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Dah Raya ke-4 (or isit 5?) baru boleh keluar dapur and sambung upload 🤣
Shot wajib sejak kahwin, mintak maaf dengan suami tercinta atas kesalahan yang menggunung, tapi baru nak mintak maaf dah kene tonyoh kepala, amacam suami don't you need to mintak maaf to me?? 🤔🤔🤔
Biar lambat asalkan upload 🤣
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin dari saya dan suami!
#teamrayakl #teamrayabiru #teamstillberduathisyear #eidmubarak #selamathariraya
In 2014, I said I didn't know whens the next time I'll get the opportunity to perform Tarawikh together with my Umi and Baba. Fast forward 4 years it is now 2018 and, alhamdulillah I get to perform Tarawikh with them again. I know some people within these 4 years whom have lost their grandmothers, mothers, or both so I know that this opportunity given to me is a blessing and gift from Allah SWT. When you get older, something as simple as performing prayers together today can be seen as a rare gift in the future. So cherish the month of Ramadhan with your loved ones because you never know when its gonna be your last Ramadhan together *knock on wood*. Looking at this picture I know that I am blessed. So here's to praying for more and more Ramadhans together. Amin.
The one whose head is in the shadow  of love,
There will be heaven beneath her feet,
She is my evening and night, my whole universe, my beloved,
I am an ardent admirer of her beauty,
she is ever-changing like the sunlight and shade.. .
*tarik nafas..
chal chaiya chaiya chaiya chaiya
chal chaiya chaiya chaiya chaiya
chaiya chaiya chaiya chaiya
chal chaiya chaiya chaiya chaiyakkk!
- paraphrased from Dil Se's chaiya chaiya 😁😁
I love you Umi, Happy Mother's Day! For each day I still get to call you my mom, to love you, see you, hold you, touch you, I am a thousand times blessed. I love you to the moon and even beyond that. Susahla nak cakap,I love you too much and terlebih-lebih. If I could, I would treat you to all the delicious Japanese buffets in the world! I love you!!!!
and Happy Mothers Day to old and new moms out there especially my friends/seniors/relatives. You all are doing great and looking good being hot mommas too!

Ending my 2017 and beginning my 2018 with a picture of me at the Holy Kaabah, the house of Allah SWT. Despite all the wonderful and incredible things that happened to me in 2017.. getting married to my bestfriend, visiting my bucketlist destination (India), actually moving into my very first house with said bestfriend to Alor Gajah, performing my very first Umrah tops the year for me. .
There’s no way to describe the feeling when you see Kaabah and all its magnificence for the first time. A flurry of feelings will pour out of you, awed by the unity of Muslims circling in unison (tawaf), the definite feeling of sebak because you just realised how small and insignificant you (and all your petty life issues) are and (most importantly) how much you’ve sinned and didn’t care up to that point, the feeling of humility and regret is instantaneous and overwhelming. You just want to be better and pray that God will accept your ibadah and forgive you. It was a really eye (and heart) opening experience for me.
Im so thankful to get a chance to step into this holy place and Alhamdulillah I got to perform not one but two umrahs, one for myself and one for my arwah ayah. Millions of syukur to Allah SWT and my family for bringing me here. ❤️❤️❤️
In conclusion I’ve ended my 2017 with a big bang and starting my 2018 with hopes of being better in every way, most importantly being a better Muslim. ❤️
Ps- my beautiful and easy to use telekung is from @jihanjufri and @annisabyjihansufi or @galeri_telekung_annisa .. Go get yours there!
Pps- Thank you to ig (and real life) husband @abangrolls for the awesome pics.
Happy belated birthday to my nephew Mohamad Fawouq. You have grown into a handsome, cheeky, smart, adorable, sweet little boy whom we all have come to love more than life itself. Your charm has melted our hearts into submitting to your every whim and fancy and I think even you know how much you are loved. I am so proud of not only the smart boy you’ve become..but also what a great and loving big brother you’ve been to your little brother. Eventhough you are a baby yourself we find you constantly trying to act like an adult (ie refusing to be fed and insisting on eating with your own plate - making a mess along the way because your chubby baby fingers can’t handle all the food, wanting to walk on your own all the time and calling Farish “baby” or “Adik” and entertaining him as if you’re not a baby that needs to be entertained yourself 😂 
Allah SWT has blessed you with this opportunity to visit HIS house on your birthday at such a young age. Not many people can say they were able to do that. I hope somehow you can keep this memory in your little head so you can remember this moment when you’re all grown up. But just in case Im posting this picture now here’s to refresh your memory later. 
