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Nia has been dreaming up stories since she was a little tomboy. She currently lives in Australia with her husband, children, and dog.

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“Amid the Darkness” will be available on Wattpad chapter by chapter.  It’s still available on Amazon if you want to binge or if you like savor your reads every Monday a chapter of Amid will be posted to read for free on Wattpad while I work on the sequel.  So sit down, pick a device, and start finding out what’s happening with Sophia. #amidthedarkness #niaquin #wattpad #amazon #SophiaOrtega #savor #binge #Iamabingereader #firstnovel #chapterbychapter #freebooks
Just realized the date!  #sophiaortega #jameswentworth #myimaginaryfriends #amidthedarkness #firstnovel
Avoiding editing the sequel to Amid The Darkness by having a family fun bowling day!  #gettingmybuttkicked  #ibowledan89  #bowlingisntmything #marriagerules #familyfun #launcestonlanes #eastermonday #ishouldbewriting #amidthedarkness
Not sure if it was for Christmas or Mother’s day, but I remember being in Target looking at this book and my hubby asked if I wanted it.  I shrugged and said sure as the cover caught my attention.  Lo and behold, my hubby gifted it to me at some point and it landed on my stack of “To Read” books.  I finally picked it up a few days ago and finished it last night.  The first half of it frustrated the hell out of me.  Something happened twenty years prior and the main character was reliving it but the reader doesn’t know what it is until much later, although I had my suspicions as to what it could be.  So it was a slow build up and I wanted it to get to the meat of it a lot sooner. And up to the very last page, I wasn’t sure if I liked the main character.  But in the end, after processing the book, I’m actually glad I read it and found the storytelling creative.  I do wish people talked more to each other though – a lot of problems could be avoided!  #Disclaimer #ReneeKnight #anyresemblancetoactualpersonslivingordeadispurelycoincidental #firstnovel
Safety car out in the first lap #dunlopsuper2 #vasc
This is my weekend #marriagerules #vasc
Words to live by. #jkrowling #melaniedione #finishitanyway
Next on the catch up reading list!  Got it as a Christmas gift but only now picking it up to read! But have read the "textbook" and absolutely adored the movie!  #fantasticbeasts #jkrowling
I went to see Beauty and the Beast finally at the cinema. Last weekend, it was sold out when I went to the cinema but we were able to see Lego Batman instead (awesome movie btw). Anyway, loved Beauty and the Beast! It was my favourite Disney movie growing up.  I related so much to Belle , particularly the quote posted above. And I suppose that thirst for adventure is what helped me leave New Jersey for the unknown in Australia, an act my family and friends couldn't fathom. #beautyandthebeast
The last year has been a bit chaotic and my self-care suffered as a result. But now things are settling and I'm catching up on my lost reads #archangelsheart #nalinisingh
Went to a museum today and loved looking at the old books.
Love the feel of books, especially my own ;) #amidthedarkness #niaquin #sophiaortega #jameswentworth #firstnovel #justfinishit #ididit #selfpublished #amazon #workingonthesequel #bruncheswithbooks