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Ummmmm...... pretty much blown away by that! The process is beyond futuristic. 160 staff and most of them all they do is work night shift and clean! I've never seen health and safety like it tbh which is a side of the business I've never really witnessed and just realised how clean our final product actually is. Phenomenal tour and a massive thank you to @biotechusa for today! And no, @michelle_fitzgerald_fitness never knew this was happening  or one of the reasons we came to Budapest on a "holiday" 😂😂😂 #nisupplements #biotechusa #quality
Apologies for our absolutely pants social media recently. We haven't had a minute. We got mats. How amazing 😂 We don't sell these and they won't build muscle or improve health. But this is the last try will probably ever be clean 👋🏼🦄 #nisupplements #pants #mats
We'd like to wish Glenn Irwin and all the fellow riders a safe and successful NW200 today. We've worked with Glenn for over 3 years now and as a motorbike fan it's an honour and pleasure to do so. #nisupplements #glennirwin #ducati #pbm #panigale #nw200 #northernireland
Over the next couple of weeks we will be opening an NI Supplements Express in Carrickfergus. We will be situated inside the Iron Bunker Gym right at the very entrance before reception so you don't have to be a member to nip in and grab your favourite products. With more shelving and stands we plan to replicate exactly like what we have in our ballymoney store. Basically a full range but not a dozen of each flavour like our Belfast branch 😂 #nisupplements #carrickfergus #express
Who opens a bag from the bottom @leighjitt @kieramcfall  #nisupplements #pandy #stevia #sourplates #sodashakers #theproteincandy
We've moved stuff..... and it was an awful day lol. My back is still broke 😂 @waldenfarmsinternational @carefreefoods @musclenuts_ @myproteinuk @meridianfoods @beaniescoffee @thegymchef @proteinsnaxuk @lennyandlarrys @fulfil @proteinbymars @battleoats @biotechusa @musclepharm @bsnsupplements @optimumnutrition @qntsportnutrition @grenadeofficial @grenadejay
Anyone with extreme OCD available for a few hours tomorrow?
And we're running low again 😞 Please be quick guys. Never seen a product sell so fast 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎 #Repost @rachmc11 with @repostapp
Day 2 of #shredabulluntamed. Got it from @nisupplements and it is AMAZING. I have tried so many supplements and this is by far the best one. Definitely worth a try #shredabull
@thegymchef treats ❤️🦄 #nisupplements #thegymchef #northernireland #belfast #spices #tastesensation #foodie
I meant to say there is 9g Essential amino's in a serving! The latest in cutting edge supplementation and I am excited to give this a rattle! @granitesupplements  @mountaindog1 #nisupplements #granitesupplements #ketofactor #johnmeadows #eaa #essentialaminoacids #keytones #fatloss #musclegain
We're down supporting the XFS crew today 💪🏼 These guys put on an awesome show. All good vibes 💯 Proud to support them ❤️ #nisupplements #xfs