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Train Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™️ (TJJ™️) and learn how you can BECOME THE WEAPON™️ through physical and tactical response training.

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In my armory creating another weapon. Did you train self-defense yesterday? Will you train today? There is a threat out there that is preparing for your encounter one day, the question I have for you is are you? Of course we hope we NEVER have to utilize our skills but the odds of encountering a threat come down to timing and circumstance. Under the wrong circumstances at the wrong time you could find yourself face to face with the threat and just remember, they will be ready, will you? @ktmrider45 @travisl41 @famous422 @jerrymiculek @kc_eusebio @yuyopaez @triggertimetv @recoilmagazine @policeposts @police_usa @lawtactical @roycegraciesouthbay @emersonknivesinc @oakley #selfdefense #tacticaljiujitsu #cqc #2a #prepare #ready #training #routine #confidence #awareness #protection #security #becometheweapon
Good luck this week to the SWAT team from Brazil 🇧🇷 and to ALL of the men and women of law enforcement from all around the world. Thank you all for doing what you do: for keeping us safe, allowing us to sleep easy, helping your communities, providing order, fighting the war on drugs and so much more. You all deserve much respect and support because if it weren’t for ALL of you AND our military branches, chaos would rule and that is a very scary thought, especially when you have children. So @nextlevelcombatives says thank you, we are grateful for you and we appreciate you and most of all, THANK YOU for RUNNING TOWARDS THE THREATS SO THAT WE CAN RUN AWAY! Enjoy the roundup this week as you get a brief moment to play and have fun and just be kids again for a moment. @bianopc13 @marcos_marina_medina @famous422 @ocsheriff @amaropaty @ktmrider45 @richie_debruno @2254suttles @brazilianoperators @police_usa @usarmy @usnavy @airforce.official @marines @officialborderpatrol @tsa @coastguardusa @police_videos @policeposts @swatroundup @recoilboss @triggertimetv @usa_cops @ocsdswat @travisl41 #swatroundup #safe #police #blue #tacticaljiujitsu #gratitude #grateful #thankyou #protectivestyles #threat #brave #honor #becometheweapon #cuff #lawenforcement #military #swat #team #fun #memories #competition #getafterit
We can’t always carry and we won’t always be able to carry for either legal, logistical or geographical reasons. Your hand to hand training is extremely important but so is your mindset, and your tactical decision making process, should you enter the fight. In the end, the only weapon you can depend on is YOU, so you must incorporate an effective and legitimate system of self-defense in to your training regimen. Stay vigilant and learn how to Become the Weapon™️so you can be armed anywhere at all times. @thesheepdogdefenseproject #tacticaljiujitsu #selfdefense #breathe #train #mindset #cqc #selfdefense 
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Lessons learned:
My first thought here is - wow! This guy is committed to the wheelchair routine just to surprise the next dude who robbs his store?! #impressive Also, did you notice how the bad guy didn't notice when wheelchair guy stood up?  #notthatbright  I also feel like a little pepper spray would have gone a long way. The description provided by the original poster says the perp was charged with "armed robbery," but I don't see a weapon. Not sure on that count - maybe I just missed it or the weapon was on his person but not deployed. 
Additionally, did you see see how they were wrestling? A drop of unarmed skills from the victim would have gone a long way. 
Finally ... and this is an important one, so I'll put it in caps - IF DEADLY FORCE IS NOT THREATENED BY THE AGGRESSOR THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE BY THE DEFENDER IS NOT WARRANTED. (neither morally nor legally)  Please understand that part. This guy engaged a thief in a somewhat perilous way to his own person... This is not the vigilante defense project ... You don't get to pull your piece and blow someone away because he dons a mask and grabs your property. 
So there's that. If you find other great lessons or have something valuable to add then comment below. 
@Regran_ed from @ppv_tahoe - ❌CAN OF WHOOP-ASS | Clerk fights back against crook during robbery - 🎥 CCTV 🛑MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED 
The man arrested in connection to an attempted robbery earlier this week at a Downtown gas station 22-ye
Train!!! Train!!! and Train!!! It’s very easy to be proficient and even great when things are easy and under “normal” conditions  It takes lots of dedication and training, especially of the fundamentals, so that you can learn how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and “abnormal” conditions. Stay the course, stay focused and stay vigilant. @tacticaledgeusa @realroyce @tacticalcarry @recoilmagazine @richie_debruno @2254suttles @emersonknivesinc @keenanrj85 @policeposts @police_usa @yuyopaez @ktmrider45 @famous422 @mo1onlabe #tacticaljiujitsu #becometheweapon #learn #comfort #shooting #selfdefense #mma #cqc #fundamentals #basics #repetition
On order, our “Become the Weapon™️” t-shirt will Be in in the next couple weeks. If you would like to order one, please DM me for size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) Limited supplies on the first run. Represent TACTICAL JIU-JITSU™️ (TJJ™️) and look sharp doing it. #shirts #t #clothing #dress #tacticaljiujitsu #safe #selfdefense #becometheweapon #selfdefense @gallantinc
