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#PFWM #Études N°16 - #SS20 #Paris 
When diffusion becomes illusion, boundaries are blurred. As the turmoil of border politics rages across the globe, the realities of displacement and diaspora have the potential to re-write our collective history. At the same time, the open-source nature of our contemporary lives gives birth to a new universalism, where geography is almost an abstract construct. Transcending language, graphics and symbols have passed into our collective conscious as signposts for life: the communication tools of industry, intimacy, and rebellion. Both analogue and digital, the Études Spring Summer 2020 collection re-contextualises those symbols, evolving the Études visual language in order to expand the dialogue between fashion and the wider world.
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#PFWM #SS20 #ENAMI #Paris Within a brutal and smoky atmosphere, this new ENAMI SS20 collection consolidate Imane Medjahed's passion for the universe of the motorcycle.
Inspired by what surrounded her personal life and especially the places where her family lives, which look mostly like motorcycle's repair garages than living spaces, the designer wanted to elude the motorcycle's equipments by using technical and robust materials but also using soft and noble ones. 
The shape she gives to her pieces remind the drivers' protection which are here worked in a more geometric way, which is a dominant element in the DNA of the brand.
This season the brand has introduced more colors and added accessories and jewels thanks to the collaboration with Thismx Jewelry who used automative steel and electronic pieces. @autrementpr #neomaniamagazine @neomania_magazine
 Spring Summer 2020 #SS20 #Paris FACETASM×LEVI’S CAPSULE COLLECTION was presented With “MUTATION” being the concept of this collaboration, the focus is on LEVI’S most iconic items, the 501, the trucker jacket and the western shirt. These three items have been combined with FACETASM’s playfulness, innovative ideas and techniques in order to recreate LEVI’S iconic items but with a few twists and changes.
#PFWM #SS20 #HugoCosta #Paris 
Hugo Costa designed "Haenyeo", a collection inspired by South Korean women who dive in apnea and ensure family support.
Women-warriors, with strong fiber, who plunge daily in search of food for their family. Women of the sea of Jeju Island, in South Korea, who maintain a secular tradition. A difficult and dangerous work that they perform until they are 90 years old.
Hugo is a designer of strong convictions who dispenses the gender in his clothes. He is also a designer of difficult and fractured subjects.
His new collection is inspired by life as an art of generations.
#PFWM #SS20 #DUNHILL #Paris “Classicism distorted became a defining theme for me this season. I wanted elegance and austerity disrupted by sensuality and provocation, with a feeling of fluidity and ease running through it all. At the same time, rigour is all important; in tailoring particularly, nothing should just be for the sake of it. Proportion, fabrication, construction and consideration have to be at such a high level for dunhill. You really have to look at the collection; there is a lot of subtlety in there. I wanted to continue with and pay homage to Japanese design, particularly that of the 1980s, and how it intersected with Casual clothing culture in Britain. This is not a pastiche, rather it is about how those cultures collide again, but on a global scale, today.” – Creative Director, Mark Weston @dmmediapr #neomaniamagazine @neomania_magazine
#PFWM #SS20 #GAMUT #Paris 
While the first collection aimed to lay down the foundation of a shared vocabulary, the second GAMUT's collection is a free continuation of this collective work with a nod to the traditional codes of clothing and accessories.
GAMUT collaborated with Messalina Mescalina, a Lyon-based drag queen whose gender- twisting performance work and highly artistic approach inspired the group to focus on  doubles, duality and the baring of the interior. Moreover, the muse of the collection — Messalina Mescalina —becomes a photographic pattern for the jersey pieces. @autrementpr  #neomaniamagazine @neomania_magazine
FULL LINK IN BIO! 🎬 Jose takes us to La Biennale di Venezia 2019 under the title "May You Live in Interesting Times" where we explore the work of different artists from around the world and get to speak with curators and artists while enjoying the beautiful Venetian scenery
🎤 Jose
🎥 Didier Moly
⚫ for Neomania Magazine
⚫ PR Biennale Di Venezia Press Office
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#MilanFashionWeekMens marceloburlon #ss20
Technofolk. A return to the original, earthy spirit that characterized County of Milan, seen now in a new context and from a new angle. Faster, so to speak; suited for the hyper accelerated needs of contemporary life, and thereafter performing in every condition. 
