Nina Dobrev
New Movie 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨@dogdaysthefilm Coming out Aug 10th - @tonebell @vanessahudgens @finnwolfhardofficial @roncephasjones @adam.pally @rob_corddry @evalongoria ...and many more!!!
xXx fam reunion. Celebrating the main man. Plotting the sequel. Get ready. Production starts November 26th. Love, Becky the Techie 🤓 @xxxmovie @vindiesel @d.j.caruso @rubyrose
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Malibu soirée 💋
Happy 1 year Anniversary to two of the most incredible humans I know. Your love and commitment to each other, as individuals and everyone around you is inspiring. Your wedding weekend was magical and that’s because we were celebrating you, and the love you have for one another. I look up to you both more than you know. Which is also why I need to thank you. I’m so grateful that you legally and officially adopted me. My real parents aren’t stoked, but they’re too far away to have a say. It’s annoying that I’ll have to change my credit cards and drivers license, but otherwise totally worth it. Anyway, thanks mom and dad, you are both one of a kind and together you are unstoppable. Nothing can, will or should ever get between you two (not even me) but I really did try in these photos. We make a great family. 
Love, Nina Hough-Laich #HAPPYANNIVERSARY❤️ @juleshough @brookslaich
Surf’s up bro 🤙🏼
Every American birthday party needs a token Canadian. I volunteer every year. #HBDAmerrrrica. #July4th🇺🇸
If you haven’t listened to “Liberation”, you’re late to the game✌🏼 @xtina 📸: @slaughteration
If you can’t go to a beach, go to a pool. Don’t have a pool? Take a bath. Don’t have a tub? find a puddle. It’s Sunday funday. Get wet. #💦 #🌞
August 10th 🐾 #DogDays 🐾 @finnwolfhardofficial
So excited for you guys to see this movie!!! Get ready to laugh a ton, cry a little and then laugh a whole lot more! #DogDays #KenMarino 🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️
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A poster that will leave you begging for more. Don’t miss #DogDays in theaters August 10. 🐾