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I'm co-facilitating a two part immersive series on #flower #essences at the beautiful Will Heal Farm this summer. I'm very excited about the creative flow that has emerged in the planning process and amazed with how the flowers continue to bring such clarity and powerful connections into my life.  This is going to be special < 3 

June 16th 9am - 1pm
July 21st 8am - 1pm
event link at
I love tea. I love sharing tea with others. The act of making tea is an act of slowing down. It is treating yourself to deep nourishment. It is consuming herbal medicines. It is ritualistic. It is tapping in to your creative self, your spirit.. your intuitive self as healer... what shall I blend today?
Made some nourishing and moisturizing skin cream with a fantastic group of women tonight. It was so smooth and buttery and I'm smiling typing this because I'm finding new ways to love my work more and more by making it interactive and messy and fun !!! This is "Rosemary's perfect cream" from Rosemary Gladstar. Such delicious skin food.
On another note, there's still time to sign up for the Roots + Blooms CSA! APRIL 30th is the last day to sign up if you would like to join us for a whole season. This is another very important project for me as an herbalist and small batch medicine maker.
Four seasonal boxes delivered during the months of May, July, September and November. Pick-ups in both South MPLS and Buffalo are available. Shipping is also an option.
Boxes include tinctures, flower essences, salves, teas, creams, vinegars, syrups, oxymels and more! Guided nutritional & herbal wisdom will accompany each box along with our occasional garden grown goodness in the form of slow jams, ferments and pickles. Four different regional artists or herbalists will be featured as well and I am so excited about this aspect as art is another form of medicine 🖤 ...
Sign up and learn more via link in bio ---
To celebrate the summer solstice and our beautiful earth, we are grateful to gather in the spirit of community, be together among our healing plant allies & share skills for building regenerative lifestyles.
I am so excited to co-create this special day with @minnesotaherbs @purposefulpoppy @alexandralouhiatar @armel.martin @cgnherbalist & @landbyhand. 
If you are hearing the call to join, please register soon as space is limited --- link in @landbyhand bio. 
We hope you can join us 🖤
Norway spruce {Picea abies} ... bless this magic tree. I love chewing on the needles... I love the sweet smell lingering on my fingertips. A wonderful expectorant, full of vitamin c & so healing for the respiratory system and like any plant, a capacity for so much more. Year long medicine.
Children are our future. Their curiosity is strong and their love for the natural world runs deep. Many still have a strong connection to magic, and to the earth. I am amazed and humbled by what they have to teach me and greatly enjoy this aspect of my work that involves cultivating outdoor education and exploration. Join @cgnherbalist and I this summer with our collaborative project @herbanadventures, connecting kids and their families to the plants and herbal medicines of our vibrant urban ecosystem. We play & have fun & get our hands dirty! There are two different sessions being offered @tinydiner - see their Facebook event page for more info & to register.
snowstorms in april... this is how we do it in minnesota. .
practicing loving in all weathers, all setbacks, surprises, troubles. .
sometimes I really want to run away from it all. things get heavy like this snow, cold like the frigid air. .
this man right here reminds me of our dreams. of perseverance, of sticking it through. he teaches me how to have patience and presence. though I am an earth woman through and through, I tend to feel ungrounded and scattered and confused on my path. his hard work brings me back. his care and love gives me trust & support.  thank you mi amor, I honor you. walking this path of commitment and hard ass work. heart based work. forever building new bridges together.
Back home and back to work! Crafted a #postpartum #herbal #tea & sitz bath for a new mama in my life. The tea is a blend of red raspberry leaf, spearmint, nettle, tulsi, chamomile, oatstraw, lemon balm & rose petals. The bath has yarrow, calendula, oatstraw, red raspberry & lavender as an herbal infusion along with added Epsom salts. Both are greatly #nourishing for the body post birth and help to bring back essential nutrients, increase milk flow and encourage #healing.
The flowers Speak to me, they say come play & be free.
Join @purposefulpoppy and I on Tuesday, April 10th @spotspas in MPLS for an evening of conversation & meditation as we explore the potent healing capacities of flower essence. Link to event page in bio.
spent the last few magical days in the Yucatán, enraptured by her beauty, getting lost in the ocean hues. A place to be enchanted and opened and swallowed whole. A place where the waves lull seekers into dreamlike states only to wake up with sun kissed eyes & shedding skin
dreaming, formulating & crafting tea blends all day. Loving the playfulness and magic of working with the plants I've grown and gathered and loved.