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The road to Cactus Beach is mother @nature’s full palette of pink and green shades ~ Lake MacDonnell, Australia. The lake’s intense colour comes from a super high salt concentration - plus loads of cool little micro-organisms that live in the water (when they’re pink, they’re thriving)! Photo by @frothography #nature
Fairytale @nature atmosphere 🏰❄ ~ Neuschweinstein Castle, Germany. 
Photo by @asyrafacha #nature
Follow @nature for more. Fluffiness off the charts 😍 Photo by @freyaeverafter_ #nature
Mystical shining moon ~ Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
Photo by @SamSnaps77 #nature
Follow @nature for more. River Otter sliding on snow ⛄️ Video by Barrett Hedges via #nature Tag a @nature lover!
Follow @nature for more. These cute Salamanders known as Axolotl are of great interest to science because it can regenerate limbs and parts it's own brain. Wish I could do that!
The Aztec people saw a manifestation of the god Xolotl in this little creature, who led souls into underworld alongside the setting sun. ~ Xochimilco, Mexico.
IUCN Red List Status: Critically Endangered
Photo and caption by @timflachphotography #nature
This is what it’s like driving through Fiordland after 200mm of rain fall ~ Te Anau, New Zealand. Photo by @jasoncharleshill #nature Tag a friend you’d take here!
Tag someone you love! Photo by©️Michael Krom #nature
The Last Flight ~ Monte Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina. Photo by @maxrivephotography #nature
The clean line between sand dunes and dried out lake bed ~ Namibia. Photo by @kpunkka #nature
Cherry blossom explosion at Mount Fuji ~ Kawaguchi Lake, Yamanashi, Japan. Photo by @capkaieda #nature
Tag your friends and follow @nature for more 😝🦒 Video via @yazminluv_ #nature