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Day 187. 
What a crazy time to experience this. No words to explain these vibes. 🤷‍♂️ How is everyone his Fun Coupon Friday?📈 Was looking for NZDJPY Long, but it popped already. Next week setups are shaping up nicely, hope everyone is ready. 💰
M O R N I N G |  I B I Z A.
Back at it after a little break from posting content through IG. The main reason for flying away from everything else.. is to make sure that I am fully focused on trading the new six figures. Ups and downs in the journey.. like always, but sitting here, refelecting on these last years is so crazy. The co-owner of NC is flying to Ibiza in a couple days. A ton of work will be done for  new projects, new strategies and content creation. Keep you posted. 🌴 Who got summer plans?👇🏼
Summer Vibes. 🙌 I always had a little of non-belief with manifestation and the theories behind it. Until the law of manifestation proved itself to me. Crazy thing is that everything went so slow at first, learning the craft, learning from all the mistakes etc.. but until one moment in time. It instantly changed, everything did, life went from 0 to 100 real fast 🤷‍♂️ Joking aside, I always knew my full strategy to this point in time. I had a clear step by step plan how I would reach this moment in my trading carreer. First look for someone who is where I want to be, learn the craft, build experience, get consistent, get consistently profitable, build a network, get external capital. I promise you, you’ll get it if you just keep going. That were the last 4 years of my life, you won’t believe what my upcoming 4 years will look like. 📈 Follow this journey, with us. What is your main goal the upcoming years? 😏
Waiting on the new account to be funded like.. 📈 Currently working with the team since Wednesday, setting new goals, reflecting and reviewing the madness of the last couple years. Ready to crush it next week. 👌 Who ready?
M O R N I N G  V I B E S. 👌 Remember to check out the channel to see how I got into GBPAUD yesterday. The risk of this trade was gone, with our stops above breakeven. 👌 Unfortunately the whole market changed in risk-off mode and Stocks started to tumble so we were stopped at +0.50 % ✔️ Being strict with your stop placement is key guys, I have done a ton of backtesting to lower the stoploss size of certain trades, and especially with these advanced ones. 👽 Who is enjoying the week so far?
Who else has a crazy good monday. 👌 Do what you love guys, make sure to work towards your goals, every single day. 🚀
Evening session coming in with some CAD movements. 🛫 Being extremely busy at the moment behind the scenes.👽 Planning some June tasks at the moment, developing a 5th strategy to add to the arsenal. 👌 It costs a ton of work to build confidence in a new potential strategy, most people just jump in trading a strategy they don’t know to the tick.. not that weird that most traders are losing in this market. 🤓 June will be used to backtest 2016 & 2017 with a strict criteria of entering, filtering and management. Curious about the results. 💰 Are you building confidence in your trading?
Summer vibes are coming in, morning sessions in the lounge, evenings on the boats. However, always stick to your consistent trading routine. Consistency starts with sitting down every morning and evenig behind the charts and work the magic. 👌 One more month of patience before heading back to the crazy Ibiza lifestyle. What is your favorite travel destination? 🤤
What a crazy month this has been so far. Currently watching those inverted head and shoulders patterns at NZDUSD & NZDCAD. Curious how they will develop over night, as mentioned in the Market Breakdown there might be something. What are you watching? 🚀
You cannot be fooled by randomness when you have exploited your odds. 🚀 Let me explain how one word can show you how to reach consistency in trading. The only thing that is between you and your desired trading results is the word ‘Uncertainty’. Let me explain it in simple terms. Every time you are not executing a trade is because you are not certain about what to do, what will happen, if it is a good trade or not and you’re probably thinking about what others would do. Most traders have some kind of strategy but never tested it themselves, but they are still questioning why they haven’t reached consistency yet.. 🙄 It is right in front of you, you got years of data to check if the strategy works, if the results are good, just keep executing. It’s so freaking simple, don’t complicate it with emotions and questions. 🚀 Who tested?

PS: Check the YouTube Breakdown in the Bio!
Major goal crossed off yesterday. 🥂Have been visualizing the moment for years and it finally turned into reality. It’s time to get real freaking serious right now. The expectations are that the new 6 figure account will launch right before I head to Ibiza for the summer. ⛱ Hope that I motivated some of you guys to never stop chasing dreams, it is only the beginning. Who is chasing goals?
Sunday Funday. Which means a new video will be uploaded to the channel! 🤤 A lot of potential setups coming up to capitalize on this week. 🙌 Mainly playing the Dollar 🤔 Who loves their Sunday chart time?!