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The overwhelming joy and pride after an awesome birth experience is incredible to see on a Mother's face!!!! It is almost like you can hear her saying to him "look, did you see what I just did?!?" As doulas we want all of our clients to feel this way regardless of how they choose to give birth! Knowing your options, finding a provider that will respect you, and making informed decisions will set you up to have an incredible experience! 💜💜💜 Congratulations to this beautiful couple, a new family is born!!! 💜💜💜 #womensupportingwomen #family #ohana #militaryfamily #njdoulas
#WisdomWednesday 💜 Mothers are the real super heroes! Our #sheroes 💜 Mothers who are breastfeeding for what feels like centuries... Mothers who are pumping because your baby can't latch or you are going back to work... Mothers who are tending to newborns while also healing from a cesarean section... Mothers who take on pregnancy while struggling with anxiety and/or depression....Mothers of multiples....first time Mothers. Some days may feel chaotic and the only thing you can cling to is survival. Other days you may look up and realize you are exactly where you need to be, and that you are living the most blessed life! You are our inspiration. Thank you for raising the next generation, may it be the best one yet!!! #womensupportingwomen #therealwonderwoman #ilovemom #njdoulas
Rainy days are great for cuddling up in your favorite chair and reading a book..... when you have no other responsibilities! Today I would love nothing more than to grab a good book and get lost in the world of imagination but reality is that there too many things I NEED to do and it leaves little time for what  I WANT to do. For now I’m thankful that my daughter is occupied and that I’m able to tackle my to do list. 💜 💜 💜 #womensupportingwomen #reading #lettheimaginationrunwild #momlife #njdoulas
#TestimonialTuesday is this beautiful salute to our amazing Doula Cornelia @cmazzan 💜💜💜 Release the fear and trust!!!!! Such beautiful words!!!! #womensupportingwomen #testimonial #bestclientsever #njdoulas
We always have lots of fun at staff meetings. It's good to catch up with each other and we could jabber on for hours! Our amazing Doula Cornelia @cmazzan was giving me a cheeky little pose for this shot!  She always has the most soothing and calm energy so it's extra fun to catch her silly side too. We really do have the best job!!!! 💜💪💜 #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #shegivesgoodface #workitgirlfriend #njdoulas
#motherblessing #affirmationstones #wisebirthchoices
Getting things together for a mother blessing tomorrow. This is one of my favorite services that we offer. I love bringing women together to support and celebrate a mother who is getting ready for her birth journey #motherblessing #womensupoortingwomen  #wisebirthchoices
I have been working on a healing, anti-inflammatory, & pain relieving tea. Each day it comes out a little bit different but the basics include ginger, turmeric, and a little black pepper. Then I play around with other ingredients such as lemon, ACV, cinnamon, honey or maple syrup. It has really been helping me get back to feeling good after a particularly difficult autoimmune flare. My own little self-care practice that I try to do every single day! Do you have a simple self-care go-to that you can count on? What could you do daily to make YOU feel good? 🍋🍵💪 #womensupportingwomen #nourish #selfcare #takecareofyourself #njdoulas
Thank you @plusmommy
and @tessholliday for doing this Live! 💙
repost from @plusmommy Thanks to @tessholliday for being so open about her postpartum depression struggles and helping countless people to feel less alone. I was just on an Instagram Live with her having this conversation. I want to make sure everyone is aware of this resource - postpartum.net 💙 Getting support, if you need it, is a sign of strength not weakness! #postpartum #postpartumdepression #postpartumdepressionawareness #babyblues #plusmommy #tessholliday
You can arrange the hospital bed to allow mom to be in this position.  As a doula I suggest this one a lot. It is easier to stay upright and avoid being urged onto your back.📷@meredithwestinphotography #uprightbirth #powerful
repost@australianbirthstories Back of the bed position ✨ It seems this position is very popular amongst birthing mothers. I didn’t use it did you? ・・・
Powering through the contractions.
I was pretty shocked by this number since I know several people who were born with teeth, and I don't think they ever had them pulled. The human body is incredible! #womensupportingwomen #themoreyouknow #njdoulas
Doula Sarah @mammawarriorbeginnings is still out at #FortDix for training and she took this picture with a fellow soldier. Living in a tent and rocking her pregnant belly proud!!! 💪⭐️ You ladies are an inspiration, thank you for all you do for us!!!! 💜💜💜#womensupportingwomen #pregnantbelly #military #armedforcesweek2018 #njdoulas