Also Im including a video of you throwing a tantrum the morning of your birthday in front of Masjidil Haram. Just cause everyone should know its not always unicorns and rainbows with you. But in all honesty you were in a bad mood coz you were sick.🤪
Lastly, know that your Neni loves you with all her heart and this love will only keep growing for you. I pray that you will grow up to be a healthy happy little boy full of love, iman and bigger bouncier curls. Amin. ❤️
Masjid An-Nabawi in the morning and at night.
One of the most enjoyable days in Madinah for me. We didn’t want to go back to the hotel room so Shahrul and I decided to take an impromptu relaxing stroll around Masjid Nabawi. Since the Prophet’s mosque is huge it was quite a long walk.. so we sat down to rest when we were tired and took pictures when we saw some nice spots (eventhough honestly every nook and cranny of this mosque is magnificently beautiful it was hard to not stop and take pics every second 😬). Overall we walked from 3pm until 7pm, stopping to pray along the way and eat at the nearby buildings around the mosque. Alhamdulillah it was a pleasant private mini adventure for us and Im so happy I got to experience this with my husband. ❤️
Part 1
A couple of months back, I jokingly told Bai & Kireen that for this year’s suprise I want all my bestfriends together for my birthday (I didn’t expect it to happen of course,everyone’s too busy nowadays for surprises (we old people) & the last time they all met was briefly during my wedding)
Fast forward to my birthday, i just wasn’t in a celebratory mood. It was my first time having a birthday without Shahrul by my side & Im also on some medication right now thats making me bloated af! The only thing that comforted me was my friends & family who since my birthday had been taking me out to eat (for 3 days straight guys-will update later) So naturally when Kireen wanted to take me out for dinner on Saturday I didn’t suspect anything (she was the fourth one to bring me out that week) & she asked me out pretty last minute so I didn’t expect there was anytime to plan. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anyway, on saturday @k.i.r.e.e.n eagerly wanted to take me to Las Vacas (she even chose it over Seoul garden which was weird btw - KIREEN SAYING NO TO KOREAN?!) 🤨 but she insisted & she doesn’t eat that much for dinner so I was like okay why not I’ve never tried this place & I’m always up for steak! 🥩
When we finally reached there we were brought to a table of 8 when there’s only 2 of us. 🤔This red bandana waiter sat our menu side by side and told me specifically where to sit. I was like “wha?” for a second but I brushed it off because ironically this was NOT my first encounter with a weird waiter (that story’s for later also) I was just blur & oblivious to the signs. After much deliberation we ended up sitting face to face but in the middle of the table of 8. 😂
I was too busy telling Kireen how confused I was (should we separate the tables ourselves) that I didn’t notice BAIZURA @sharifahdyana.saa coming out of nowhere (our table was literally at the end and there was only a tiny hallway for the washroom so imagine how 6 people can fit in that hallway. 🤪 She came out with this huge gorgeous box of flowers & I couldn’t help but scream in delight! She said she couldn’t make it earlier on and I was bummed (dah plan nak merajuk xnak cakap sebulan) So I was beyond glad she made it! Hehe.
Part 2
I haven’t finished embracing Bai yet when BAM! MY HUSBAND @abangrolls WALKED IN WITH BALLOONS AND A CASUAL “SUPRISE!!” My reflex was so late because I couldn’t believe it. We’ve been apart for two weeks (I had some matters in KL and I know his workload is crazy) He said he won’t make it back and since we’re tryna be all jimat I believed him when I said he’ll only naik KL next week. Plus he’s been quite nonchalant about my birthday this past week which left me in a foul mood and an emotional wreck! So when he was there I just couldn’t resist hugging him (or almost snapping his neck more like it!) We don’t do PDA except holding hands, one armed hugs and ocassional cheek peck (if we’re feeling bold) for picture purposes.. but that night was an exception!
So I was convinced that that was it right. It’ll be 4 of us hanging out so we can start separating the tables. When BAM!! OMG MY THREE HOT-TEAS Fana, Leech and Haz (@farhanawhida , @lshfsh , @w.hazirah ) just casually strolled in one by one! I WAS SHOCKED! DIDN’T THEY JUST TAKE ME OUT YESTERDAY? DIDN’T FANA HAVE TO BE ONCALL OR DEAD TIRED BY NOW? DOESN’T HAZ HAVE ALOT OF WORK TO FINISH? ISN’T LEECH ON A STRICT CURFEW ON WEEKENDS?! I was sooo overwhelmed that I can feel myself tearing up. Seeing my highschool bestfriends ganging up with my college bestfriends and all of them taking the time off for this, for me? I was really fanning the tears in at this point seeing them and it has nothing to do with weddings!
