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Being a Michael Bublテゥ fan is one of the best parts of my life

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Yooo my main man @canyouldcme / @robertlaser just put out his debut post 80's experimental indie pop album titled "Nothing Lasts Forever", check it out, it's extremely lit 沐・沍交沍Ft @elvirabroman on background vox
New years bae 汞ク汞ェ
New borzoi on the block Tolstoy 沒, so happy for @emilchynn 泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シ, grand nephew of @rhettborzoi 汾
llノ,ハ ハ榾馬邃イ
Rock on #rockon
Anyone wanna join our Christian rock band?
Out here in Finland #training #the #dogs @dogtrainermusic
Always wanted to be in a meme, now I can die happy 泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シ泗条沛シtyty @depressedasianmemes