Nina Dobrev
#PROUD to support #PRIDE🏳️‍🌈 #PrideMonthCheckList : Watch @taylorswift’s music video. ✅
Get a happy meal. ✅
Sign the Equality Act Petition. ✅
France told us to jump. We said how high? #SundayFunday
Something in the water here is making us wild. #ItsStartingToGetWeird
Sometimes you only have time to [heli] HOP [tor] over for a quickie. But it was a goodie.
Say ello to my flyin’ friend 🦅
Be careful saying “take me back” when @nikkiwhatnikkiwho is in earshot. She’ll do it....🌞
The girls got together to support our guy! @derekhough KILLED IT - if you haven’t already go see his incredible show. It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥 !!! #FUEGO 💃🏻💥🕺🏼 #ProudFriend
Channeling my inner Stonehenge 🗿 I’m sure there’s a Medusa joke in here somewhere... 🐍@Vmagazine #FBF @derekkettela
Link in Bio 🌹 @wmag
Je ne partirai jamais ✨🇫🇷 #LeSud
When in France... @michaela_paintaworld #MondayzAre4Mamas ❤️