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The National Heritage Monument is a heritage park, located in Maropeng Visitors Centre Cradle of Humankind Mogale City, South Africa.

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Visitors cleaning Our Life size bronze figures #67minutes while learning more about their South African history
#67minutes for Mandela day cleaning our Struggle Icons what a day people learnt so much with our free guided tours 😀 @maropengsa
ADELAIDE TAMBO would have been 90 years old if she was still alive today. 

Today we remember and celebrate her, happy 🎂 birthday. 
Born: 18 July 1929 
Died: 31 January 2007

Mama Tambo was an Activist, Nurse and Social Worker, Treasurer of the ANC Women’s League, Member of Parliament.

Adelaide ‘Matlala’ Tambo committed to the ANC as a schoolgirl in Soweto and campaigned for the movement for the rest of her life, aiding her husband Oliver Tambo to hold the ANC together during three decades of banning and exile.

She joined the ANC Youth League at age 18 and was elected chair of a Johannesburg branch. In 1956 while nursing at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, she met and married Oliver Tambo, at the time a young lawyer and national secretary of the ANC. 
After the banning of the ANC in 1960, OR Tambo was sent into exile by ANC President Albert Luthuli to set up an ‘External Mission’ outside South Africa to support the anti-apartheid cause. Adelaide and their children soon followed. The family would only return to their country 30 years later.

In London Adelaide rose from student nurse, to matron, to hospital administrator and studied Gerontology at the University of Oxford, driven by her passion for working with the elderly. A woman known to move with great ease from the markets of London to the lunch tables of Lords, Adelaide practised diplomacy of a more informal kind. 
She campaigned for the ANC and against apartheid in the UK Houses of Lords and Commons, via churches and embassies and through the International Defence and Aid Fund.

The family’s return to South Africa in 1990 after the unbanning of all political parties was celebrated nationwide. Four years later, Adelaide became a Member of Parliament in the country’s first democratically elected government.

Former President NELSON MANDELA would have been 101 years today if he was still alive.


Today we remember and celebrate him, happy birthday 🎉🎊🎂. Born: 18 July 1918 
Died: 5 December 2013

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was South Africa’s first democratically elected President, President of the ANC Youth League, President of the ANC, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Former President Nelson Mandela was a South African activist who helped bring an end to apartheid. He became an international icon as a global advocate for human rights who was honoured throughout the world. 
Mandela joined the African National Congress during the 1940s and led both peaceful protests and armed resistance to the white minority's oppressive regime. 
He was imprisoned for nearly three decades and he became the face of the liberation movement both within his country and internationally. After his release in 1990, he participated in the eradication of apartheid and formed a multi-party government to oversee the country's transition. 
In 1994 he was elected the first black president of South Africa. Mandela earned numerous international laurels for his role in the liberation movement, including the Nobel Prize in 1993. 
After retiring from politics in 1999, he remained a devoted champion of peace and social justice in his own nation and around the world until his death, at the age of 95, in 2013.

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Hi everyone, join us on Mandela day, this Thursday the 18th of July at the Long March to Freedom where we will clean some statues, take some selfies and learn about our amazing liberation history!

All donations received on the day will benefit Zwelonke Women’s Group, a non-profit organisation that does community outreach work in the East Rand that focuses on the elderly. 
As part of their ongoing work in 2019, Zwelonke is creating a stimulating environment for the elderly by running knitting, sowing and baking skills workshops. Come spend your 67 minutes learning about our history while giving back. 
Come celebrate 🎉 Nelson Mandela’s birthday with us!
This Thursday, on the 18th of July, we celebrate Mandela day -- a day that challenges us all to change our world for the better. 
As part of your Mandela day, come spend 67 minutes or more at the Long March to Freedom! 
You are encouraged to contribute to this heritage jewel by assisting the guides in cleaning the statues. 
Free guided tours will be provided throughout the day and all proceeds from donations will benefit the Zwelonke Women’s Group.

SOLOMON MAHLANGU would have been 63 years today if he was still alive.

Today we celebrate and remember him. Happy Birthday 
Born: 10 July 1956 
Died: 6 April 1979 

Solomon Mahlangu was uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Cadre and Youth Activist. 
Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu was, and still is, celebrated as a martyr after his execution at the hands of the apartheid state, despite worldwide public outcry to save him from the death penalty.

Mahlangu was involved in the 1976 Student Uprisings and went into exile to escape prosecution and join the armed struggle against South Africa’s racist regime. He trained as an MK cadre in Angola and returned in 1977 to fight for liberation within the country.

A few days after arrival Mahlangu and his friends, heavily armed, were confronted by police as they boarded a taxi in Johannesburg. A gun battle followed and two civilians were killed.

Mahlangu together with Mondy Motloung, who fired the fatal shots, were arrested. Both were subjected to police brutality while in custody and Motloung suffered such severe brain damage he could not stand trial. 
Mahlangu was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. 
His last words are believed to have been words of encouragement: “My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight.” Did you know 
The State, fearing mass protests after Mahlangu’s death quickly buried his body in an unmarked grave in Atteridgville Pretoria, despite the family expecting it to be returned to them. In 1993 his remains were exhumed and given to the family members who reburied him in Mamelodi City of Tswane.

Every Wednesday we have a very special feature on Chai Fm were we talk about the longmarchtofreedom (16h25)pm. 
Please click on the links below and listen to our tour guide Tumo Bopape as he takes us on this journey.
South African oral history crew shooting some cool stuff. 
GOVAN MBEKI would have been 109 years today if he was still alive.

Happy birthday today we celebrate and remember him.


Born: 9 July 1910 
Died: 30 August 2001

Govan Mbeki was a Robben Island Prisoner (1964 - 1989), Teacher, Journalist, Member of the South African Communist Party, Co-founder of uMkhonto weSizwe.

Govan Mbeki was a committed Marxist who after 1952 helped transform the African National Congress (ANC) in Port Elizabeth into the most militant ANC centre in the country. 
Affectionately known as Oom Gov (Uncle Gov), he skilfully translated the social, economic and political realities of Apartheid South Africa into the written word. 
He wrote extensively on the experiences of Black rural populations, most notably The Peasants Revolt. Despite being a qualified teacher he was dismissed from teaching posts throughout his life because of his ongoing political activity.

Mbeki co-authored Operation Mayibuye. The document was used as damning evidence in the Rivonia Trial where he was sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island together with Mandela and Sisulu in 1964. The prison became known as the University of Robben Island in part because of the extensive educational materials Mbeki and others developed for prisoners.

After the 1994 democratic election Mbeki was elected to the Senate, pre-cursor to the National Council of Provinces, one of two Houses of Parliament since 1997. He retired in 1999, the year in which his son Thabo followed Nelson Mandela as second president of a democratic South Africa.

Quote : it is Apartheid that must be renounced and dismantled if there is to be peace in this country. 
Did You Know?

The sculpture of Govan Mbeki carries in his hand the opening lines of his book The Struggle for Liberation in South Africa A short history 1992 a reminder of his extensive writings in and out of prison on every aspect of the political history of South Africans.

HARRIETTE COLENSO would have been 172 years today if she was still alive 
Today we celebrate and remember her, happy birthday.

Born 30 June 1847 
Died  2 June 1932

Did you know?

Harriette Colenso shared a friendship with the founding members of the South African Native National Congress, later known as the African National Congress. Pixley Ka Isaka Seme, John Langalibable Dube both feature in her correspondence and Solomon Plaatje dedicated his book Native Life in South Africa to Harriette.