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Stop talking about what you want to do or what you plan to do and just do it! Create an action plan and start checking things off your list. There is not better time than now to start walking in your purpose. 👑 #niawithpurpose
Many of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world attribute their success to using their passions serve others. When you stop trying to reach your goals based on what’s in it for you, and start using your skills to make the world a better place you will see greater levels of success in what you do. #niawithpurpose
A few highlights from @thewigacademy’s sewing machine method wig making course in Raleigh, NC. I am looking forward to returning to North Carolina to host classes in Charlotte on October 27th and 28th. Share this post with your friends in North Carolina! Follow @thewigacademy for class schedules.
Humbled. Grateful. Blessed. #niawithpurpose
Remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Every season isn’t so bright, but the blessing ahead is always greater than the battle behind. Step to your biggest obstacles like they’re already won! #niawithpurpose
Crowned with purpose. Created to overcome. 👸🏾 New month. New goals. Same vision. Same purpose. #niawithpurpose
Spreading my passion for wig making goes way beyond just sharing the craft. It’s about empowering a community to re-gain market share in the beauty supply industry. I teach people how to make factory grade wigs on the sewing machine, but my mission is much greater! #niawithpurpose @thewigacademy
Sharing my love for wig making is one of my greatest joys! 👸🏾 @thewigacademy #niawithpurpose #thewigacademy
Find someone who wants to support your dreams and see you win! I’m thankful for my photographer, assistant, and boyfriend rolled all up into one amazing person. I typically have a lot on my plate, but LaVario is always along for the new adventures, and always by my side to help me succeed. 💞❤️ #MrReliable #BestPhotographerEver
In web design it is so important to choose a layout that is visually appealing. I’m loving these light and airy colors with pops of glam. 🎆Visiting your website should be an experience for your customer, communicating what your brand has to offer and how you want your products to make your ideal customer FEEL. This has by far been one of my favorite projects this month so far. Book me for your website design! 💻📲 #niawithpurpose
There’s no such thing as luck when you have prepared yourself for opportunities. I’m not lucky. I’m blessed and grateful! 👑 #niawithpurpose
When I have visions of success, I go ahead and pull out my favorite journal to write my ideas down on paper. There’s something special about organizing your dreams; getting them out into the atmosphere makes them feel more real. Let’s move beyond dreams to start developing action plans! 📝 #niawithpurpose