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🇨🇦 D304: visited the largest museum in North America
Merry Christmas from the Malaysians in Toronto.
🇨🇦 D256: Transitioning into cozy cozy winter. Let it snow Toronto!
#cynnxcanada #cynntravel
🇨🇦 D205: so much of who we are is where we have been #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
To not look back and wonder, what if? #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
We did not manage to visit the whole of Jasper as heavy snowfalls obstructed many roads. Yes, unexpected snow during the summer. #canadaboleh Couldn’t visit most of the attractions in Jasper but fortunately, we did managed to stop by Athabasca Falls while on our way back to Banff. This was one of the most beautiful, nope, the only place we visited in Jasper. #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
这就是年轻该潇洒一次的决定 #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
Every part of this place is picture perfect! #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
据说旅行要趁年轻 #cynnxcanada #cynntravel
We have nothing to lose and a world to see #cynnxcanada #cynntravel