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Birth/Postpartum Doula Care, GentleBirth Classes, Breastfeeding/Pumping Support & Placenta Services throughout NJ.
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My overall feelings on Spring so far, I may or may not be growling underneath there. #gohomewinteryouaredrunk #springwhereareyou #weathermenlie #thisisnot8inches #njdoulas
Our incredible Doula Anna @doula_anna_gi shares a glimpse of her busy, child & love filled life with us! 💜 💜 💜 There are socks on my coffee table, baskets of laundry all over filled with clean clothes that need to be folded and sorted and dirty dishes in my sink.  My kids are contently doing whatever it is around the house and it’s quiet except for the washer and dryer running and the occasional giggle.  I have 4 to 6 children at any given moment… should I say, at least 4 to 6.  I’m a doula, a lactation consultant,  a mother, a wife. I’m also the go to person in my family for crisis and clean-up.  My house never stays clean for more than a few hours… on a windy day you will find tumble weeds that look like dryer sheets.  I cannot always find the time for yoga, to make art, read a book, or to practice belly dance, and all of these things I love.  I occasionally watch Bravo so I can watch rich people act insane or have their own “I’m a real person” moments.  I wake up too early and go to bed too late.  I’m addicted to documentaries the same way I was addicted to reading in my younger days.  I survive on coffee and sarcasm.  I love birth and babies.  I love to support. I love to buy organic when I can and I have no problem ordering a pizza (in my case there’s a 2 to 3 pizza minimum) when I’ve had a day of consults, prenatals, births, lactation visits, doctors visits, school meetings, family visits or volunteering.  Yes, I sometimes volunteer at a food pantry instead of mopping my floor.  I’m flawed, overweight and sometimes overwhelmed.  This is my life, and it’s filled with giggles, and sarcasm.  It’s filled with endless loads of laundry and sometimes pots that soak in a sink… even if I just boiled water in them.  It’s filled with supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My kids are safe, their belly’s and hearts full.  I hope somedays that’s enough. 💜. 💜. 💜 #therealworld #therealsuperwoman #cheaperbythedozen #stronglikeamother #njdoulas #therealmomsofinstagram
This made me spit out my coffee! 🤣 Repost from @euphoricherbals Breastfeeding moms be like... 🐄 🐮
#Breastfeeding #BreastfeedingMom #NormalizeBreastfeeding #Lactation #NursingMama #DairyQueen #DariDiva #MamaMilk #MothersMilk #MilkFactory #PumpingMom #MilkyMama #MilkMaker #ExclusivelyPumping #Moo #Breastmilk #liquidgold
Actual footage of me binge watching #CalltheMidwife #whycanttheyjustletthembehappy #njdoulas
As the snow starts to fall my daughter and I are enjoying cuddling in bed talking about all the fun things we are going to do when it starts to feel like spring outside!! #hellospringwhereareyou #gohomewinteryouaredrunk #snowday #njdoulas
Contact your doula if you have any questions, otherwise they will be in contact with a plan. #snowday #thelastoneofthewinter #giveemhellmarch #njdoulas
For #TestimonialTuesday we have another beautiful comment on the hard work of our amazing Doula Sarah @mammawarriorbeginnings 💪💜🙌 #womensupportingwomen #strongerasateam #nowomanleftbehind #njdoulas
Repost from @papapreaches  Yeah, I greatly admire those of you who encourage your children to rock their tot style proud. In my household a hat and maybe socks would be the choice attire Every. Single. Day. 😳👀 #toddlerstyle #totstyle #yourindividualityscaresmommy #njdoulas
Most doulas spend a great deal of their time on the road driving between one client to the next. This weekend one of our repeat clients had a very special delivery so I am bringing her another special delivery, her encapsulated placenta package. It includes a bunch of fun goodies such as some beautiful prints, a cord keepsake, a tincture, and 2 very full bottles of pills.  What? You don't drive around with a placenta sitting on you passenger seat? 👀 #placentalove #encapsulatedplacenta #didyourplacentagetshotgun #njdoulas
You are the reason we do what we do! Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to do our dream job. 💪🤰💜 #ClientsDay #ClientAppreciationDay #womensupportingwomen #dreamjob #lovemyclients #njdoulas
Random conversation about local news over coffee today.  With the rise of social media, where do you go for local news? Does anyone under 40 still read a local paper??🤓📰🤔 #news #mytown #njdoulas
This is one of my favorite first signs of spring, the sounds of kids outside! Yes, get out of the house please. Lol! 🌷🌦 What is your favorite sign of spring? #hellospringwhereareyou #incomingsnow #gohomewinteryouaredrunk #njdoulas