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To all the people who are in love, out of love, or just simply existing as love:

Squeeze someone tight today and let them know that you think the way their eyes shine when they get excited is wonderful or that they way they dedicate themselves to creating their life is admirable or that their smile brings you to your knees or that their friendship means the world and then some. Just tell all those people in your life how much they mean. And when tomorrow comes-say it again 💕
Today I sat in the sun and pretended that it was spring time. A girl can dream, right?
I said I was busy 
Busy unpacking my baggage 
Busy reading books that set my soul on fire 
Busy working on my writing
Busy creating a life for myself
Please don’t take it personally
I’m simply busy stepping into my own light
Tomorrow marks the start of something new for me! Come April I’ll be running alongside some super wonderful friends & co-workers in a 10 mile race through the U of M campus. In the past 22 years of life I think I’ve run 3 miles as a maximum. So...I’ve got a little bit of work to do. 
Here’s to a new challenge & to all the learning I’m sure will happen over the next 2+ months 🙂
Summer of 2016 @mosephhh and I drove out west for one of the best weeks of my life (which is why half of my posts are related to Glacier). Just a few days before we start planning our next adventure and I can’t friggen wait 🇨🇦
Already feeling antsy for summer adventures ☀️
✨The aftermath of a night spent with my absolute favorite humans ✨
PC @madicritch
2017 was the most significant year of my life. I’ve reflected a dozen times about the past year,
but I’m not ready to share any of it yet, so I’ll keep it short:
2017, you kicked my ass. 
Thank you
I feel a lot stronger now than I did 12 months ago. 
2018, I’ll see you soon. I know you’ll bring great things 🙂

Happy New Years Eve my friends!
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share something on this little square. I’ve had a really hard time documenting my life through pictures or sharing my words these past few months but I’m here, just stopping by to say hi 👋🏼
Me and my toes are daydreaming of another road trip out West 💕
And if I was being honest I would tell you all that this past year has been a beautiful kind of painful. It feels like several lifetimes ago I was trying to make it through my senior year while battling depression and anxiety. It seems like it's been years, not months, since I moved back home from Europe and left a long-term relationship. 
And if I was being honest, I'd tell you all how nothing in my life is really how I planned it, but somehow it turned out to be just what I needed 🙃you know what I mean?
And if I was being honest I would tell you that although my heart is lonely, it is so so full 💕