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If you haven’t tired the new PHD Diet Whey protein bars..... you need to 👌

They are available in flavour below 👇 -Double Choc Brownie -Dark Choc Mocha
-Salted Caramel
-Choc Peanut Butter -Triple Choc Cookie 
Another happy customer with their box of goodies arriving 🙈winter is coming but the gains are still happening 🦄💪 For a full list of product and information visit.


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Did someone say new flavour of Amino Fuel 🙊COLA !! A reoccurring question we are always asked is why should I drink NXT Amino Fuel? Well...................🤔 -BCAAs are essential to the body regardless but they really become vital when taken during exercise. The best part is they come with 50% extra 🙌.
Has anyone tried the new C4 50x yet 😳🤸🏽‍♂️🕺🏻💃🏼🏂 #nisupplements #cellucor #c4 #c450x #strongness #boysaboys
Congratulations to @davekerr666 who won our BSN giveaway. The BSN training vest is an XL but me and Dave are just massive at the minute 😂🙈 Cheers buddy and enjoy 🤸🏽‍♂️💯 #nisupplements #bsn #winner #prize #massive #freebies
The grenade spread has arrived 😍 think it might even be better than peanut butter 🙊#yummy #grenade #nisupplements
We're going NUTS and giving everyone who spends over £19.99 a free Muscle Nuts High Protein Nut Butter 300g worth £5.99! Giving you up to 40% cash back on your order in store and online. Just use the code "Musclenuts" at purchase.

Do you want to win a tub of each flavour? Just simply like and tag a mate who likes nuts or looks like a monkey 🙊

Made By Hand, Using Only The Finest Natural Ingredients

We do not use; palm oil, fructose syrups, emulsifiers, artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Muscle Nuts goal is to create the tastiest product they can using the simplest ingredients, and don't like words that are hard to pronounce :) Offer valid until 24th September and we will make the draw then also.

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You can never have enough Orange in your life 🤸🏽‍♂️ Thank you @danni_burns for your shout out ✅

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Yassssssss 🙌🙌💪 thank you @nisupplements. #protein #aminoenergy
The next generation of products are coming through thick and fast! How do you fancy a brilliant pre-workout to help burn fat at the same time? That is exactly why they've made Hybrid! It is loaded in ingredients that are proven and expensive which is why a lot of other companies don't use them. Pushing profit before quality has never worked in my eyes in the long term. @musclerage have given the industry a real kick up the arse. Pushing formulas and ingredients that others don't putting their name to the top of the ladder very quickly. For full details or to purchase this product with free deliver click here on this product please hit our bio in IG or for Facebook users click here: www.nisupplements.com/brands/musclerage/musclerage-hybrid.html 
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Would you like a high end pre-workout and high end protein? Well then hit our bio, click the website and get yours delivered to your door or get it even cheaper in store (£44.99 in store and £49.99 online). Limited to the first 50 people only ✅

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Proud to help the guys out @scottmcgarryhf this morning when they ran their Spartan Endurance event down at Antrim Loughside Shore. It was an awesome turn out and event, so well done everyone. Fair play to those who took part. You deserved the goodie pack at the end. To the next one 💪🏼
The picture says it all 💪🏼 Makes you lift more too. Like wearing a 3 ply top 💯😉 #nisupplements #lovekevin