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@nature’s painting ⛅️ Hjelle, Oppstryn, Norway.
Photo by @reidar_nesje #nature Tag who you’d take a boat ride here with 🛶
Staying in a Fairytale Treehouse in the middle of @nature🌲 Seattle, Washington. Photo by @lorefave #nature
I've done a lot of cool stuff in my life but going into bear dens with my brother @grizkid is at the top of the list. Look at how cute these lil monsters are! 🐻🐻 Photo and caption by @jefe_larson #nature
Tag someone you would enjoy this sunset with 💦 Santorini, Greece. Video by @odeddavidtravel #nature
Rosy-faced Lovebirds dancing their colorful wings 🦋 Arizona, United States. Photo by @azfinkels #nature
Have you ever seen a beach made of rainbows? 🌈 Bali, Indonesia. Photo by @iwwm #nature Tag someone your love 💛
The heart beat of the forest 💛 Maui, Hawaii. Photo by @micahphoto_ #nature
Happy time on the lake for this baby kangaroo 😎 Lake Gairdner, South Australia. Photo by @mountivestation #nature
The power of @nature ☁️ Ominous looking shelf clouds passing through Anna, Illinois. Video credits: @pandemicreality on IG, Twitter & Facebook taken by Maranda Marie Benefield #nature
Beneath the cliffs 💦 Ios, Greece. Photo by @haylsa w/ @kyle_hunter #nature Tag someone you love 💙
Tag someone who loves @nature 🏞 Sullivan Lake, Alberta, Canada. Photo by #nature
We woke up at 2:30 am to hike over 3000 steps to be the first ones enjoying this @nature environment. Machu Picchu should be on everyone’s bucket list! 🍃 Cuzco, Peru. Photo and caption by @king_roberto #nature