Just hitting those fundamentals and making sure that the foundation is strong. I don’t always have to be outside running and gunning. As much fun as that is and I love it, sometimes I real myself back in and go back to my first few lessons for review. Under stressful combative situations, our gross and fine motor skills deplete pretty rapidly and we revert back to our basic instincts. I train so that my basic instincts are lethal and reliable. #basics #fundamentals #tacticaljiujitsu #train #becometheweapon #fun #breathe #technique #concealedcarry #combat
For more info It’s gonna be a great learning session as always with the legend @realroyce only @6levels and for @six_levels_apopka Don’t miss it!! #jiujitsu #becometheweapon #gracie #mma #selfdefense
You know one thing I think is so awesome about our training ground, the fact that no matter how bad or good a day you had, once training is over we wipe the canvas clean and make it ready for a new painting. Good or bad day training you can always fix what was wrong, strengthen your weaknesses and maintain or improve upon your strengths. Either way, just make sure you train and train consistently with intention! Remember, you won’t always be able to carry a weapon and or you won’t always have access to one, so you have to learn how you can BECOME THE WEAPON™️ because when it’s all said and done, the one thing you can take anywhere and is always legally allowed open carry or concealed, is YOU!!!! @travisl41 @famous422 @mo1onlabe @oakley @markwahlberg @eminem @bianopc13 @mmbrazil @marcos_marina_medina @ktmrider45 @swat_magazine @jerrymiculek @recoilboss @recoilmagazine @roycegraciesouthbay @polenartactical @police_magazine @police_usa @policeposts @emersonknivesinc #train #learn #cqc #selfdefense ##handtohand #tacticaljiujitsu #becometheweapon #breathe #safe #awareness #concealedcarry #recoil #education
Some super slow technical shooting. Was working on some very deliberate methodical mechanics today. The first pic is before the SIGS came out to play and the after is from some double tap drills and dominant hand shooting. The basics and foundational skill sets of firearms never changes, we just fail to keep on top of them. Many are willing to risk a drop off in proficiency of basics to gain speed or “coolness” to impress. What’s that old adage? “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” I was super slow today and more than happy about it. Stay safe everyone and no matter what your preference of self-defense methodology is, TRAIN!! Become the Weapon™️ @travisl41 @knockoutlights @2alpha2quit @kc_eusebio @yuyopaez @mo1onlabe @officialprince84 @realroyce @sigsauerinc @oakley @orlandogunclub #mk25 #p320 #basics #foundation #train #technique #safety #fun #rangeday #becometheweapon #tacticaljiujitsu #getsome #guns #2a #merica #police #military #fun #breathe #smooth
The best thing you can do for your children is train them and arm with the necessary self-defense skills physically and mentally so that they are A) confident B) disciplined C) safe D) aware E) prepared F) capable G) not afraid and so much more. Start them young so that understanding self-defense, weapons, tactics and all things attached to those are second nature for them. Unlike tangible weapons; firearms, edged weapons etc,  Self-defense is a weapon you can take with you anywhere in the world any time at any age. Teach your children to BECOME THE WEAPON™️. A phenomenal example of this approach is also sem with @knockoutlights and his very talented and skilled daughter @tacticaltrinity and of course @realroyce and his son @khonrygracie who is about to display/test his skills in @bellatormma again, keep up the amazing work guys. @mikekogan @keenanjamie @6levels #selfdefense #parenting #kids #future #confidence #discipline #focus #train #arm #combat #tacticaljiujitsu #becometheweapon #learn #mma #jiujitsu #fight #prepare #awareness #protectivestyles #generation #2a #murica
Covering the effectiveness and importance of a hook grip on the neck or some call it a “Thai” grip/clinch. Either way you slice it, extremely powerful tool to deploy in CQC. My next Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™️ (TJJ™️) program is Saturday 12/8/2018. DM for more info. Learn how to Become the Weapon™️, and that only happens through training. @sean_ciervo @fullspectrumwarriorusa @keenanrj85 @scot__anderson @six_levels_apopka @famous422 @ocsheriff @palmbeachtactical @coyotetacticalsolutions @orlandoffl @thearmories @orlandogunclub @shootersworld @shootstraighthq @travisl41 @511tactical @wwenxt @solarbearshockey @gn_funkertactical @triggertimetv @realroyce @recoilboss @recoilmagazine @oakley @kc_eusebio #closequarters #space #clinch #thai #neck #train #cqc #becometheweapon #tactical #jiujitsu #safe
In broad daylight. Lucky for this mother and her children she was armed and ready. She kept herself calm and was able to think clearly enough to communicate and do what was needed to protect her home, herself & her kids. Are you armed? If not, what training or plan(s) do you have in place should a threat present itself. Remember that crime doesn’t descriminante against who ir effects and when. If firearms are, or edged weapons, or sprays/gels or hand to hand are a part of your plan, make sure you are training with a qualified instructor and not just some flashy person that is a great salesperson. Become the weapon™️ @orlandoffl @sean_ciervo @triggertimetv @policeposts @jpittendreigh @knockoutlights @2alpha2quit @kc_eusebio @fullspectrumwarriorusa @yuyopaez @flagrantbeard @511tactical @instructorzero @emersonknivesinc @lena_miculek @jerrymiculek @thearmories #train #prepare #ready #armed #2a #guns #knives #selfdefense #tacticaljiujitsu #home #family #safety #defense 
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The mother said she called 911 and got her gun. She said she saw a man banging at her door when she peered out the window. “I yelled, 'I have a gun, I will shoot you, get away from my house,'” Jones said.
She said she used her gun after the intruder kicked her door in to come inside the home. Video surveillance outside her home captured the incident.