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#trialbyfire is out in theaters today, it is an important part of today’s conversations with some beautiful performances portraying a true and heartbreaking story. Go see it please. Thanks.
I say... 100?
I spoke to @bustle about my new film #trialbyfire and our current ailing justice system, link in bio or story. 
Trial by fire in theaters tomorrow Friday May 17th
Thank you @jillianhalouska and @carolinadali for the hair and makeup
My mother became a mother to me at 24 years old, I am now 30 and have yet to be a mother and have truly no idea how she did it. How no matter what was happening that day I had food, no matter what was happening that year I had a Christmas tree, and no matter what her life brought her I was her priority. Thank you for being my mother, for most of your life. And thank you for giving me somewhere to cry the tears this world gives, even at 30 I know I have a mother who will do her best to soothe me. love you happy Mother’s Day @m.e.meade
Today @lilabethg is 30 years old, I have known her since she was 11, today she is also pregnant with a little girl who will one day be 11 and then 30. The joy laughter and sexually tense cuddles Lila has brought to my life these past 19 years is immeasurable. And the overwhelming pride I have in the woman she has become and the fact I get to see this woman raise a little woman is beyond comprehension. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a little Lila in their life, she is a magical little creature who will keep you laughing and loved every day. And if you let her lick your nipples she will let you give her a poo mustache. I love you lil Lila, happy birthday!!
No filter, just spray tan.
3 years. Life is short. Enjoy it. 
Rip NBL ❤️
#TrialByFire comes to theaters May 17th, please enjoy these blurry pictures, you should go see the movie to see a less blurry version of these scenes. Thanks.
I love to take post crying selfies, not cus I’m real and want to show insta I have pain too, but because I look great after I cry. Also this was an acting cry not a real cry, I’m made of stone. (Jk I’m painfully sensitive and me even saying I’m not real is super real)
On fucking fleek. U?