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When Monday comes at you like...
This piece of art is amazing and so is the artist who made it. Maverick agrees. 😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎🐰😎
Made with cards layered upon one another and painted over top, each one of @elmohood’s pieces are unique and have an edgy modern and rebellious feel. You continue to surprise and impress me with your talent buddy, you’re a special human! #LiveYourArt
Banding together after such a devastating day in history. Our friend Taylor was fortunate enough to get out alive the night of the concert, but so many others did not. Let’s help them and the families they left behind. Do what you can. Every bit helps. #VegasStrong
Downward Dog #NamasteBitches @mrs.maverick
I never work out and tell. So... SHHHHHH 🀐 !!!! Keep it between us girls πŸ˜‰ #BTS Sneak Peek to next season! @reebokwomen @lesmillstribe #reebokambassador
Glaaaaaaaaamming it up. πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ‘„
@onlythebravemovie @black_label_media @mollymickler @rachelpsmith @keleigh_sperry #MilesTeller
The #OnlyTheBrave Premiere moved me in a way that is difficult to describe. It stayed with me and left me with a pit in my stomach. This film is impactful and devastatingly beautiful. I'm not just saying this because my buddy Miles delivered an incredible, heartbreaking performance. I'm also saying it because it's based on a real story with a tragic true ending. The Granite Mountain Hot Shots are celebrated fallen heros, but they didn't lose their lives in vein. They will be remembered for their unbelievable sacrifice, and now their story will continue to be told and live on forever through this film. Congrats Miles, Josh Brolin and Jennifer Connelly. They brought these amazing people to life in such an honest raw way. And congratulations to @rachelpsmith and @mollymickler and the whole black label media family who brought this movie to fruition from its inception. #ProudFriend. Everyone go see this movie! @onlythebravemovie
@zacposen 🍁
#Repost @roguemagazine
#bts teaser video from our cover shoot with Nina Dobrev @nina > Full video coming to our site soon <
Discover the brand new issue with 150 high gloss #editorial images, get your copy on our site now (link in bio) or on stands. #nina #ninadobrev 
Film by Ross Baker | @rbakerfilms
Original Music | β€œAttitude” by @surprisinglysimple
Photography by Johnny Marlow | @marlowphoto
Creative Direction by Katie McGehee | @mk.mcg
Produced by Heather Seidler | @heatherseidler
Styled by Jordan Grossman | @jordan_grossman
Hair by Adam Campbell | @adamcampbellhair
Makeup by Allan AvendaΓ±o | @allanface
Photo Tech by Alex Fenyves | @fenivision
Location @skyerentals
We had such a blast we couldn't pick one! Double Cover for Rogue! Pick up your copies! It was so fun to do a photo shoot that allowed so much creative freedom.  They not only let us, but encouraged us to think outside the box. Shout out to the whole @RogueMagazine team and most specifically @heatherseidler, the owner of the magazine (and writer) of the inside article. It was liberating and exciting to play with Avant-garde lighting (which was done practically, No VFX) the make up, the wardrobe and to experiment overall. It's always awesome to try new things. Loved the experience of shooting this magazine Cover πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’₯πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’₯ photo credit: @marlowphoto