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Take me into the wilderness, give me a tent and good people and we’ll do more than just survive. We will LIVE. #JoshuaTree #CampFire #GoodVibes 📸: @kennyjamez
The fires are still burning. Everyone be safe. If you can help, go to or look online for the many go fund me pages to help those who have been displaced due to the California Fires that have devastated so many. @losangelesfiredepartment thank you for your service
Selfie game NOT strong 🙅🏻‍♀️ Link to FULL video in bio. @teenvogue
She’s gettin murrrrried 💍 @sarahadina734 @jackdolgen ❤️
Glen hit 30 before me and this is how I feel about it #HBDGP
I’m getting a restraining order @tonebell @famcbs
Devastated to hear about the Thousand Oaks Shooting and the news of this young girl Alaina’s untimely death. This needs to stop. 311 days this year, and of those 307 have had shootings. It’s not okay. Gun laws need to change. We need to end the violence and hatred. We need to keep these kids alive. What more has to happen for lawmakers to take action? How many more lives will be taken before the senseless killing ends?
Rest in peace beautiful angel. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all the victims of this terrible attack. 💔
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I wish a Salvatore brother would come find me. Either is acceptable  #thevampirediaries
❤️ @MichaelKors
Gazing into the horizon and I’ll tell ya what... futures lookin’ bright.
Gary Cole VOTED before he came to set this morning. Did you? Get your cute buns to the polls people! 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 @famcbs #GaryCole