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Strutting into the start of the week just like this... mentally anyway! 😉 Goals & intentions set, well rested and ready to take some serious action! Wishing you all a fabulous week 😘😘 #nyc #throwback #omega
#couchpotato day! At the start of this year I felt so exhausted that I did something I haven’t done in more than 10 years... I believe in alternative health, but I went to see a conventional Dr. Thankfully, my Dr was brilliant, he said “I’m going to run some tests, but I think I know what’s wrong with you, as 80% of the people who walk through my door have your lifestyle... they travel through time zones for work. Travelling through time zones is one of the worst things you can do for your body as it upsets all your circadian rhythms which affects sleep, hormones etc. and basically, with time, wipes you out. The only solution I have for you is to cut down on travelling.” My Dr was totally right, my tests all came back negative, and so for the last 4 months I’ve tried to stay at home in London and only travel short-haul. It worked, and I feel so much more energetic now!! But, the reality is, travelling through time zones is a necessary part of my job, so I’m now back doing it, BUT... I now look after myself with greater care when I do! So if after travelling all I want to do is spend an entire day resting on the sofa, I do! No guilt, just complete respect for the needs of my body. I hope you do the same whether you travel through time zones or not! There’s a time to work hard, and push yourself beyond the limits of what you think you’re capable of, and a time to relax, let go, and do nothing!
Honoured to be opening the #OMEGAHerTime pop up boutique in #NYC last night. #OMEGATresor @omega Makeup: @makeupbymario Stylist: @lesliefremar Hair: @nikkinelms
Trying out a #bob today! #hair thanks to the fabulous @kimblehaircare makeup by @makeupbymotoko #photoshoot day!
Blowing you all a kiss and wishing you a fabulous weekend full of laughter and fun with your loved ones. So many blessings sent your way 😘😘😘
#aboutlastnight #louisvuitton celebrates #Gingernutz by #Gracecoddington & #michaelroberts in #Edwardenninful ’s first issue of #BritishVogue styling by moi !!
Honoured to be kicking off the holiday season today at the #SwarovskiStarRaising, decked out in sparkling crystal jewellery from @jasonwu’s #AtelierSwarovski Mosaic Collection with my gorgeous, super supportive friend @naseebs #sponsored Hair by the fabulous @ursulastephen Makeup by the amazing @makeupbymario styled by the wonderful @daniellenachmani Wearing @emiliawickstead
Today’s the Day!!! After slogging it out for months with mutant animals in #Atlanta! 😉The trailer for #Rampagemovie with the phenomenal @therock is out today at 2PM PST @rampagethemovie #candylips !!
Such an honour to meet this incredible woman. Samantha Francis’ son had a mental breakdown and ‘the system’ completely failed him. So, despite being a single parent of limited means with 5 children to support, she found a way to help her son regain his mental health on her own, and then went on to create a free programme to help others affected by mental health issues. Thank you ‘Black British City Group’ for honouring Samantha and for highlighting the issue of mental health within the African Caribbean community. Members of the BBCG, like Stephanie and Warren, use a portion of their monthly salaries to donate to one charity each year, and @find_abalance founded by Samantha, was their choice this year. I am so deeply moved and inspired by the generosity of the young members of the BBCG, and Samantha. If you are in a position to donate to @find_abalance you can do so via their website For anyone suffering with mental health issues my heart goes out to you and I pray that you get the support you need, for those lucky enough not to suffer with mental health issues let’s please remember that mental health is fragile for all of us, and we must therefore put as much care and attention into maintaining our mental health as we do our physical health. I maintain my mental health by meditating daily, and urge anyone interested in meditation to download ‘The Meaning of Life Experiment’ from your App Store, it’s completely free and is a brilliant introduction to meditation.
Helping to launch today! A brilliant new website to help the homeless by showing where free food near you is being served. There aren’t enough beds for the homeless in London, but there is enough food for every homeless person to have 3 hot meals everyday of the week. This website shows where! (Pic with the wonderful Martin Stone, who runs a local soup kitchen, and is the brains behind the website)
Good Morning! Up early today to ‘carpe diem’ i.e. seize the day and make the most of this present moment! Hope you are doing the same. Enjoy, and have a fabulous day! #morningselfie 😘😘❤️❤️
#copenhagen @hotelsanders