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Entrepreneurship has become my entire life and I couldn’t be happier! Today I’m spending time organizing my new shipment of hair for @reflectionshairboutique and continuing to plan for my wig making classes for @thewigacademy! I’m also finishing a few website designs for clients. I’m looking forward to celebrating a productive week this weekend! 💪🏽 🎉#niawithpurpose
I’m very excited about traveling to share my love for wig making with other stylists, entrepreneurs, and wig lovers this year. Learning to make wigs on the sewing machine has made wig making so much more efficient for me! Learn more about class dates and locations here: @thewigacademy
I started @reflectionshairboutique making custom wigs and selling hair extensions 5 years ago. 🙌🏽 The growth I’ve seen in my company over the years makes me so proud! I’ve made mistakes, and learned so much about entrepreneurship along the way. What’s important is that I’ve never given up on my goals. I’ve expanded my business to develop 4 STREAMS OF INCOME! Growth has been strategic, & increasing sales has been through calculated decisions! If you have started a business but aren’t seeing the results you’ve imagined, do NOT give up on your dreams. Success in a process. 📈📊 #niawithpurpose
So proud of you honey! 🎓😘 #classof2018 #thegraduate
Today I’m feeling grateful! Grateful for  support, grateful for lessons learned, grateful for growth, grateful for continued blessings, and grateful for the journey. Last week I completed my first year of graduate school. The last 5 months have been amazing!! I did my first live wig making class, I’ve met some amazing mentors and made valuable connections, I’ve increased hair sales for @reflectionshairboutique , I’ve gotten over 50 website orders and designed 10 logos. This is just the beginning! When you walk in your purpose, you are unstoppable! #niawithpurpose 💅🏽
As I finish up my first year of graduate school this week, I can’t help but reminisce on where I was this time last year. I was just 14 days away from completing my undergraduate degree, and I was walking each day by faith. I didn’t have a full time job lined up, just entrepreneurial drive to succeed. Congratulations to all of the soon to be 2018 graduates! May this exciting time be filled with joy, and celebration. 🎉🎓#niawithpurpose #AKA1908 #classof2017
Who’s ready to conquer a whole new week? For me, Sunday night is really “Monday Jr.” because I spend time preparing for the week ahead. I’m entering this new week with optimism, and positive vibes. Time to crush this week’s goals!! #niawithpurpose 💫🌟☄️
Today I went from building websites, to making wigs, to designing logos, to writing a paper for graduate school. What a blessing it is to be multifaceted!  I think I’ll name this wig Ava. 💫#niawithpurpose
Today I’m feeling overwhelmed in the best sort of way! I have A LOT of work to do this week and it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Even in times of overwhelm, I sit back and think about how grateful I am that people support my dreams and my businesses. Dreams don’t work unless you do. 💫 #niawithpurpose
Today I taught a live wig making master class at a black owned beauty supply store in Greenville, NC. After launching my online wig making course last year I made it my goal to travel to new places and teach live classes! 💞 It’s exciting to be following my dreams. No goal is too big! 6 months ago I would have never guessed that I’d have classes lined up through the summer. #niawithpurpose
When I started my digital marketing business I had little to no experience, and I was almost finished with my undergraduate degree. I strategically found mentors and opportunities to sponge knowledge out of people that had years and years of experience in an effort to learn new skills that I could offer to clients; clients I didn’t even have yet. 18 months ago I had an idea, little direction, and a ton of ambition. Consistency can take you a long way in a short period of time. Find mentors, network, and educate yourself. 👑 #niawithpurpose
I’m planning Girl Boss Brunches in different cities! If you’re interested in learning more about how to start, and manage a small business, particularly within the hair extension industry comment your location. Let’s share knowledge, network, and support each other.