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Gun Powder : Burning Lungs 
I remember when i was a small kid and my mother/ father / grandmother or anyone for that matter would smoke next to my little brother and sister i would get med and upset and try to take their cigarettes away i would scream at them and not talk to them for days. When ever i would find a cigarette pack i would hide it and pretend i did not know where it was.  They all quit smoking after they have seen how much effort their little kid made to prevent them from smoking - i was that kinda kid.

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the world. 
To all you young kids out there : smoking is not cool and it never was and it never will be. It will only bring you harm ! Be smart and use the money for something else =) Ever since I shared this video for the very first time 5 months ago it was re shared and seen so many times that i have lost count! =D i really appreciate all the positive feedback and the mutual agreement we shared over that smoking is and addictive waste of money and health =)
This is why I have trust issues!! Thanks a lot Michelle
Every great achievement rests on its foundation built from endless struggles, resilience, and persistence
Australia, stop treating people who are trying to be healthier like criminals
Vaping used to mean you played online fantasy games and lived at home with your parents, now it means you chose to be healthier so you can enjoy life to its fullest
Great to see Big-Tobacco finally acknowledge the error of their ways, and trying to differentiate themselves from their past...
Look forward to our all new product range and ecommerce website launching in Jan 2018
The Marlboro man wasn’t “riding tall in the saddle” if ya know what I mean....
None of us are perfect, and that's what makes us perfect
Perfect start to the weekend! *all strawberries were given to Kevin bacon after the shoot 🐷
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt
My #nicovapenano was the only thing keeping me sane in today's Sydney traffic 😠🐌