Part 3
I thought the suprises are definitely over and we can sit down but then I thought I saw a flicker of orange and when I turned around I saw MASHI!! ( @mashitahj ) At this point I nearly had a heart attack. 🤯I broke down on the floor hugging her. WHAT WHEN HOW WHY?!! I was just bawling at this point because it was MY LITTLE GIRL!! AFTER 7 MONTHS! Im telling you guys I am NOT GOOD at LDR. This is was indeed just too much to handle. BEST SUPRISE EVER!
I must say @sharifahdyana.saa and @k.i.r.e.e.n was smart to plan in such a way that they come out one by one according to most to least expected. Plus they kept congratulating each other as if that was the last suprise so I bought it. 🤨As one can see from my vocal range, the more suprised I was the higher the octave! Sorry to everyone who had a heart attack hearing that! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 the secret recording and mirror really made this video because we could see all the reactions though so I love it!
Anyway I know the song is abit melancholy but its not everyday that you could get all the “roots” that has supported you together in one place. All these people have either been with me the longest or at my lowest. And to have them all here at the same time is just..thank you doesn’t even cover it. I love you doesn’t cover it. Maybe I don’t deserve them does🤔 ( @abangrolls , @sharifahdyana.saa , @farhanawhida , @mashitahj , @lshfsh , @k.i.r.e.e.n , @w.hazirah )
So that concludes my birthday celebration and perhaps the greatest gift they can give me. One night that comprises of my INFINITY inshallah.
Well this is from my perspective anyway. For a detailed perspective on the planning head on over to the planners, Baizura and Kireen’s ig. 🤗
#notpregnant #justbloated #andonmeds #mustmakethisclear
Ps:- thank you red bandana dude, you were really “subtle” good job!
Ingatkan dah kahwin dua2 bila jumpa macam dah ayu la sket cool la sket en..taaapiiii macammmm sama jeww 🤣🤣
But really gi makan pakapau, then "window-shopping" at midvalley, squeezing into one dressing room trying clothes and taking a bazillion pictures, then getting LOST for an hour trying to find where we parked sampai rambut terkeluar-keluar sebab stress!, talking non-stop until we literally didn't take note of our surroundings (hence the getting lost part), it really takes me back to UM days, it really felt like we're a couple of out of control kids who just finished class and we're lazing around at malls to kill time from dreaded tutorials. Tak sangka Boo can make me so nostalgic eww! Haha but what I really loved is the way the routine seemed to fall back into place seamlessly as if we only hung out yesterday and not years ago.. we were literally acting like kids again, but then whats the fun in acting all grown up with old friends right, its way more fun when ure not trying to look like you've got life under control and let loose! Guess we're not interested in adulting with each other yet (or maybe not ever be interested and thats fine with me) hehe. I'm just sorry we didn't get to talk more. But i enjoyed every minute with my Siti Boos Boos! ❤️ Hidup Johor! Hahahha #thegirlwhomademeappreciatezara #wherehasallmymoneygone
Was @sharifahdyana.saa aka Miss Latta Mangeshkar's plus one last saturday to my first ever indian wedding! Was praying for a dance floor but sadly there wasn't we channeled our 'craving' by busting our best moves in the car! Been awhile since we sang our hearts out to bollywood songs and the time couldn't be more perfect coz we had our desi gear on! So much fun! The last 3 vids is me trying my best to get her to like no.1 Punjabi but she just wasn't feeling it! Gahh! Anyways thanks Bai bawak i pegi indian wedding. 
I enjoyed it so much! In the future even if u dah ada your very own plus one i still wanna be your plus one for indian weddings especially ok!
List of songs that we horribly sang
-ABCD - Hum Saath Saath Sain
-Ho gaya hai tujhko - DDLJ
-High Heels - Ki and Ka
-Bole Chudiyan - KKKG
-Kar Gayi Chull - Kapoor and Sons
-Cutiepie - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
-Nagada Sang Dhol - Ram Leela
-Balam Pichkari - YJHD
-Diliwali Girlfriend -YJHD
-Tinak Tin Tana - Mann
-Badtameez Dil - YJHD
-Mehndi Laga Rakhna- DDLJ
-No. 1 Punjabi - Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
#bollywood #jukebox #carpoolkaraoke #bollywoodsongs #wedding #indianwedding #desi #desigirl #abcd #humsaathsaathhain #ddlj #dilwaledulhanialejayenge #highheels #kiandka #bolechudiyan #kabhikhushikabhigham #k3g #kargayichull #kapoorandsons #cutiepie #adhm  #nagadasangdhol #ramleela #balampichkari #diliwaligirlfriend #badtameezdil #yjhd #mann #mehndilagakerakhna  #chorichorichupkechupke