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pahingi ng christmas spirit 沒ク: @kishayerro
A portion of the Berlin Wall. National Museum, November 2016.
If I Could Live In This Montage,
different names for the same thing
Armed and ready to conquer this academic year. 沽
Saan kaya napunta ang term break ko? 洟
Haije and Cyruz are among the four transgender couples we met for our research paper. There were many times wherein we felt unmotivated to work -- a lot of revisions for the paper, literally talking to everyone on the street to find a compelling story, end-to-end LRT/MRT rides and long roadtrips just to go to our case studies' homes, and numerous days and hours spent for interviews and observation. Despite these, I kept myself inspired by keeping in mind that I was doing this for our trans brothers and sisters, and for the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. (Late celebratory post but) I am beyond grateful that we made it through this subject alive @jemimatambunting 汨嬉汳ェ沍
Yep, this cinnamon bun and coffee combo only cost 55 pesos 沽ア沽 This was definitely my fave part of the Budget Barkada Foodtrip I had with @hannabananaah 汳謀on't miss out on the full video!!! (LINK IN BIO)
Missing NYC 泓ス沛
Jk LRT2 lang yan
Watch us shop at an ukay-ukay and recreate the outfits of our fave style icons! 汳 LINK IN BIO 汳#BudgetBarkada #BBUkay
Pa-keys naman 沽