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Birth/Postpartum Doula Care, Breastfeeding/Pumping Support & Placenta Services throughout NJ.
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We are expanding our client resource list.  Let us know what area of NJ you cover to be considered📷 👀👏#birthphotographer #newbornphotography
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It must be so hard for these parents to be separated during one of the loveliest time of our lives.  I can't imagine my partner being so far away and working under such dangerous conditions.  Our military families are incredibly special.  @jenniferarielphotography
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We are so excited to be adding a new weekly prenatal class to our schedule! Thursdays at 5:00 pm at @honoryogajackson 
 @honoryogajackson 💞Honor Yoga Jackson is proud to announce the arrival of Prenatal Yoga to our weekly class schedule beginning this Thursday at 5pm with mother-daughter team Katie & Karen Carola of Spiral Path!!
This class is included with your Honor Yoga membership and special prenatal class packs are also available. We are so glad offer this wonderful class to our community of expecting mothers and happy to welcome Katie and Karen to our team of skilled, professional instructors.
Karen and Katie Carola are a mother and daughter team dedicated to helping women discover empowerment through pregnancy and birth.
Katie Carola has been a Certified Yoga Instructor for 12 years and is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Prenatal and Perinatal Massage. Katie specializes in caring for mothers both pre- and post-pardum.
Karen Carola, Director of Midwifery for Ocean Gynecological and Obstetrical Associates has been a Certified Nurse Midwife for over 30 years and has delivered more than 3,000 babies. She strongly believes that prenatal yoga gives women the support they need to fully experience and enjoy their pregnancies. After witnessing the powerful effects of prenatal yoga on her patients, she became certified to teach and brings her immense knowledge into all facets of her classes.
Karen and Katie's prenatal yoga classes are designed to offer pregnant women ways to safely enjoy moving their ever-changing bodies, while incorporating breathing techniques for labor and birth.
Photo credit: Patricia Willis Photography
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Babies are so clever - massaging the breast helps to stimulate letdown. Miss those #wonderfulmoments.
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A great day with @sheadoula @doulasand and our new friend @lynalin @spinningbabies refreshing our skills.  We are planning new additions to our Full Service Doula Package.  #moreofwhatyouneed #weknowallthethings #wisebirthchoices
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Adventures in nursing a toddler.  As World Breastfeeding Week is in full swing, I would like to send my love out to all parents everywhere - each of us on our own unique parenting journey and loving our children in the best ways possible.  While we are working to normalize breastfeeding , we are also working to honor and support each family in making the choices that best serve them.  Because parenting isn't easy, and we could all use some support.

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This is the amazing #entertainment @brianfitzy215 at our hotel tonight. Setting the mood for an exciting day tomorrow with #spinningbabies #njdoulas
A #thankyou and #babyannouncement from our sweet #placentaencapsulation clients.  All the feels today. #wisebirthchoices 🤗😙
If you missed the #soulsationalfestival we are extending our #festival discount to our followers.  Book #placentaencapsulation this week and use promocode SOUL2017 for $25 off. Expires 8/4 at midnight! Link in bio