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We are 👥 of Business. Home to the JR Shaw School of Business and the Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship. #NAITBiz #MawjiCentre

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“As I take my classes in the BBA for marketing, I get to do what I truly love - work in sports. I’m a part-time NHL social media correspondent at Rogers Place and a communication volunteer with the Edmonton Wildcats Football Club. I always knew I’d work in sports. I didn’t know exactly what I’d do until this came along. There’s something really special about walking through the arena and thinking about how this is what I get to do.” Allie Stanton, BBA Marketing emphasis.
“When I started business @nait I wanted to do finance but I found that accounting is the language of business. I’m also very interested in entrepreneurship and marketing a business from ground up. I’ve been running my own business teaching and coaching sports and kids in basketball. Basketball is my passion and I’m happy to be able to combine my hobbies with stuff I’ve learned at school.” - Omar Kalim, VP Finance, @accountingclubofnait
“I love the people at NAIT. The faculty, the students and staff. I’m so excited to graduate after serving as president of @naitstudents! From here I’m doing an Government of Alberta internship in the ministry of transportation. Leaving to go work in my career, I’m excited to see how NAIT grows over the years!” John Perozok, BBA Marketing ‘18
“I’m the organized one in my family. I like to put things where they belong and I’m a numbers person. So when I started my first year in business, accounting just clicked. I can’t wait to finish my Bachelor of Business Administration and get work experience as an accountant.” – Aqsa, @accountingclubofnait social media coordinator
“I graduated last year from the BBA Management emphasis with a passion to help people. I’m now a coordinator with the Mawji Centre where I get to help provide students opportunities. I am hoping in the future to get involved with social impact in our community.” Eugenio, BBA ‘17
“When I was younger, I was very shy and not confident in my abilities. It wasn’t until I was working in food service I came out of my shell. Now I genuinely love helping people!  I like to hear their stories make them feel valued and taken care of. My goal after completing my certificate is to begin working in retail banking and ultimately finish a degree in business.” - Chantel, Applied Financial Services student
“Just stay out, keep learning, keep building connections and you gotta hustle. If you're just doing what everybody else is doing, you're going to be settling for average.” Fahad Khan, CEO Canada Prime Marketing (Alumni Marketing ‘07)
“I really like people and I love learning about leadership. Someone who really inspires me is @dayonedrew. I was able to meet him at a student leadership summit. I love his philosophy around treating everyday like it’s your first, and keeping that level of enthusiasm into your work.”
“I’ve struggled with anxiety from time to time and talking about it  helps. I’m organizing today’s event to give students a space for safe self expression, so they can talk and spark meaningful conversation about mental health.”
“I am one step closer to doing what I love. Event planning is fast paced, detail oriented, team based and requires you to work well under pressure. I realized how much I love the thrill of coordinating events through my marketing studies, summer work experience and my position as VP events with the @ideamarketingclub.”
“It’s been humbling to lead the business my family built. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s important to go with your gut, and be good to people and listen. Ultimately, my success has been because of the people around me.” – Sean Rayner (Marketing ’01) Owner, VETS group
“I really like the psychology of people and applying that in a business setting. Marketers are always saying, ‘here’s a problem, fix it’ – it’s a fun puzzle solving career to pursue.”