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We’re at the @officialfcmusic studios gearing up for a special Facebook Live with @matthammitt tonight at 7PM CST. Head over to our Facebook page to join us. 
You don’t want to miss it!
We have a special Facebook Live tonight at 7PM CST with @matthammitt. Matt will be sharing his heart behind the music, interviewing special guests and playing some new music. Head over to our Facebook page to watch it this evening.
#UnleashedBeyond is available now!

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Thanks @newreleasetoday #UnleashedBeyond
Such a great story! @matthammitt’s new album is available now!

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One powerful story about @matthammitt from back when he was the lead singer of @sanctusreal ::::: I was in a band that was opening up for them on tour. We were so excited to be on the road with a band of guys that we grew up listening to. We were also extremely tired, burned out, and financially poor. Halfway through that tour we had our van break down and Matt and the Sanctus guys gladly welcomed us on board their bus for the night to get to the next show. This might not seem like a big deal but it is. A lot of pro bands would shirk off the "inconvenience" of this and just let the openers figure it out. So there was that..... then came the second to last show of the tour. We were near Orlando, FL. I remember standing in the hallway and Matt coming up to me and handing me $300 in cash to help with gas to get home to Nashville. Again, this may not seem like a big deal, but for us, that was HUGE. I know it took sacrifice and they didn't have to do that. It also allowed us to eat a meal on the way home that night. Not just gas station 🌭 hot dogs. :p This just spoke to the heart of @matthammitt and the rest of the @sanctusreal guys. I will never forget those 2 moments, and I always look for ways to give back like Matt did for me that day. It's an honor to stand beside Matt now and hold up the release of his first solo record since leaving @sanctusreal ... I am beyond honored that we get to send it out to the world through @officialfcmusic #FCMRecords ------------#sorrynotsorry for all the posts you'll see from me today about the new @matthammitt record. :) but in case you didn't know, its live and available today on @applemusic @spotify @itunes @tidal @amazon @googleplaymusic or wherever else you listen to music.
What’s your favorite @loveandtheoutcome song? #ROOTDTour
@jasminemurrayofficial opening the #ROOTDTour tonight in Virginia with her song #Fearless!
@micahtylermusic, @wearemessengersmusic and @bdwmusic is a powerful tour lineup! Who are some artists you’d like to see tour together? #SetFreeTour
@wearemessengersmusic leading Virginia in worship tonight! #SetFreeTour
Any @micahtylermusic fans out there? He’s opening the #SetFreeTour tonight in Richmond, VA, and we think he’s pretty great! Go check out his brand new album #Different!
You've never known a bigger advocate for yourself, someone with more confidence in your calling, and your dreams... It is life changing, heart mending, fiery and a passionate love beyond compare." - Alexis Slifer

Who did it better: @disciplerocks or Bon Jovi?