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Spellbound with #thegirlwhostoleapainting at #xynteo
#Slush18 was one of the highlights of my 2018. Thanks to the inimitable @danielfae. The evergreen stage was a total wonder. I'll post some clips too perhaps. 
Photos: Jussi Ratlainen
double 🤐
I felt a great surge of joy driving by this street in Katsina, named after one of the greatest men I know. Justice Saddik Mahuta (yeah they got the spelling wrong) should no doubt have streets and monuments named after him nationwide. Afterall, he epitomizes the type of leadership, kindness and simplicity that needs to be emulated by generations to come. #legend
Had a great time at @kirkirahub with innovators and entrepreneurs in Katsina. Superb energy and some buried talent in there, waiting to explode. Great work @9aufal , @huzex and all the wonderful people behind Kirkira.  Photos: @bubusimages
Slush gang #slush18
Tomorrow I’ll be at #Slush18 discussing The Future of Growing and Eating food. If you’re in Helsinki, make it to the Evergreen Stage where I’ll be joined by Grace Donelly of @fortunemag and Daan Luining of Meatable at 10. #slush18
Talked about our work in Agriculture with His Royal Highness, the Prince Of Wales during the their trip in November. We talked about Agriculture education in University of Cambridge where he serves as Patron. He has an outstanding grasp of global food systems and environmental effects of agriculture on our planet. @clarencehouse