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Boston-based singer/songwriter. New record, Tiny Death 💀 5/25/18!

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Our trip to Greiz, DE 🇩🇪 came complete with a trip to the largest stone bridge in Europe, some hiking, a little urban exploring and a visit from Buzz Aldren himself! Also we met some amazing people and had a blast! 🚀
Just the view from our room in Greiz, DE. No big deal.
Tonight we had the honor of performing an unplugged set in an 800-year-old church! And to top it all off...we got to play the organ when we arrived!!! 🙃😆🤩🚀
We’re going live on @radiojade_878 right now! Join us on
We finally get a day off from tour and what do we do? Work on some other stuff cuz we cray cray 😜
Tonight we’re performing on the Oude IJssel river in Ulft, Netherlands. Come join us for a tasty beer 🍻 on a beautiful summer night!
Hey Bruges! We’re live at @snuffelhostel at 8:15pm! Come party!
We had a wonderful night in Wuppertal 🇩🇪 Thank you so much to all our new friends!
Still creepy after all these years.
Fun times in Walsrode 🇩🇪 last night performing in an historic church to an amazing audience 👼 and tasting some delicious whisky 🥃 with a true connoisseur. Thanks to our host, Bernd, the only pastor I’ve met with a true love for heavy metal 🤘🏼
Emily had her first matjes 🐟 tonight! Aaand we sold our last Elephant 🐘 t-shirt tonight. Tomorrow night we’re in Walsrode 🇩🇪 @ Kirchengemeinde Düshorn at 7pm.
Old school camera lessons from our friend, Wolfgang, before heading to our second gig in Sande, DE last night. What a wonderful time it was with beer, brats and darts 🎯! Tonight we are off to Hamburg to perform at Kukuun in the famous Reeperbahn where @thebeatles cut their teeth. Show starts at 8pm.