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Are you in the Chicago area? Lucky you! Be sure to stop by our Wicker Park location - our test store where Chef Carolyn concocts AMAZING new dishes for you to try that are not (yet) available anywhere else. See that pic on the top left? That's a vegan Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese! Mind: blown.
Warning: balancing your big plate of fully loaded Native Nachos on the edge of a tall succulent planter comes with inherent risks, but sometimes you just wanna live wild and dangerously. 😎
Aaahhh Monday, you again, huh? 😒 Friends... let us do the cooking today and it'll feel like a Friday. 🤗
We LOVE when guests share pics of our food on here and we can't help but be amazed by how many talented photographers are amongst you! 🙌🏻 Check out this yummy Bistro Steak Sandwich, as captured by @redfollowsherbliss! 😍😋 Keep those pics coming! 🤗 Just make sure to tag @nativefoodscafe so we can see them.
Nothing better than finishing off a nice savory or spicy meal with a sweet treat for dessert. It's called a balanced diet, we believe.
We love finding inspiration in cuisines from all over the world, as we did with our paella and tikka masala dishes! Do you have a favorite international dish that you would love to see a plant-based version of? 💚
Case of the Mondays? Boy, do we have the cure for you right here! #macncheese
LAST CHANCE to try these beauties TODAY! Come on over and try our barbacoa portobello fajita tacos and let us know what you think! If you like 'em as much as we do, we just might put them on our next menu! 🤞🏻🌮🤞🏻🌮🤞🏻
First reviews are in, guest are LOVING the new portobello fajita tacos. Barbacoa marinade, veggies, poblano crema and tofu cotija cheese. Grab yours before they're gone - only available through Sunday!
Taco Tuesday!! On a Friday, because we're rebels like that. 😎 Come on over TODAY thru Sunday to try our amazing new barbacoa portobello tacos with seared veggies, cashew poblano crema and tofu cotija cheese! 🤤🤤🤤 (photo: @omayahatassiphoto)
One word: TACOS. 🌮🌮🌮 Ok, maybe a few more words: portobello mushrooms marinated in a spicy barbacoa sauce, peppers, onions, with a cashew poblano crema and tofu cotija cheese! 🤤 IN STORES TOMORROW THRU SUNDAY!!! (📷: @omayahatassiphoto)
Jib Jib Hooray! Have you tried our Jibarito sandwich yet? An instant guest favorite from day one! Because of the plantain bun? The chimichurri aioli? Or because it's just so darn fun to say its name? We may never know...