Nina Dobrev
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She Wild!🦒🐅🦓 Had a blast glamming up the sweetest @nina today. Hair @riawna styling @kateyoung makeup @kdeenihan #ninadobrev
You can take the girl out of the safari but you can’t take the safari out of the girl 🐆🦒🦓🦏🐒
M•E 🤪 J•A•M•E•S 😉 T•E•R•R•Y 😲 T•O•N•I•G•H•T #TheLateLateShow
Thirty doesn’t feel much different. At least I didn’t act like it this weekend. But I’m definitely 30 because this hangover feels WAY different than when I was in my 20’s. Because I’m still currently recovering. And yes. My back is still pretty sore, days later... I guess #ThisIsThirty 🤦🏻‍♀️😁 Thank you SO much to everyone who came and to everyone who helped make this night come to life. @jakeakadelaney @zedd @rachelzalis @casamigos @microsoft #NINACHELLA was a hit 🌈🥳❤️
Coachella came 4 months early this year. I am one lucky girl. Thank you, love you, you are THE BEST @zedd ❤️ #NINACHELLA
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ve never felt more Thirty, flirty...and I’m dead set on THRIVING through this next decade. #SafariYouLater29 because #ThisIsDirtyThirty 🎂❤️🌈
I think that means he likes me. 
Pretty sure that translates in English to “Happy Birthday, Nina” 🦁🎂🦁❤️ #NinasDirtySafariThirty 📸: @riawna
“TIA” is an acronym that means “THIS IS AFRICA”. When you see a double rainbow and Rhinos in the same moment, people say “TIA”. When Elephants come to your room and drink water out of your pool as you’re lounging in it, you say “TIA”. When a leopard and her cubs climb down a tree and pose for you, you say “TIA”. When a lion charges at you in the wild, you say “Holy fuck, TIA”. When everything seemed too good to be true, so perfect, some may even say ABSURD, so much so that it felt like someone cued it up... we said TIA. All of this happened on my birthday. So now I say #SafariYouLater29 because this is my #DirtySafariThirty Here’s to the next wild ride. So grateful to all these amazing humans for traveling all the way to South Africa to celebrate me surviving my roaring 20’s (which is a damn miracle). The decade ahead is already off to an epic start. Although let’s be real, I may have just turned 30 but my liver turned 40, maybe even 45 after this trip... #LionsAndLeopardsAndGiraffesOHMY #NinasDirtySafariThirty
#TheBigSix saw #TheBigFive with #TheThreeStooges on Nina’s #ZeroDark30
What did you guys think about tonight’s episode?! @famcbs