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‘Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’ This is one of my favorite quotes of all times. I have been planting seeds for 4 years now and slowly things are connecting along the road. Often people ask me why they are not getting the results they desire, well the universe thinks that you need some more lessons of life. Always remember the fact that poor people that get a lot of money for free will be poor again real quick. Just because they haven’t had all the lessons you get by reaching succes by your own. Fucking enjoy it guys, even the bad times. 🙏 Who here is a farmer?🤷‍♂️🚀
Breakdown time? 🤷‍♂️
Daily office routine, being consistent as fuck with everything I do. Juicy week upcoming with a lot of advanced trades on watch. 🙏 Most traders think that consistency is on the charts, but the charts aren’t special at all, we all watch them but few are using them the right way? The struggle of getting consistent is the major thing most traders fail to beat, but following the clear and simple methods that we are putting on paper can change it all. Do you recognize that feeling of starting the month amazingly profitable and giving it all back the rest of the weeks? Well, that has to stop. By understanding how it works and how to achieve this, you have separated yourself from the crowd. / Writing it all down for you guys, give us a few months. 🙌 Have an amazing week ahead and secure your freaking bags. 🙏 Take what is yours. 🚀
Securing the monday wins. Atleast if the market starts moving.😴 Slow week with the main pair on watch CADJPY. 🚀 The main style I am currently adapting towards is being happier out of the market than in it. Most people are so in love with trading and seeing potential profits, but also turn in to trigger happy traders losing to much. 🙏 Love the charts, love the lifestyle. Just don’t get trigger happy when you need to sit on your hands. Be patienced, more wins will come. 👨‍💻🙌
It’s sunday baby. Commited to the wins, clearing the mind and preparing for another amazing week in the markets.🙏 Who else is ready to secure Q1 ? 🍾
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Stick to your routine. Be consistent as f*ck with your chart time. Make it so clear that you don’t have to think about what to do next. It’s so easy if you just plan one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening to get your shit together, place your alerts and be ready. Uncertainty is what kills people, they don’t know when to anticipate in the markets and when to stay out. When to enter and when to exit. Know it all and you will be very succesful in the markets. 🙌 Have a great week and who is ready to smash Q1!👨‍💻🍾
Chilling in the city, using live management on AUDJPY.. ☕️That moment that your alarm goes in the middle of the night, checking the charts with AUD news. Missed the target for around 5 % by 20 pips before setting in the pullback. Nothing you can do about it, closing this puppy down if it breaks the pivot to the downside for a solid 1.5 🙌 Lets see what hand she shows. 👨‍💻 Atleast we secured the beans already. ☕️
Ripple Manifestation.👽
Shit is happening, the market is anticipating on tomorrow’s great event. Will XRP be listed on Coinbase? As most of you guys know, we started buying ripple since summer 2017, with a current ROI running at 500%. For those that love to learn cryptocurrencies, trading them more actively than we do (just passive portfolio). I have heard great things about @cryptonary 👽 Who is running with XRP? 🙏
Still alive guys! Have been testing the shit out of the charts these couple of days. Perfecting the craft, developing myself with the ever changing markets. It was a decent testing time, more or less 20 Hours in a couple of days, but once you finished that year of data, you are done with it for life. Put in that dedication to use the weekends to design that life you envision for yourself. 🙏
Chopping those bags on AUDNZD.💰 Crazy times in the markets at the start of 2018, ups and downs after a huge last Quarter of 2017. As seen in the IG story, I have started reading the book ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. Already, one of my favorite books. It aligns so much with how we humans think, using this knowledge in trading can change it all. Everyone can learn technicals and strategies, but few can capitalize on them. I believe that I can teach everyone of you the strategies we use within a day or so, but a few can use it profitably. 🤔 The question that we asked was, how is it that some win and some lose while trading exactly the same things. It is all about your emotions and the management of the trades. Silence that inner voice, trade what you see. 💰 Obtain those pips, they are yours.
Slow freaking week with a few setups that could have been better. In our opinion, NZDCAD Advanced Short which I posted on the blog was worth the risk. Besides that CADCHF turned out to be a losing trade. Some weeks in the markets are slow, just keep patienced and wait for those A+ setups.🙏
Waiting on that US opening like.. 😆
Markets are going both ways real fast, hopefully everyone is safe. Don’t make emotional decisions that you will regret later on guys. Keep it simple. 🙌 Currently positioned in EU and GBP shorts. 🧘‍♂️ Repost of @mnieveld ☝️
Be Present. “The act of being present versus being preoccupied with the past or future can have massive impact on our happiness and succes.” Most of the traders have experienced a long road of struggle before they reached succes. Few will make it, just a few are able to trust the process and see every trade uniquely. Meditation cleared up 90% of the mental struggle and I do recommend it to everyone. Don’t listen to that inner voice of yours untill you know it is right. 🧘‍♂️