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2/2008 vs. 3/2018
I’ve come to the realization that the movie #UrbanLegend is just a slasher version of TV’s #Friends.
Obligatory #2018bestnine.
Another #Christmas in the books.
Yeah, she’s a fat cat.
It’s been two years. Although it does get easier, that void is always there. I love you, mom.
Fingerling and the color blue. #jimcarrey #thenumber23 #liarliar #fingerling #number23 #thecolorblue
One of my favorites as a kid. #Prancer
I haven’t the slightest clue where this kid gets his sense of humor from.
Watched #UrbanLegend last night. Holds up. Going to revisit #UrbanLegendsFinalCut tonight.
Trick or treating is done and we had a blast. Alex is really getting the hang of this thing and Chase is still terrified to go up to houses that have spider web decorations. #halloween