “very busy” “hustle and bustle” are often times used to describe the souk experience while for us it was pretty much like a regular Nigerian market. The rules are pretty much the same:

Do not buy from the first shop you find, walk around the market to find the best possible prices.

Shops on the inside are often times cheaper than the ones outside.

Remember it’s the market, don’t fret about the quality of the products.

Harassment sadly comes with the territory. As a lady, be ready for cat calls like “Beyoncé”, “ebony”, “Serena Williams”. It’s actually hilarious 😂🤣. Dress appropriately to avoid attention. You don’t need to be covered from head to toe, but be decent.

Haggle haggle haggle!!!!!!! Never pay their asking price. I usually slash by 50% as a counter offer and we begin negotiating. 🇲🇦
Nomad fam, got any more market/souk tips for us? Go on, let’s learn from you 😊👇🏽 Snaps by @nguher_zaki
As promised it’s going to be all about #morocco for the next couple of days! Last year, Morocco was our first trip on the green passport calendar. Morocco, though not green passport friendly, kick started #thegreenpassportmovement. It was an all girls trip for 5 nights in 3 cities with epic moments and endless road trips we cannot forget in a hurry!
This photo was taken in front of Les Nomades De Marrakesh (couldn’t be more obvious 😂), which is the largest carpet shop in the Medina. We spent about 20/30 minutes walking around the store & listening to salesmen tell us about Berber, Rehamna and a host of other carpet types.
If you are looking to buy carpets/rugs in marrakesh, @lesnomadesde.marrakech is definitely the spot for you!
🌎: Marrakesh, Morocco
Snaps by @nguher_zaki
When was the last time you did something for the first time? In our “first moments” video series, @folaswaka shares her time crocodile cage diving in Victoria falls 👀 which unfortunately had to be cut short because someone in her cage had a panic attack.
Will you ever go cage diving with crocodiles? Issa HELL NO from me!
Taking your culture everywhere you go!
We adore this photo of @chidiashley in @ofuure. Giving us serious ideas for our photoshoot in Jordan 🤔 💭.
🌎: Petra, Jordan