The techno and the folk meet as technical fabrics swarm in prints that are in fact patches, or jacquards. The rule that always applies to County of Milan is the refusal of pre-set rules. Tailoring meets cycling, as unstructured double-breasted blazers or standard fit single breasted ones are matched with seamless cycling shorts. Extremes collide and cohabit: wide leg trousers and slim chinos, tailored shorts and loose fit denim pants. Volumes get decisive in the bowling short sleeved shirts and military over shirts; bombers, anoraks, raincoats, dynamic windbreakers flow around the body. Cycling technical garments provide an element of body consciousness.
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A glimpse of a courtyard garden from a gate left open ajar sparks the curiosity to walk across the soil. To rediscover nature’s tranquility, basking in its spontaneous crop of color and variety. It stirs the invitation to spend a leisurely afternoon among dear friends, riding bicycles, enjoying literature, playing board games. 
The Canali Spring Summer 2020 collection tells the story of an intimate Italian summer, one that unfolds within a family dwelling immersed in a green landscape. An air of relaxation permeates the garments: playfulness bridges the gap between formalwear and sportswear. Formal pieces soften, becoming deconstructed and unlined. Blazers are styled with rolled up sleeves and paired with drawstring pants or bermuda shorts. Safari jackets and cargo pants allude to a vintage era: one inspired by nature yet interpreted through a refined lens. Dress shirts make way for casual button downs, boasting patterns and relaxed silhouettes, while knitwear comes to life through intricate texture: sophisticated jacquards interpret dimension and depth on slightly oversized silhouettes. 
The color palette draws on discrete hues, evocative of a summer spent on the banks of a lake or in the flowering countryside. The colors simulate a journey through the iconic Italian landscape: warm reds, hazelnut browns, lush greens and earthy neutrals recall the natural tones of the outdoors. Shades of white and gray delicately mingle with assorted hues of blue, which deepen to the color of a lake at dusk. Patterns enhance the chromatic movement with delicate mélange, woven effects, micro-motifs, and toneon-tone expressions, each adding a touch of lively refinement to the collection. 
The fabrics used further reflect the essence of lightness and ease. Natural materials such as linen - pure or mixed with wool and silk - cotton, seersucker and suede; combine in soft and elegant silhouettes. @karlaotto @neomania_magazine #neomaniamagazine #MFWM #SS20
#MFW #SS20 #Day4 (last day)
Milano Fashion Week Men’s last day schedule: Fendi, Pal Zileri, Edithmarcel, Miguel Vieira,  David Catalàn, and Giorgio Armani.
Over the fourth day of Milano Fashion Week Men’s, Edithmarcel and David Catalan showed and presented its collections thanks to the support of CNMI.
Flash-Forward. Italian Brands: The Last 5 Years. The video-exhibition opened from June 16th to 17th 2019, from 10.00 to 20.30. Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna, 6. 
Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana #neomaniamagazine
#MFW #SS20 #Day3 
Milano Fashion Week Men’s schedule: Bed J.W. Ford, Youser, Palm Angels, Dsquared2.
Over the third day of Milano Fashion Week Men’s, Youser showed and presented its collections thanks to the support of CNMI while United Standard showed its collection thanks to the support of CNMI and CNMI Fashion Trust. 
Milano Moda Graduate 2019 fashion show took place at Base Milano: Francesco Murano – from IED Moda Milano - was awarded by the International Jury with the CNMI Award and with a special contribution by CNMI Fashion Trust for his collection “Ossimoro Plastico”. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana #neomaniamagazine
#MFW #SS20 #Day2
Milan Fashion Week Men’s with Emporio Armani, Magliano, Versace, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Philipp Plein.
Over the second day of Milan Fashion Week, M1992 
showed its collection thanks to the support of CNMI and CNMI Fashion Trust.
CNMI CAMERA CLUB is a review of the latest wave of fashion design in Italy. Archivio, Danilo Paura, M1992, Magliano, Marco Rambaldi, Nono Leni, United Standard and Vitelli Maglieria Italiana. Two days, simple settings, monitors, projections in a true temple of design culture: the Triennale di Milano. ​​​​​​​Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana #neomaniamagazine #Milan